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Among Us Game Review: Should You Play It With Friends – Techlion

by Nemo
Among Us

Among Us is sweeping the gaming world. As people spend more time at home and less time with their friends, games of all kinds are starting to come out of obscurity and reach a wider audience. A game of ttechlionreachery and fidelity between employees called “Among Us” is one of them. Here is a detailed explanation of how to play Among Us rule 34 and if it is worthwhile to play with friends if you are interested in playing the game.

What Exists Among Us?

The Henry Stickmin Series and the online sci-fi murder mystery game Among Us vent were both made by Innersloth. On June 15, 2018, it was made available with in-app purchases on iOS and Android. On August 18, 2018, it was made available on Steam. There are three maps in the game, each of which has a crew of players. One or more imposters who aim to kill everyone and ruin the crew’s mission are among them. To do the chores and occupations as soon as you can, stay alive, and identify the impostor—at least for the crewmates—are the game’s objectives. However, imposters want to murder the crewmates.

The Skeld, the game’s primary map, is situated on a ship that the colourful small blobs may move about in. Two new maps were added to the game in 2019. These maps depict the far-off planet Polus and the floating airfield Mira HQ. Beginning in 2020, Innersloth deemed the game finished, and the two additional maps were made available for players to host and make games on for free on both mobile and PC. According to rumours, Among Us 2 will be released the following year. Here are our rankings of the top multiplayer games, adult games, and mobile games to play when you’re bored. If you’re wondering whether other games are as entertaining as among us character.

Features of the game Among Us

Here are some of the features available in both the Android and iOS versions of Among Us rule 34.

Choices for Customization

Players get to choose the cap and colour of their crewmate. They can choose costumes as well, if they have any. There are several game options. Game hosts can adjust the number of impostors (up to three can be present in the lobby), the number of chores and duties, the walking pace of crewmates, the imposter sight range, and many other things.

Playing games

Online game lobbies are simple to join. Additionally, if you’re on the right gaming server and looking for a certain lobby, you may quickly join by entering a four-letter code in capital letters.

among us

Text Chat During Games

Throughout the game, you may easily converse with your teammates. Although Among Us vent does not currently support audio chat, Discord and other voice chat applications do.

Available on several platforms

With Among Us, it is possible to play across many platforms. The game is accessible to all gamers, whether they play on a PC, an iPhone, or an Android smartphone. Both the Google Play and Apple App Stores provide Among Us rule 34 for no cost.

How Do I Play the Game Among Us?

Crewmates must complete duties and ensure their survival in this somewhat easy-to-play game. Impostors must eliminate enough crew members. But it’s a little more complicated than that, and we’ll discuss it in more depth below.


To stay alive in Crewmates, you have to do a set list of tasks while avoiding the Among Us game’s fake characters. There are three different sorts of assignments that you might get, and the quantity of tasks is predetermined before the game even begins.

Common Chores: These are simple tasks that only take a few seconds to complete. Additionally, as the name implies, people frequently get them. Reconnecting wires, using a card reader in a map’s admin room, or inputting the user’s spacecraft keys are a few examples of this kind of work.

Short Tasks: Activities that need the least amount of time. They are different from the common tasks because they aren’t given to each person.

Long Jobs: These are the tasks that require a lot of time to complete since they either include many stages or a tricky technique. Asteroids must be destroyed, Med Bay Scanning, and base Wi-Fi issues are a few examples of this work. Don’t worry if an imposter kills you. Simply complete your chores, then watch for your team’s completion. In addition to accomplishing the assignments, crewmates can also win by voting the impostors out of the game. However, when casting their votes, the crewmates must do it in a reasoned and informed manner. Otherwise, the likelihood of a crewmate winning would be quite low.


The regulations are not too complicated. Crew members must do their jobs, while impostors must murder crew members. To have a respectable game, there are a few things to keep in mind. There is no voice chat in the game as it is right now. There is no way to accomplish this since the developers have stopped updating the game to concentrate on the sequel. However, there are a number of approaches. If you’re playing Among Us vent with folks on the same server, Discord, for instance, is a terrific way to conduct a voice conversation. Just make sure you’re working on a computer and not a mobile device.

People often get kicked out of the game if they are using voice chat on other Android or iOS applications. When not in an emergency meeting, make sure that your voice chat is muted to prevent other players from learning the game’s secrets. This is especially true of deceased people’s spirits. After they scream their anger at the player that murdered them in-game when they passed away, they can reveal the imposter.

How Can Friends Play Together?

It’s really simple to play with friends in Among Us. There is an excellent approach to go about it. And you do that by holding your own exclusive game. When you decide to host your own game, you have a few options. From the number of imposters, the number of players who may join your game lobby, and the map you’re using, to—and this is crucial for our discussion—the option to play the lobby either secret or public. Above all things, this is crucial if you just want to play with your friends.

