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15 Best Applicant Tracking System To Track Job Applications

by Julia
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With the use of a programme called an “Applicant Tracking System,” the new fashion is to automate the hiring process. An applicant tracking system is used to keep track of job applications, paid and unpaid job advertisements, schedule candidate interviews, and other tasks. These factors simplify the HR team’s recruiting process. The top 15 applicant tracking systems for 2022 are below.

Reasons to choose an applicant tracking system

The latest ATS systems perform activities that expedite the hiring process and produce impressive outcomes in the form of successful applicant recruitment. making them helpful throughout the whole recruiting process, from issuing job invites to onboarding prospects. Technology has moved into the hiring process and made it easier for recruiters to focus more on prospects by automating other hiring tasks.

Even if the hiring software market has many competitors, we constantly aim to pick the best. So, after months of research and analysis of the ATS market’s hundreds of possibilities, we have developed a list of the top 15 recruitment software.

Below is a list of the top 15 best applicant tracking systems for 2022.

The top applicant tracking systems utilised by most large companies, medium-sized companies, and startups globally are listed below. These applicant tracking systems are all well-known and dependable on a worldwide scale. You may pick the one from the list below that best suits the requirements of your business without any concerns. Let’s examine the top ATS platforms:

#1. iCIMS

applicant tracking system

One of the best applicant tracking systems is iCIMS, which is cloud-based and very configurable. Features like application monitoring, tests, video interviews, and others are included. One of the other benefits is that they offer a mobile application that recruiting professionals may use to get information from anywhere.

The integration of this hiring software with services like Microsoft products, ADP, etc. Additionally, real-time analytics are accessible through its customised dashboards. This programme deserves to be on the top applicant tracking system list since it performs well and makes recruiting enjoyable.

#2. Zoho Recruit

Zoho Recruit

This list also includes Zoho Recruit, a cloud-based recruiting tool that intends to offer end-to-end personnel solutions. Their services are mostly used by staffing firms and corporate HR departments, and they offer features specifically designed for each group of users. It makes it simple for them to find and recruit the top people.

It allows adaptations for many recruitment-related tasks, including automating job postings, sending emails, updating the status of interviews, and so forth. These will help recruiters get better at what they do and get more done with their hiring solutions.

#3. Recooty


Recooty provides free job posting to more than 500 job sites, including Facebook, Indeed, LinkedIn, Google, and more. It looks fantastic to the eyes and works miracles in terms of drawing skills because of its straightforward and appealing design. Recooty is also one of the most reasonably priced ATS options available. Recooty is the preferred applicant tracking solution for organisations like Uber, FedEx, and Avast.

After a 15-day free trial, the freemium recruitment software will reveal its inexpensive options to you. Recooty is, in our opinion, the best candidate tracking system for 2022 because of this.

#4. SAP SuccessFactors

applicant tracking system

A cloud-based human resource management system called SAP SuccessFactors provides comprehensive HR solutions from the hiring process through the HR management process. Companies may find people using this programme from more than 4,000 employment sites and social media, as well as from 80 different nations’ schools and colleges.

This software offers a flexible career site and a controlled, worldwide recruiting procedure. In addition to many other capabilities, it provides letter management, payroll, and performance management. It is one of the greatest ATSs in the business and offers its top-notch services all over the world.

#5. Greenhouse

applicant tracking system

Greenhouse provides hiring and onboarding tools that make the jobs of recruiters simple and efficient. The Greenhouse ATS system offers interview schedules and connections to a number of video conferencing services, including Zoom, Google Meet, Sparkhire, and others. It has a number of features, such as collaborative recruiting, multi-channel sourcing, core reporting, scalable processes, and more.

According to the plans they provide, features change. The mission of Greenhouse is to eliminate discrimination on the basis of race and gender while promoting inclusion, diversity, and equity throughout the hiring process. Enterprise and midsize organisations may utilise Greenhouse’s services to increase their hiring efforts. As a result, it ranks among the best recruitment tools available.

#6. Workable

applicant tracking system

Workable ATS software is another important hiring tool that aids businesses in developing a strong employer brand in front of qualified prospects. Workable has special qualities that make it superior to its rivals in numerous ways. It has features like a Chrome extension that works, a recruiter powered by artificial intelligence, smart referrals, a career page builder, ad campaigns on social media, and more.

They place a strong emphasis on inclusive recruiting that is devoid of bias, which has an impact on the capabilities of the hiring software. Workable applicant tracking systems are appropriate for businesses of all sizes, from start-ups to global conglomerates. As a result, it will be one of the top recruitment software in 2022.

#7. Astute Business Owners

applicant tracking system

Enterprise-level hiring software called Smart Recruiters is situated in Dublin, California. It includes a talent acquisition tool that will support you during the whole hiring process. The hiring programme is a terrific overall package because it includes scorecards, screening tests, and other features.

The headquarters of Smart Recruiters are in San Francisco, California, and the company has locations worldwide. The user interface has been designed in such a way that it appears logical and stunning.It is among the top hiring applications available today.

#8. Oracle Taleo

applicant tracking system

Oracle now dominates the market for hiring software. Oracle Taleo is a stand-alone, cloud-based hiring software that provides first-rate services. It is one of the best recruitment software apps because it has a simple user interface, features that work best on mobile devices, and a data-driven approach.

