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by Julia
Best Chocolate

The best chocolate in the UK. Perspectives Global, an insight firm, conducted the study and developed a list of the top 10 best chocolate bars in the country by polling 2,000 respondents. Of course, the list includes chocolate bars we would expect to see there, such as goodies from Cadbury’s and Galaxy, but the ranking may be unexpected. Narrower flavours like Bounty, Snickers, and Toffee Crisps have risen to the top best chocolate on the list.

According to the poll, 67 per cent of Brits said milk chocolate was their favourite, 22% said dark chocolate was, and only 11 per cent chose white chocolate. During the epidemic, Brits developed an obsession and sales of popular brands like Cadbury, Lindt, and Galaxy skyrocketed. The real shock is how far ahead of the competition our best chocolate is, outpacing even its closest competitor by more than three times. How many of your personal favourites were included?

Top 10 Best Chocolate Brands UK: Bars, Brands & Benefits

These are the ten best chocolates Brands UK, as follows:

#1. Cadbury’s Dairy Milk

best chocolate

Brits spent £650 million on chocolate in the last year, three times more than their next closest competitor. In fact, we spent £652.3 million on candy in the past year, an increase of 2.8%-or 71.7 million bars from the year before. Our favourite brand at the time was the inexpensive Dairy Milk (Photo by Newscast/Universal Images Group via Getty Images). The best chocolate bar may not be showy, but we firmly believe that its straightforward composition makes it the best. Which one do you prefer? Tell us in the comments section below.

#2. Galaxy

best chocolate

Galaxy was our second-most popular best chocolate, and Brits bought £202.3 million worth of its bars in the last year, an increase of 6.7%. While this is happening, rivals like Cadbury are starting to gain ground on second-placed Galaxy, who suffered a dismal 2020 due to supply problems during the first nationwide lockdown. According to the grocer, the brand is making up for a challenging 2020 in which supply challenges caused it to lose market share to competitors like Cadbury.

#3. Lindt Lindor

best chocolate

The unexpected third-place finisher is Lindt Lindor, whose sales rose by 23.1% to £185.9 million over the time period. With almost £30 million in new sales, third-placed Lindt Lindor may have had the best performance of the last year. Lindt reported good half-year sales in July and said that its Lindor and Excellence lines had been the major contributors to the increase in sales at that time. According to the Swiss chocolatier, the top sellers in the previous year were Excellence bars and Lindor chocolate balls.

#4. Maltesers

best chocolate

The 1937 launch of the light chocolate balls in the UK cemented their status as a staple. In actuality, we spent £181.7 million, or 1.7%, more on them last year.

#5. Kinder

best chocolate

It should come as no surprise that the company that created the beloved Kinder egg is still popular with children in the UK. so we purchased its goods for £159.4 million, an 8% increase.

#6. Cadbury Twirl

best chocolate

Cadbury’s Twirl bars performed exceptionally well throughout the epidemic, which is another strong endorsement for lighter, simpler chocolate. They were purchased for £111.2 million, a 2.8% increase.

#7. KitKat

best chocolate

Since its 1935 debut as Rowntree’s Chocolate Crisp, the crisp KitKat has been a lunchbox favourite. Brits purchased £101.3 million worth of chocolate-covered wafer sweets in the last year, a 1.1% decrease from the year before.

#8. M&M’s

best chocolate

M&M’s has lost the most value out of the top 10 brands, losing 17.5% of their worth. In the sharing sub-category, rival brands like Doisy & Dam, which just introduced its own vegan take on M&M’s chocolate-covered peanuts, are among those Mars-owned M&M’s are up against.

#9. Cadbury Wispa

best chocolate

Last year, the fizzy chocolate bar was still a top seller, as we devoured an amazing £101 million worth (down 2.3%).

#10. Aero

best chocolate

Nestlé’s “other fizzy chocolate bar,” which sold for £86.3 million, did well during the epidemic. This represented an 11% rise over the prior timeframe.

The Advantages of Consuming Chocolate and Other Goods

For your body and mind, it’s crucial to have a positive connection with all meals. But forming a healthy relationship with the dark best chocolate, in particular, could be very good for your health as a whole. Strong antioxidants may be found in dark. A flavonol by the name of epicatechin is one of the healthiest. Plants contain substances called flavonols that prevent oxidative cell damage and combat inflammation.

According to research, here are just a few advantages of dark chocolate:

  1. Increases heart health: Studies have shown that the antioxidants in dark best chocolate can lower blood pressure, lessen the chance of clotting, and improve blood flow to the heart, all of which lower the risks of stroke, coronary heart disease, and heart-related mortality.
  2. Balances the immune system: Flavonols keep the immune system from going into overdrive and lower oxidative stress, which is an imbalance caused when cells try to fight off free radicals and is a common cause of many illnesses.
  3. Epicatechin protects cells: makes them stronger, and helps them do things that make them more sensitive to insulin. This may help prevent or treat diabetes.
  4. Enhances brain activity: Flavonols in dark have a beneficial effect on brain activity, leading to improved memory, response time, and visual-spatial awareness. The fact that flavonols improve blood flow to the brain may be one explanation for this. However, the study is still underway.
  5. Enhances athletic performance: Dark chocolate’s epicatechin boosts blood levels of nitric oxide, which promotes circulation and lowers the need for oxygen during moderately strenuous exercise. As a result, the athlete may continue working out at a high intensity for longer.
  6. Reduces stress: Consuming dark best chocolate was associated with lower levels of the stress hormone cortisol, which was also verified by participants’ reports of feeling less stressed. Given that stress is a risk factor for cardiovascular disease, this may be connected to the positive benefits of dark chocolate on heart health.

Here are some details on the health advantages of dark chocolate:

  • The number of healthy flavonols increases with its cocoa content. Research has mostly linked chocolate with at least a 70% cacao content to health benefits.
  • Eating a certain amount of dark to reap these health advantages has not been definitively recommended by researchers. Experts say that you should stick to dark best chocolate that has been processed as little as possible and has at least 70% cacao in it.
  • Always read the label to see how many calories, fat, and sugar are included because these factors may impact the total health benefit.
  • Some people have migraines or acid reflux when they eat chocolate.

Ultimately, whether it is white best chocolate, which has very little nutritional value, or dark chocolate, which is rich in antioxidants, sometimes indulging in pleasure shouldn’t be accompanied by tension or guilt. The secret is to keep a cheerful and sensible attitude, just like in the majority of happy partnerships.

As part of a balanced diet, dark chocolate may be savoured and has numerous positive health effects. Choose a way to eat that fits your lifestyle and is good for your health from the options available. If you need more help or find it hard to control what you eat, you might want to talk to a licensed dietitian, nutritionist, or other trained health professional.


Is daily chocolate consumption acceptable?

What is the daily intake limit? According to experts, the suggested “dosage” is around 1 to 2 ounces (30–60g). If you indulge in anything more, you risk taking in too many calories.

What occurs when you consume a lot of chocolate?

At very high doses, theobromine can cause a fast heartbeat, loss of appetite, sweating, shaking, and a strong headache. This is because it widens blood vessels, makes you pee, and upsets your stomach.

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