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15+ Best Accounts Receivable Software For Your Business

by Julia
accounts receivable software

This is a review of the best accounts receivable software. Based on this review, you can select the best accounts receivable management software.

Accounts receivable is the net amount of credit that a company expects to receive from its customers in exchange for products and services delivered.

The accounts receivable process should be simple and quick if you want to keep customers interested and, in the long run, make more money for your business.

Accounts receivable software

Accounts receivable can be a time-consuming and distracting task for both a small business that is still growing and needs to learn more about its customers’ tastes and preferences and a large business that already has a large customer base.

Because of this, we need software that can do the job with ease, accuracy, transparency, speed, and efficiency.

15+ Best Accounts Receivable Software For Your Business

In this post, we will do an in-depth investigation into the finest accounts receivable software. Read the post to see the comparison, verdicts, features, and costs of each one so you can determine which one is best for you.

#1. YayPay


YayPay is a complete accounts receivable software that tells you everything you need to know about your clients, predicts when they will pay you based on information from past transactions, and much more.


  • The credit evaluation tool informs you of your clients’ purchasing ability.
  • It gives you a detailed history of your transactions and customer conversations.
  • It provides your consumers with several payment alternatives, allowing you to receive payments more quickly.
  • Business intelligence tools that generate useful reports and forecast the number of future payments.

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#2. SoftLedger


SoftLedger is an accounts receivable software that includes a number of capabilities for automated invoicing, receiving, and payment. The software even allows you to send or receive payments in cryptocurrencies and keeps track of your earnings and losses on cryptocurrency exchanges.


  • Billing and collection operations are automated.
  • Pay or receive cryptocurrency payments.
  • financial reporting that assists you in making sound decisions.
  • Accounts payable is an automated and approval-based feature.

#3. Melio


Melio was launched in 2018 with the goal of making B2B payments easier and faster. Your clients or customers may pay digitally using the platform.

The platform is really reliable. It enables you to send branded invoices, making you appear more professional. Furthermore, the automation technologies automatically match received accounts with bills.


  • It allows you to send payment requests to your clients.
  • An automated tool for rapidly matching invoices to money received
  • A centralised portal for seeing and managing all bills.
  • All gadgets are compatible.
  • Let’s give your consumers a discount.
  • Allow us to personalise your invoices with sophisticated branding choices.

#4. Sage Intacct

Sage Intacct

Sage Intacct offers accounts receivable software, which includes automatic invoicing and collection functions. By setting recurring invoices, providing extra payment alternatives, and much more, the software allows you to be paid faster.


  • The billing procedure is automated.
  • A simple dashboard that displays everything about your financial history.
  • It integrates with ADP, Salesforce, and other systems.
  • Budgeting, planning, and human resource management software

#5. Hyland Solutions

Hyland Solutions

Hyland Solutions offers accounting and financial solutions for accounts receivable, accounts payable, and the financial closure process, among other things. They offer reporting and payment processing automation services.


  • This aids in the billing procedure.
  • Keep a record of your contracts with your consumers.
  • Processing and fulfilment of orders
  • Payment processing and automated reporting

#6. Oracle NetSuite 

Oracle NetSuite 

Oracle NetSuite is accounting software that has automated functions for invoicing, billing, receiving, and paying, among other things. The software may also assist you with managing local and worldwide taxes as well as provide reports that estimate future financial requirements.


  • Invoicing and payment processing are automated.
  • Accounts payable automation is a functionality.
  • Domestic and international tax handling is now fully automated.
  • Capabilities for cash management that provide data-driven reporting on your cash transactions and forecast your cash requirements

#7. AnytimeCollect

AnytimeCollect, which is now called Lockstep Collect, is an accounts receivable software that runs entirely in the cloud and gives you tools to automate how you contact clients and get paid.


  • You can work from anywhere because the system is entirely cloud-based.
  • Customer communication is now automated.
  • Contact your consumers with text messages, emails, or automated phone calls.
  • Invoicing and billing

#8. Dynavistics Collect

Dynavistics Collect

Dynavistics Collect-it is a simple accounts receivable software that may help you reduce bad debt and DSO. With all the different things it can do, it may also help you make more money and work more efficiently.


  • It provides you with a comprehensive communication history with your customers, including invoices, phone history, and so on.
  • A dashboard containing all accounts receivable information, possible difficulties, and much more.
  • Multiple entities, languages, and currencies are supported.
  • Tools for business intelligence that generate data-driven reports for you

#9. QuickBooks 


QuickBooks is accounting software with a plethora of features that make accounting operations simple and effective for you. The software’s functions extend from accepting payments to organising, bookkeeping, and much more.


  • Send out invoices and accept payments.
  • Keep track of sales and sales tax.
  • Monitor inventory and forecast profitability.
  • Business intelligence software that provides data-driven insights to help you make decisions.

#10. FreshBooks 


FreshBooks is well-known for providing accounting solutions to small businesses. This accounts receivable software is available for free for 30 days. Then pay according to the appropriate price plan. FreshBooks lets you make invoices quickly and automatically deposit payments to speed up the process of getting paid.


  • Accounts payable services include bill monitoring and payment, as well as ageing reports.
  • Cash flow statements
  • Accounts receivable via credit card or bank transfer
  • Mobile access through Android or iOS.
  • Invoices should be sent.

#11. Bill.com


Bill.com is a cloud-based account payable and receivable software that is in great demand among the country’s leading accounting companies. The software saves you a lot of time and makes the payment process easier so that your business runs well.


