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What Is Asset Tracking? 18 Best Assets Tracking Software In 2022

by Julia

Best Asset Tracking Software: Every firm must keep track of its business assets. Asset assets are necessary for regulatory compliance. Furthermore, precise records of physical and digital assets aid in resource planning.

Manual asset management registers are no longer utilised by enterprises. Today, several asset tracking Software are available that reduce time and enhance efficiency in keeping track of the company’s assets.

We will describe the process of IT asset management and why it is crucial in this section. You will also get a review of the best asset tracking software available online.

Asset Tracking Definition

Consider all of your tangible assets. You may have more than you expected, and if so, you should improve your asset-tracking procedures. Asset tracking, often known as asset management, is the process of tracking physical assets by scanning barcode labels attached to them or by using GPS or RFID tags that broadcast their location. Because you need to know the location, status, maintenance schedule, and other vital information regarding your organization’s physical assets, asset tracking is just as important as inventory management. Indeed, asset tracking is critical to the bottom line and compliance of your firm since you are responsible for discovering and replacing lost or missing physical assets, as well as those that have reached the end of their lives.

How Does It Function? Asset Tracking Methods

While asset tracking can be time-consuming and costly, there is asset tracking software that can save your firm both time and money. As a result, the purpose of any asset tracking software is to maximise asset control efficiency while minimising equipment loss. You may track your assets in real time using mobile PCs, barcode labels, handheld barcode scanners, and asset tracking software, resulting in more effective production planning and less downtime. Organizations may also plan essential repairs or servicing, as well as preventative maintenance, with the right management software. Complete asset tracking solutions use barcode technology, which lets companies scan their fixed assets to keep track of them in the right way.

Barcodes are the industry standard for data collection and asset tracking, providing each object with a unique identifier that allows it to be identified and tracked independently. Barcodes provide crucial business information such as project names, asset types, and more. A barcode scanner reads each barcode, making it possible for companies to count their assets faster and more accurately than they could do by hand.

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The Advantages of Asset Tracking

Asset tracking has various advantages, virtually all of which lead to a better bottom line for firms that effectively execute effective asset management practices. Here are some of the most significant benefits of using asset tracking:

  • Increase efficiency and cut expenses.
  • Update corporate records as the equipment are reallocated between departments and use the revised information to compute taxes and expenditures for each department.
  • Locate assets quickly and simply at any time and in real-time.
  • With the help of an asset tracking system, you can track assets with fewer resources.
  • Lower administrative costs since administrators no longer need to manually track or find assets.
  • Track and decrease asset loss, and make better use of assets.
  • Expand your business and grow your asset tracking as needed.
  • Enhance customer service by improving asset tracking and management techniques.
  • Maintain accountability and precision in asset loss and management.
  • You should know where your assets have been distributed right now.
  • In several businesses, proper asset tracking is necessary for regulatory compliance.
  • You can make your company’s physical environment more efficient and organised by figuring out which things are used together and then designing a better physical system structure.
  • You can make your asset management more accurate by getting real-time information about where each asset is.
  • Asset Management Software in Terms of Costs and Features

18 Best Assets Tracking Software In 2022

Here is a list of the top 18 best asset tracking software, organised by price, applicability, and finest features.

#1. Freshservice


Freshservice is a web-based asset tracking software that may assist you in keeping track of hardware, software, contracts, and other assets. The assets may be organised by location, creator, date generated, and asset kind. You can follow assets through various phases and even receive a quick chronology.


  • Asset management
  • Customized and scheduled reports
  • Management of incidents
  • Several languages
  • Management of licences
  • Contract and project management

#2. Atera


Atera is a cloud-based remote IT asset tracking software that provides MSPs, IT consultants, and IT departments with a comprehensive and integrated solution. With Atera, you can keep track of and manage an unlimited number of items for a single low fee.

Furthermore, Atera’s Network Discovery add-on detects unmanaged devices and opportunities in real-time. Atera is the best IT management tool suite because it has everything you need in one integrated package.

Atera includes Remote Monitoring and Management (RMM), PSA, Network Discovery, Remote Access, Patch Management, Reporting, Script Library, Ticketing, Helpdesk, and much more.


  • Monitor and manage an unlimited number of Mac and Windows endpoints, servers, and PCs.
  • Scan networks in minutes to find SNMP devices, printers, firewalls, switches, and routers, among other things.
  • Searching and logging all connected devices, documenting software inventory, and managing software licencing are all part of inventory management.
  • You can fix network problems with a single, integrated platform that has both ticketing and automatic payment.
  • Monitor the performance and availability of all your managed devices on a regular basis. CPU, RAM, HD use, hardware, availability, and other factors are all taken into account.
  • Reports are generated automatically to track and measure your networks, assets, system health, and general performance.
  • Customized alert settings and thresholds, as well as scheduled maintenance and updates

#3. NinjaOne


Managed service providers (MSPs), IT service firms, SMBs and mid-market organisations with modest IT staff are the best fits.

