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20 Best Drinking Water Bottle Brands For Good Health

by Julia
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In this article, we see the very best drinking water bottle for our good health. The demand for bottled water continues to grow despite the fact that it is by no means environmentally beneficial, mostly because of how convenient it is. Indeed, 24% of beverages consumed in the United States in 2020 were bottled water, according to Statista.

Additionally, some people think it’s safer than drinking tap water. But not all bottled waters are made the same, and taste is often the first thing that people think about. According to the EPA, some bottled water may include minute amounts of impurities (such as calcium and magnesium) that definitely affect the flavour but may not immediately endanger health.

Additionally, the “source” of the water might have a big effect. Does your bottled water, for instance, come from a well or spring that is considered to be a “groundwater” source, where pollution is less likely to occur? Or it could originate from a surface source, such as a river or stream, which often means water has undergone extra treatment, such as disinfection.

The pH level of the water may also be used to decide its drinkability. According to Healthline, a “healthy” pH range is between 6.5 and 8.5; anything below might indicate heavy metal contamination. In either case, all bottled water offered for sale in the US must adhere to certain FDA guidelines. Usually, you can tell where anything stands on the quality pendulum merely by reading the label. But don’t worry; we’ve ranked 15 well-known bottled water companies from worst to best.

Why does water have a distinct flavor?

best drinking water

According to studies, the taste of the water varies slightly depending on where in the UK you reside. This was demonstrated by the taste test above. How come the water tastes different, though? And why, when other individuals don’t appear to have a problem at all, are some people so irritated by the water in another area? Well, the so-called “hard water” may be to blame for the flavour’s enigma.

Hard water is water that contains a lot of minerals. It is created when water seeps through limestone and chalk formations, which are mostly composed of calcium and magnesium carbonates. Some individuals say that the water is tainted and tastes particularly “hard” due to the high mineral concentration. In reality, you will probably be able to distinguish a clear taste difference between the two types of water if you reside in a “soft water” area and visit a “hard water” location.

Hard-water residents may grow up unaware that they have been drinking water contaminated with minerals their entire lives. Hard water does not have any known detrimental impacts on human health; in fact, because of its increased mineral content, it may even be beneficial to health. However, it could result in bad tea and kettle limescale. Shower screens may also become grimy, pipes can accumulate buildup, and many say that using hard water to wash their hair makes it appear lifeless. Additionally, it has a distinct flavour that residents in locations with soft water may clearly detect. Using a basic home water filter can improve the taste of hard water. You can also use borax and baking soda to soften water, or you can use a mechanical water softener system.

Do bottles taste better than tap water?

A recent poll revealed that tap water is now winning this long-running argument. The sector is currently worth over £2 billion due to the continued popularity of bottled water, with the typical British consumer drinking over 40 litres of water each year. Surveys have shown, however, that most consumers are unable to distinguish between different bottled water brands and tap water, particularly if the latter has been filtered at home. In addition, hard water includes minerals like calcium and magnesium, which would normally cost more than bottled artisanal water.

20 Best Drinking Water Bottle Brands For Good Health in 2022

These are the twenty best drinking water bottle brands, which are as follows:

#1. Fiji

best drinking water

Fiji has provided 60 nations with clean, fresh water since 1996. Its purity is merely the result of the water being naturally filtered by a volcanic rock when it comes from an old artesian aquifer that is surrounded by extinct volcanoes. Because of this, the water can collect a lot of minerals and electrolytes, like silica, calcium, and magnesium, which give it a better taste. Fiji is the number one best drinking water bottle for our good health.  Others consider Fijian water to be a luxury, but from our perspective, it is well justified. The Cold Wire claims that Fiji has invested millions of dollars to become a completely green business and to uphold a sustainability vow. This entails utilizing as few resources as possible and lowering carbon emissions in addition to their carbon footprint. Additionally, it is in great demand, particularly in the hotel sector, which consequently raises the price. Customers, however, keep purchasing Fiji products owing to their good reputation and delicious natural flavour. I am the person who is the most obsessed with the best drinking water. My taste buds have rejected most brands of bottled water since undergoing stomach surgery since I can no longer taste nasty chemicals and other things. I exclusively buy this brand! An Amazon customer said that nothing comes close to my Fiji water. Visit our previous post about: the 25 Best Valuable Beer Brands Around The World