Taleo is available in three editions: Taleo Business Edition, Taleo Enterprise Edition, and Taleo Business Edition Talent Management. Because of this, Taleo works with businesses of any size. Taleo has tools for social media, interfaces for Microsoft Outlook and iGoogle, and links to other Oracle products and services.

#9. Lever

applicant tracking system

Lever is an applicant tracking system and a customer relationship management (CRM) solution for people searching for strong and incredibly dependable employment software. For its clients, Lever offers the additional benefit of the scalability of its recruitment software programme.

There are 4,000 users of this hiring software platform globally, and they have connections with several well-known businesses, including Workday, Oracle, SAP, and UKG. It is the best recruitment software because it can connect to other systems, has an analytics tool, and has many other useful features.

#10. Bamboo HR

applicant tracking system

None other than Bamboo HR, a key participant in the recruiting market that primarily caters to enterprise and mid-size businesses. Bamboo HR offers its clients solutions for keeping track of applicants that help them find the best people for the job.

This recruiting software has HR professionals’ needs covered from the beginning stages of recruitment to the final stages of onboarding. An ATS system, time tracking capabilities, employee satisfaction tools, and all other tools required are all included in this comprehensive HRIS. With the help of this recruitment software, staff members in charge of talent acquisition can efficiently manage tasks related to candidates.

#11. Jobvite

applicant tracking system

Another well-liked ATS alternative with an all-inclusive talent acquisition package is Jobvite. Jobvite has AI across the entire system. Their hiring solutions have been divided into many categories, including firm size, role (such as HR Leader, IT Leader, TA Leader, etc.), necessity, and industry. Any plan that meets your recruitment needs is up for grabs.

Jobvite is used by several well-known organisations, including Hulu, Logitech, and Zappos. It offers all the essential elements one would anticipate from a full-featured recruiting programme. Their goal is to give consumers access to resources that will enable them to find, engage, employ, and keep great people for their organisations.

#12. Breezy HR

applicant tracking system

Breezy HR is the next item on the list. It is an all-encompassing recruitment tool designed to make the hiring process simple for its users. There are several statistics and recruiting metrics available on Breezy HR. It can also manage candidates, find candidates, send automated emails, post jobs to more than 50 job sites, and do many other things.

Important programmes and services that it integrates with include Indeed sponsored jobs, Google and Microsoft 365 Calendar, Gmail, Sapling, and many more. The TA team members’ jobs are made easier by a variety of useful tools that are included in all the features. This hiring solution is one of the top competitors in the ATS software market, so you may have a look at it.

#13. JazzHR

applicant tracking system

With its cutting-edge applicant tracking system, JazzHR is assisting several businesses in finding appropriate personnel rapidly. It’s easy to use software for hiring that solves the complicated problems that talent acquisition specialists face.

To meet such high-volume recruitment demands, they also provide their services to hiring agencies. Its ATS software offers career pages that may be customised, unique workflows, recruiting reports, etc. With the help of this recruitment software, the hiring process for its clients is made better.

#14. Freshteam

applicant tracking system

Not only is Freashteam an applicant tracking system, It goes beyond that. The services offered by Freshteam include hiring, onboarding, HRIS, and time off. Customers of this business can access its mobile applications. This software for hiring has a lot of different features, like assessment tests, career site builders, and social media recruitment.

For video interviews, Freshteam also integrates with Google Hangouts and Skype. Over 5000 clients have used their services, including Nissan, PharmEasy, SAP, and Monster. New users may sign up and receive a free 21-day trial of the premium features.

#15. Bullhorn

applicant tracking system

Bullhorn Company provides candidate relationship management and applicant tracking system services primarily for staffing agencies to increase productivity. It makes it easier for HR recruiters to automate the manual tasks involved in hiring, so they can spend more time getting to know applicants.

Bullhorn ATS offers a variety of capabilities in its applicant tracking system, including collaborative recruiting, candidate management, email interfaces, and handy reports to assess recruitment. It is one of the best applicant tracking systems you can use to make the hiring process go more smoothly.


In summary, we would like to note that there are several variables, including budget, firm size, required functions, and others. Any ATS you use, whether it is free or not, must accommodate your hiring needs and satisfy all of your business’ requirements. Additionally, you should get an ATS since, as we have already explained, it automates several processes and improves the efficiency of your hiring procedure. A talent acquisition specialist might be able to help a company reach its goals and hire the best people.

These top applicant tracking system lists will never let you down, whether you’re looking for the best ATS for small enterprises or larger corporations. These, in our opinion, are the greatest in the ATS sector and top-notch in their specialised fields. Some of these are only hiring software, while others provide other features.

Check out our specialised guide on selecting the best applicant tracking system for your business. Therefore, you can decide what’s right for you!


What is the purpose of an applicant tracking system?

An applicant tracking system (ATS) is software that allows employers and recruiters to keep track of applicants during the hiring and recruiting process.

ATS tools for recruiting are what?

A software programme called an applicant tracking system (ATS) controls the whole employment and recruitment process. You can handle candidates more quickly and cut down on the amount of time it takes to fill positions.

What do examples of applicant tracking systems mean?

An applicant tracking system is what? A software programme called an applicant tracking system (ATS) streamlines administrative duties in hiring and recruiting. An ATS, for example, can help you schedule interviews faster, post jobs more easily, get the most out of referrals, automate procedures, and do other things.

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