You will then be sent to the game lobby, where you may further personalise the experience. You may adjust anything on the little laptop that is on the table in the dropship the crewmates are in, including the colour your crewmate is in, the other cosmetics you’re wearing, the number of jobs that will be assigned to each crewmate, the imposter view range, the crewmate view range, and more.

among us

Finally, each lobby has a code that may be entered by anyone currently inside to allow others to enter the lobby. In this manner, you may then invite your friends to play in the exclusive lobby. They only need to go to Online in order to utilise the lobby code.  There is a section named “Private” with a button labelled “Enter Code” underneath the “Host” and “Public” sections.  Select that, then input the private lobby’s lobby code to join.

Playing the Game: Among Us

It takes a team to win in Among Us vent. And to succeed, the impostors and crewmates must cooperate. Consequently, the following information will help you win at Among Us gif.

How to Win and Succeed?

As was already said, Impostors and Crewmates have distinct victory conditions, so it’s a good idea to remember which character you’re playing as in order to complete your objectives successfully. Here are some hints, techniques, and plans to make sure a crewmate or impostor prevails. Here is the layout of each of the three accessible maps to aid you on your travels. First things first, complete all of your crewmate assignments, even if you are dead.  These count toward the tasks done bar and will aid in your team’s victory.

  • Make sure to remove people using verifiable, solid proof.
  • Don’t just accuse anyone.
  • Your comrades won’t trust you anymore, and in the worst cases, you could even hurt an innocent teammate.
  • This makes it simpler for fraudsters to succeed.

Security Steps

Utilize the security features that each map offers. These are the available maps in order:

  • The Skeld and Polus security cameras are located on the right side of the map, across from Reactor (left side of the map, beside Electrical).
  • Polus vitals (above Admin, on the right side of the office)
  • Door Log: HQ Mira (communications above Medbay)
  • All three maps, admin

It’s a good idea to keep a watch on everyone passing through the various regions marked on maps equipped with security cameras. It is extremely likely that one or both of the two crewmates were murdered, that one was killed and the other one vented, or that both of them vented in that location if, for instance, two crewmates enter an area that is inside the camera’s field of view and only one of them returns, or if none of them do. If crewmates can spot the vent opening in the fog of war shadow, they will have further proof that one of them used a vent. If you can, take a closer look at the area to confirm what you’ve found.

Jobs for Crewmembers

Make sure that people can see you when you are working on duties like clearing asteroids (often found in the weapons room on the Skeld and Polus), emptying the garbage, submitting scans (Medbay on all three maps), or priming shields (Medbay, exclusively on the Skeld). Also, since this is the only task in the game with a visible animation, you should offer to walk other crewmates to their locations if you’re in the middle of an emergency meeting to show that you’re not guilty.

among us

Room assignment for crew members

There is a very high possibility that you will survive if you are in a room with a group of crewmates that is at least as large as the number of impostors present in the game, plus one more crewmate to avoid sync kills. Additionally, keep in mind to avoid congregating in one location because the impostor has the ability to kill someone quickly and cover his tracks while doing so. If he’s cunning enough, he also has the potential to dispel any doubt about him.

Visual Jobs

If you, as a crewmate, have completed a visual task and another crewmate who is working on a job that is similar to yours has seen Among Us, be sure to follow them as they start the assignment.  Both crewmates will have a terrific chance to rely on one another and play the game together. If you can’t do this, don’t get together with other innocent players because they might think you’re acting suspiciously or an impostor might try to scam you.


Another smart move is to dash to the admin area as soon as the game starts. Don’t do any of the chores there, though. Instead, when everyone is doing any admin duty, particularly the swipe ID task, keep a careful check on the game’s task completion meter. After any of their chores are completed, a crewmate will often make sure to get as far away as possible.
However, impostors may withdraw from the work, but it won’t be done. Crewmates can simply keep an eye out for one another and identify the impostor this way.

Complete the tasks

After this, don’t use the emergency button since it’s possible that your fellow crew members won’t believe you. It’s also not that difficult to combat this. An imposter can avoid this trick by making communication difficult or leaving as soon as a task is done. In line with the foregoing, there is a good chance that a crewmate is an imposter if they complete a job and leave without the task completion bar rising. Keep in mind, though, that if there is Comms sabotage, this cannot be proven, so refrain from making unfounded claims. It’s possible that a crew member you observe who doesn’t do a routine duty is a fraud. This is so because, as their name indicates, common tasks are shared by all crewmates.

Implementing Vents

Utilize the vents and move about as much as possible. If you’re using vents, take care not to be seen by other crewmates, or you could end up being booted.  Only expel when you’re alone or with another imposter. Aside from being in a vent, the imposter kill cooldown is also paused when you do things like fix an oxygen leak or reset Polus’ seismic stabilisers. This requires you to manage your kill cooldown wisely since, if it’s still in effect, it prevents you from staying in a vent for as long as you’d want. But once the cooldown is over and you’re ready to kill, you can easily pop out of any vent on the map (as long as it’s connected to where you are) and get an easy kill right away.

Make a murder only if you are with another imposter or if there are no other crewmates around. When doing this, you must constantly be in the driver’s seat. It’s a very excellent idea to have a sync kill alongside the other impostor if you’re with another impostor and there are two other crewmates with you. Having an exit strategy is also a smart idea.