#2. Penta

best drinking water

Penta Water is touted as an ultra-pure bottled water brand, fully free of unpleasant pollutants and additives. It uses a comprehensive 13-step U.S.-patented filtration process to eliminate all contaminants. This water, which is very clear, goes through deionization, reverse osmosis, and microfiltration to get rid of any minerals or pollutants that are still in it. It is then listed as being devoid of fluoride, arsenic, chlorine, and a lengthy list of other desirable qualities. Basically, this is the purest you can get, to put it simply. It’s also crucial to remember that Penta has a pH that occurs naturally because it doesn’t include any additives. As if things couldn’t get any better, the whole purifying and bottling process is powered by solar energy. Unlike other water products on the market, Penta is hailed by many reviewers as the optimum hydration and the smoothest to drink. “Penta hydrates my body more than any other water I’ve tried. Particularly in the morning when I’m empty, I can practically tell the difference. Every other type of water sort of sloshes around in the stomach for a bit before slowly passing through the body. Additionally, I can tell that it never truly hydrates me since I still feel thirsty.

#3. Evian

best drinking water

Because of its “nothing added” philosophy, most hydrologists concur that Evian is one of the most straightforward and reliable water brands available. Without any alterations or additions, Evian is pure and unadulterated by nature. In actuality, the source of this pure water is a glacier plateau in the magnificent French Alps that was created over 50,000 years ago! The filtering procedure introduces minerals and electrolytes that are naturally occurring and have a pH of 7.2. You can always count on Evian to give you refreshing, crisp water in a bottle that will hydrate your whole body right away.is the Evian number one best drinking water bottle for our good health.  This kind of hydration is actually so powerful that it may radically upgrade your cosmetic regimen. Evian and Bluemercury joined up to promote beauty from the inside out, starting with drinking high-quality water. In the end, Evian gives you fully hydrated skin that is radiant. So load up on Evian if you want to feel wonderful from the inside out.

#4. Icelandic Glacial

best drinking water

The Icelandic Glacial, which has a pH of 8.4, is marketed as a particular moisturizing elixir that was obtained from one of Iceland’s most pristine ecosystems, the fun Spring, after being filtered for 5,000 years through layers of lava rock. It is also the first manufacturer of water bottles to receive a carbon-neutral certification from a governing organization. This means that the process of getting the water and putting it in bottles uses energy sources that don’t add any carbon to the air, according to CNET. Unmistakable award-winning packaging that mimics the organic curve of carved glaciers is also available. According to Icelandic Glacial, the packaging was even honoured at the Bottled Water World Design Awards in 2005 as having the “Best Overall Concept and Best Label.” The purest water in the world will be provided by Icelandic Glacial, a cutting-edge water brand. Also, as the more than 10,000 reviews on Amazon show, a lot of people have a strong connection to this brand.

#5. Voss

best drinking waterVoss conjures up images of splurging on a day of indulgent self-care at the spa. The best drinking water itself is superior to the competition since it is drawn from an underground aquifer and has a low total dissolved solids content, in addition to the BPA-free bottle being stylish and sophisticated (TDS). If still water doesn’t suit your mood, you may choose sparkling water to liven up your day. Alternately, try out VOSS+, which adds a new level of designer hydration to the world of water. VOSS+ includes three new products, according to GlobalNewsWire, including VOSS + Collagen, VOSS + Vitamin D, and VOSS + Aquamin®. The collagen option is referred to as “radiance in a bottle” and contains 10 grams of collagen protein to keep your skin glowing and healthy if you want to maintain a youthful glow. We don’t need to tell you that any of these upscale water alternatives from Voss will satisfy your thirst. Visit our previous post about: the 25 Best Valuable Beer Brands Around The World

#6. Waiākea

best drinking water

If taking a plane to Hilo, Hawaii is not an option for you, perhaps drinking some Waikea water would swiftly transport you there. This company claims that its water is “purity in its purest form.” According to Waikea, the laborious procedure of pumping this water begins in Hilo’s biodiverse woods. Water from snowmelt gently filters through porous volcanic rock in a deep hole near the eastern base of the Mauna Loa volcano. This leaves you with naturally alkaline water that ranges in pH from 7.6 to 8.2. Even certain Waikea water variations are packaged in reusable, environmentally friendly metal bottles. This bottled water brand receives over 600 5-star ratings on Trustpilot, most of which focus on the pure, fresh flavour that is so difficult to get with other well-known bottled water brands. I adore the water. It tastes really fresh, pure, and hydrating. I’m really happy Sam’s Club sells this. My amazement was compounded when I noticed how quickly my nails had been growing. My kids adore it as well. I sincerely hope Sam’s Club continues to sell this item, commented Jessica on Trustpilot.