  • QuickBooks, NetSuite, Sage Intacct, and other systems are supported.
  • Invoicing and billing
  • You can pay using ACH, international transfers, Vendor Direct virtual card payments, or checks.
  • To expedite the accounts receivable process, send automatic reminders and accept digital payments.

#12. Xero


Xero is popular accounting software that is also one of the finest on the market. Pay bills, collect payments, handle projects, conduct payrolls, issue invoices, maintain inventories, and much more. It’s all possible with the software.


  • Send personalised quotations and invoices.
  • complete transaction history for your bank.
  • Send or receive payments in numerous currencies.
  • It integrates with Stripe, GoCardless, and other services to receive payments.

#13. SAP


In the ERP market, SAP has the largest market share. SAP offers various ERP options, but we prefer the cloud-based S/4HANA solution.

Large businesses cannot function with only a few spreadsheets. Accounting for the many marketplaces in which conglomerates diversify may become exceedingly hard. Accounting might become disorganised if foreign activities are not properly structured.

SAP provides comprehensive AR services that are related to its invoice production and management system. In a classic ERP way, this solution sends information from operations to accounts in a way that automates the creation of AR journal entries and all of your accounting records.

#14. BlackLine


BlackLine is a cloud platform that organises the movement of data across third-party software. The BlackLine system also enables a team management environment, which is a fantastic supplementary feature.

The BlackLine system runs procedures to move and change data between corporate processes and accounts. Much of the labour that data entry and accounting professionals would normally have to do is now automated. However, human intervention is still required since transactions must be approved and some occurrences require judgement to be finalised. This is why the BlackLine system includes a team management feature.

The BlackLine technology can also detect inconsistencies in accounts and data anomalies. Some jobs cannot be completed by a machine and may require human interaction with a consumer. When a consumer challenges an invoice, this is an example of this. If the invoice is not paid, it will remain in AR if left to the computer. Because of this, BlackLine gives a team member the job of finding out why this invoice is late.

#15. Invoice2Go


This tool is not, strictly speaking, an AR automation solution. It is a business process support suite with invoicing and payment tracking capabilities. Its AR functionality is accompanied by the ability to transfer records to QuickBooks and Xero, implying that the external systems are the true AR systems behind this package.

Even though it doesn’t have built-in accounting software, we had to include Invoice2Go on the list because it’s a very useful package for sole traders like craftsmen or consultants who need to run a business while still trying to make a living freelancing.

This package contains invoice generation, payment processing, bank account reconciliation, and payment tracking, as well as a website builder, a customer message system, automatic timesheets, and an appointment planner. The whole system can be accessed through mobile apps, so someone who doesn’t have an office can run the whole business from their phone.

#16. Redwood Finance

Redwood Finance

Redwood may create batch scripts that you describe using a graphical form comparable to a process flow diagram. Each stage in the flowchart requires information that identifies an application and its characteristics. Once the flow diagram is complete, Redwood develops a script that runs all of the apps in tandem, passing data from one software package to the next.

Redwood Finance Automation is a subset of the Redwood Business Process Automation system that can communicate with ERPs and accounting software. It can handle the data transfer into journals and then reconcile accounts back to transactions at the end. This activity of reconciling is an ongoing process that moves transactions through the books regularly.

#17. Zoho books

Zoho books

Zoho Books is part of Zoho’s tool collection, which allows you to build a self-assembly ERP system. The Zoho stable is also available in packages that provide an out-of-the-box ERP solution. As the name suggests, this is a tool for keeping track of money. It can import transactions from other Zoho packages or third-party apps.

Once you’ve set up your chosen connectors, the Zoho Books system will automatically pull in all the important data from your invoicing and payment systems to put together and keep your AR journals up to date.

Other systems that can be integrated with Oho Books include PayPal for payment processing and Uber for transportation. Zoho provides a wide range of company software, including a productivity suite, cloud storage, a CRM, and an HR system, all of which may be integrated with Zoho Books. The Zoho Books system may be linked to your bank account to allow automated bank reconciliation and AR flow through to the general ledger.


The goal of this post was to educate you on various accounts receivable software and to give you an idea of the top software in the business so that you can select the one that best matches your needs. We can conclude that accounts receivable software may be a valuable addition to your organisation by saving you time and enhancing sales and operational efficiency.

For big companies, Sage Intacct, YayPay, SoftLedger, Oracle NetSuite, AnytimeCollect, or QuickBooks are good choices for accounts receivable software. For small to medium-sized enterprises, Xero, Bill.com, Dynavistics Collect-it, Hyland Solutions, and FreshBooks might be sensible choices.


Q#1 Briefly describe accounts receivable?

Answer: Accounts receivable is the net amount of credit that a company expects to receive from its customers in exchange for products and services delivered.

Q#2 What exactly is an AR invoice?

Answer: An invoice is a document that a company sends to its clients. It has information about the goods or services that were bought, such as the date and time of the purchase, the amount bought, the price per unit, and information about the buyer.

Q#3 What is the distinction between AR and sales invoices?

Answer: “AR” is a word used to describe the amount of money or credit that a corporation has yet to receive in exchange for products and services already supplied.

A sales invoice, which is also called a sales bill or an AR invoice, is a document that lists the details of the products or services that were bought, such as the date and time of the purchase, the number of items bought, the price per unit, and information about the buyer.

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