Kills are reported to confuse other players. When other crew members are nearby, be careful to notify the deceased bodies.
Additionally, it is beneficial for you if you and another crew member are entering a room that already has a dead body (whether it is your partner’s or your own). You may then claim that the crewmate you saw inside was inside while deciding who to vent to the abyss, clearing your name of responsibility.

Assassination and murder

Sabotage as much as you can, and don’t forget to murder AFK players. The reactors on Skeld and Mira HQ, the seismic stabilisers on Polus, and the O2 are the finest systems you can sabotage in the game. If these systems aren’t fixed, the Crewmate team might lose. As a fraud, you may also damage communications and lighting. The lights are very helpful because they make it harder to see your crewmates, which lets you and/or your team get quick kills.

Join forces with the other impostors that are currently playing the Among Us game. By doing this, neither of you will be suspicious of the other, and you’ll both be able to keep your identities safe for a common goal. Additionally, you can cooperate with them to execute effective sync kills.

Choosing to remove teammates

Teammates should only be removed if there is clear, convincing evidence to do so. It is extremely probable that you will lose the trust of the other members of the crew if this occurs, and you choose not to vote for them.

Good Kill Spots to Look for

Skeld’s Electrical Room is an excellent location for a kill, particularly if you discover the area behind a wall in the room. There is also a vent there that can take you quickly to the Security Room or the Medbay area. Before you exit the vent and make your getaway, double check that the door to the electrical is locked and that no one is within the aforementioned rooms.

Assassination Without Being Detected

Make sure to shank them as soon as you can, and make sure there are no other people around if you want to hunt and kill a lone crewmate. Long-term stalking might cause other gamers to become wary of you. Use caution since the other participants could schedule an urgent meeting. Avoid carrying out a murder in front of any security cameras. This may be used to quickly establish your guilt and give you the venting treatment. A red flash of light is a reliable sign that someone is looking through the cameras at an imposter. Be as humble and understated as you can after killing someone. Ironically, this also applies to crewmates because it gives individuals permission to vote to vent at you.

Making a stealthy kill attempt

To avoid becoming a suspect in the eyes of other crewmates, try performing kills while tampering with the lights, and when no one is there, head straight into the map’s electrical room as soon as possible instead of sliding away. Additionally, try going for a kill in a crowd. However, avoid moving or running away at this time since you could be accused of murdering a crewmate. If there is common work that everyone is performing, such as the task of turning the keys or fixing the wiring, then this is a good idea. Make sure to kill as cautiously as you can if you’re in a region where several crewmates have already passed by.

Be wary of task fraud

Never pretend to be performing visual chores. It’s simply not feasible. Unless a ghost is doing Among Us costumes, of course. But doing so is really difficult. Act only after the job is finished and the bar has vanished. Act only after the job is finished and the bar has vanished. Make sure to act as authentically as you can while you pretend to be completingactivities. activities. Additionally, watch out for the storage trash vent in Skeld, where there is a visual clue for the waste disposal duty. If you do manage to lock yourself in, don’t be suspicious. suspicious. This may have happened on purpose, by mistake, or because the other imposter (assuming there is one) had you imprisoned inside.

Being Alert to Groups

If crewmates opt to cooperate when doing their duties, an impostor’s sole opportunity to score is when they are all near enough so that you can avoid being immediately discovered. discovered. Additionally, make sure to target Lights and O2 or Seismic Stabilizers (only in Polus), as the former allows you to easily sneak around and the latter allows some people to split up to fix the sabotage.

Additionally, make sure to target Lights and O2 or Seismic Stabilizers (only in Polus), as the former allows you to easily sneak around and the latter allows some people to split up to fix the sabotage. If there is no other crewmate nearby, do not pretend to be doing a sabotage repair.If there is no other crewmate nearby, do not pretend to be doing a sabotage repair. This is because if you don’t try to remedy the sabotage, the others will only lose faith in you or perhaps suspect you.

Being in Motion

Before engaging in sabotage, make sure you’re always moving since, if you’re not, there’s a very good risk that you’ll be accused of committing it. Simply maintaining one hand on the action while the other does the sabotage makes this simple to accomplish. to accomplish If it’s not possible, pretend to be performing a routine activity before committing sabotage. If your colleague crewmate is watching you as an imposter while you pretend to be working on a job, be sure to depart as soon as you notice the taskbarappearing. appearing. However, whether you’re attempting to perform short or long chores, it’s possible that they could appear suspicious. Avoid returning to areas where people have been killed. Avoid returning to areas where people have been killed.

If you can, try not to be seen as you get close to the place where you just killed something. If you can, try not to be seen as you get close to the place where you just killed something. If you are seen, spend some time in another location. Because doing differently might put you on other crewmates’ suspect list. Try sabotage like the Seismic Stabilizer/Reactor sabotage to guarantee that everyone is spread out if the number of crew members still alive is almost equal to how many impostors are remaining, plus one or two more (the second one is only viable if there are two impostors still alive). alive).

After the aforementioned kill cooldown has expired, kill anybody in your line of sight. Because the rule is simply IMPOSTORS+1/+2, as soon as you and your teammate both score a kill, the game ends with an Impostor Victory and no one will be able to report the body, even if they witness it.

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