NinjaOne provides a free trial of their product. Ninja is charged per device depending on the characteristics required.

NinjaOne offers sophisticated, user-friendly server management software to managed service providers (MSPs) and IT professionals. Ninja provides a comprehensive suite of tools for monitoring, managing, securing, and improving all of your network devices; Windows servers, workstations, laptops; and MacOS devices.


  • Get complete, up-to-date hardware and software inventories for all of your devices.
  • All of your Windows servers, workstations, laptops, and MacOS devices’ health and productivity may be tracked.
  • The health and performance of all of your routers, switches, firewalls, and other SNMP devices can be checked.
  • With comprehensive control over features, drivers, and security updates, you can automate OS and third-party programme patching for Windows and MacOS devices.
  • Using a powerful set of remote capabilities, you can control all of your devices without disturbing end users.
  • With sophisticated IT automation, you can standardise device deployment, setup, and management.
  • Take direct control of devices via remote access.

#4. SuperOps.ai


SuperOps.ai’s user-friendly IT asset tracking software, powered by Remote Monitoring and Management (RMM), contains everything you need to manage your client’s network of assets in one location. For further context, it includes tightly integrated Professional Services Automation (PSA).

It has a slew of user-friendly features to help technicians be more productive, like remote desktop management, community scripts for powerful automation, patch management to keep endpoints up to date, system tray icons for easier access, and much more.


  • PSA, RMM, Remote Access, Patch Management, Reporting, Community Scripts, 3rd Party Integrations with Webroot, Bitdefender, Acronis, Azure, and much more are all available in one location.
  • An asset overview that gives real-time information about the asset’s health, such as firewall status, CPU utilisation, memory usage, antivirus status, and more.
  • From start to finish, remote desktop management functions such as Registry Editor, Terminal, and Remote File Explorer are available.
  • Third-party software management, including automatic software installation, patching, maintenance, and removal on client endpoints.
  • The user interface is simple, contemporary, and straightforward.
  • All RMM features are $59 per technician.
  • Splashtop integration is tight, with a free Splashtop membership.
  • Granular reporting to keep track of warnings, patch health, antivirus health, and other metrics, as well as performance statistics and warnings for assets.
  • Onboarding, implementation, and customer support are all free.

#5. Nifty


Nifty is a place where people can work together. It has visual project management to help IT teams keep track of what they’re doing.

Longer-term initiatives that are time-bound, as well as agile operations like ticket management that can be automated and analysed after the fact, benefit from quick acceleration. Nifty is the tool that your team will rally around, whether you’re wanting to manage a process or speed up resolutions.


  • Project Milestones are updated depending on essential task completion to show an initiative’s progress.
  • Cross-portfolio reporting to incorporate all roadmaps.
  • Task Tags and Custom Fields help to make sure that all of the account’s data is the same, which makes it much easier to scale.
  • Milestone and task reports are available in CSV and PDF formats.
  • creation of project documents and file storage to keep contracts, scopes, and information organised.

#6. Auvik


Auvik network management software can detect scattered IT assets automatically. It provides visibility into the connection of each device as well as the network’s configuration. It supports network visibility automation and IT asset management.


  • The discovery and mapping features of Auvik can get information from places like CDP, LLDP, forwarding tables, and so on.
  • The utility finds and records all of the details of every device on the network using network protocols.
  • It is capable of recognising devices that require an upgrade.

#7. AssetExplorer

AssetExplorer is web-based IT asset management (ITAM) software that assists you in monitoring and managing network assets from purchase through disposal. AssetExplorer handles all aspects of IT asset management, from multi-source discovery methods to real-time dashboards for hardware and software.

You can track software consumption and maximise software licencing compliance with the built-in software asset management tool.


  • Asset discovery from many sources
  • Asset scans that are scheduled
  • Dashboards for hardware and software assets in real time.
  • Management and metering of software licences
  • Asset management for software
  • Purchase order administration
  • Asset life cycle management
  • Inventory management for IT assets
  • A Database for Configuration Management (CMDB)
  • Native Microsoft SSCM integration

#8. xAssets IT 

xAssets IT 

xAssets ITAM gets rid of the time and money barriers that keep your company from getting a good ITAM system.

The majority of the requirements are completed immediately “out of the box,” providing great time to value. Their platform makes it easy to set things up quickly, so even complex needs like workflow, reporting, and connectors can be met in record time.


  • IT asset registry and CMDB throughout the whole lifespan.
  • Asset management for software
  • Integrate with Active Directory, System Center, Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud Platform, Azure, JIRA, and other systems.
  • Agentless network discovery has little impact.
  • Contract management and procurement
  • Depreciation and financials
  • Barcoding
  • Management of services
  • Storage of spare parts
  • Obsolescence and Disposal

#9. Spiceworks IT 

Spiceworks IT 

Spiceworks IT Asset tracking software allows you to monitor the gear and software on your network. All network devices, including switches, routers, and gateways, may be monitored. The software will automatically find assets on the network, put them into groups, and make a full report.


  • Keep track of network licences and devices.
  • manage licences, networks, and exchanges, among other things.
  • Inventory, assets, and licences should all be reported on.

#10. SolarWinds


Solarwinds is a great IT asset tracking software that lets you track the status of contracts over the life of an item and collect important inventory data.

This web-based solution allows you to effortlessly track your company’s full hardware and software stack. Everything from desktops and laptops to networking equipment and mobile devices is included.


  • Track and compare financial data to real inventory components.
  • On one platform, collect all software and hardware-related information, as well as data on owners, location, and so on.
  • Asset incident and problem management that is effective and efficient.
  • increases asset visibility and compliance.
  • Outstanding Automation

#11. Asset Panda

Asset Panda

Asset Panda is a scalable asset management programme that can manage both physical and digital assets. You may automate the asset management process by creating processes and actions.


  • Asset management has been centralised.
  • Capabilities for disaster recovery:
  • Individualized reporting
  • The help desk module

#12. Snipe-IT


Snipe-IT is an open-source online asset tracking software programme. The software has several tools that might help you manage your inventory more effectively. The dashboard provides an overview of recent activities. You may also use the REST API to link the app with your own system.


  • Track assets depending on their location, assignment, and status.
  • One-click verification
  • email notifications when licences expire.
  • Auditing of assets
  • Assets can be imported and exported.
  • Make QR code labels.

#13. EZOfficeInventory


EZInventory is a full-featured asset tracking software. Barcode asset tracking, fixed asset tracking, inventory tracking, RFID asset tracking, tool tracking, and IT hardware and software tracking are all part of the software package.


  • Discover IT assets automatically.
  • Manage the licencing of software and hardware.
  • Checkouts
  • RFID, barcodes, and QR codes
  • Taking care of purchasing orders

#14. GoCodes

GoCodes is a powerful asset tracking software application. The free basic version of the software supports custom fields, QR codes, audits, Excel imports and exports, GPS tracking, maintenance, APIs, reporting, analytics, and inventory management.

You can upgrade to the premium version if you want more features, such as a corporate URL, data backups, recurring services, asset stock transfer, and more advanced access control.


  • An enterprise solution allows you to manage an infinite number of assets.
  • command multiple roles
  • GPS tracking of your current location
  • Depreciation of fixed assets
  • The Module for Inventory
  • Report creator
  • API Availability
  • Labels Made to Order

#15. AssetCloud


AssetCloud is a powerful asset tracking software application. You may use the programme to manage both physical and digital assets. You may run pre-built reports to learn about late checkouts, warranties, planned maintenance, and other topics.


  • Keep track of and manage IT purchase orders.
  • Maintenance plan for equipment
  • Label your belongings.
  • Examine the IT landscape.

#16. Samanage


Samanage is an IT asset tracking software. The software supports a variety of functionalities. The asset management software has features like change management, a self-service portal, automation, ticketing, and risk detection.


  • Asset and contract management.
  • Danger detection
  • Configuration management

#17. ServiceNow


According to Gartner’s Magic Quadrant for IT Service Management Tools, ServiceNow has led the ITSM industry for seven straight years. ServiceNow provides two IT asset management products: ServiceNow ITSM and ServiceNow ITAM.

Pricing: Talk to a ServiceNow expert to find out how much it will cost to set up an IT asset management system for your business.

#18. InvGate Assets

InvGate Assets

InvGate Assets is an excellent asset management software. The software enables the discovery and management of IT assets. You can build a single repository of assets by putting together asset information from network discovery data and third-party sources.


  • Network Exploration
  • Management of software licences
  • Changes must be monitored and controlled.
  • Remote desktop access


Reading about the finest asset management software can help you choose the proper software for your company.

Make sure to read the web reviews and ratings before purchasing the software. The majority of the software reviews should be good; otherwise, it is not worth acquiring the software.

Before making a purchase, consider trying a free demo. This will let you test the software and make sure it meets the requirements.

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