#7. Ethos

best drinking water

You’ve probably seen Ethos in the cooler at your neighbourhood Starbucks. You could have even purchased a bottle along with a protein box or bread with ham and cheese to go. Or perhaps you’ve seen superstars like Cameron Diaz and Leonardo DiCaprio promote it while strutting down the red carpet. In addition to being a premium, natural spring best drinking water brand, Starbucks-owned Ethos also has charitable origins by contributing five cents from each bottle sold to support providing clean water to kids across the world. According to MotherJones, Starbucks CEO Howard Schultz stated in 2008 that when customers choose to purchase Ethos Water, they are enhancing the lives of individuals who lack essential resources. So, picking up a bottle of Ethos will not only aid those in water-stressed places; it will also keep you hydrated. You might have your doubts about the quality of the bottled water at Starbucks, but trust us when we say that this one is smooth and without any bitterness, right down to the last drop!

#8. Acqua Panna

best drinking water

If you’re daydreaming about doing so, Acqua Panna will undoubtedly take you to a sunny spot among the Tuscan hills. Drinkpreneur says that this water got its name from the real Villa Panna Estate, which was owned by the Medici family of Florence.

This 100% natural spring water enhances any great dining experience, and we can’t help but think it’s the most elegant H2O on our list. It should come as no shock that the company’s slogan is “water worth enjoying.” This best drinking water has a high-end taste because it is naturally alkaline and filtered to keep a unique mineral balance.

“Yes, it is costly. But nothing truly measures up. It pairs nicely with good meals and does a terrific job of clearing the palate. One Amazon customer stated, “What I enjoy is that it has a high mineral content and tastes nice on the buds.”

All Acqua Panna bottles are BPA-free and 100% recyclable. Overall, we’re confident that Acqua Panna won’t let you down and is a delightful pleasure that you’ll love.

#9. Eternal Water

best drinking water

Eternal Water thoroughly ticks the box when it comes to spring water from the cleanest, most naturally alkaline wells. Even better, it comes from the magnificent Shasta-Trinity Alps in California, right here in the United States. According to Eternal Water, the subterranean springs were created by powerful volcanic activity and long-ago plate clashes. Snowmelt from higher elevations is responsible for the streams’ yearly flow. In addition to California, the Allegheny Mountains, Great Smoky Mountains, and Ouachita National Forest are where the brand’s auxiliary source springs are located. This well-known water company also made a steadfast commitment to never adding additives. The only “extras” you’ll discover are electrolytes that are found naturally. You may be confident that this water bottle firm has an enduring fan base on Amazon, where 82% of the reviews are five stars. Visit our previous post about: the 25 Best Valuable Beer Brands Around The World

#10. Essentia

best drinking water

Ever wonder what supercharged, ionized alkaline water tastes like? With bottled best drinking water that boasts an extraordinarily high pH of 9.5 and virtually no acidity, Essentia claims to meet the criteria. The body itself is incredibly clean and beautifully smooth. In actuality, Essentia is premium water that is 99.9% pure and boasts a well-balanced mineral and electrolyte composition. Reverse osmosis and microfiltration do this without using fluoride or chlorine. Even though Essentia bases its whole philosophy on purity, its claim of greater hydration has drawn criticism, as stated in a class action lawsuit brought against the company. The person who filed the lawsuit wants Essentia to show proof that it is “better hydrated” than other bottled waters in order to defend its higher prices.

#11. Hint

best drinking water

Allow Hint to assist you if you’re floating in the “I need to drink more water” cosmos and need a little prod. You can taste the all-natural fruit in every bottle of Hint water without any unappealing sugar, sweeteners, or calories. Additionally, it falls into the low-mineral category, producing the best flavour. The hint is also kosher, non-GMO, gluten-free, and vegan, which is a bonus. There are 16 distinct tastes available, ranging from crisp apple and clementine to blood orange as if things couldn’t get much better. If you’re craving a little fizz, there is a sparkling choice that is likewise flavoured with fresh fruit.

#12. Bai

best drinking water

Bai is perhaps best known for its super-hip antioxidant-infused beverages like Costa Rica Clementine and Brasilia Blueberry, but did you know that the company’s magic extends further? Bai offers specific antioxidant best drinking water that is bottled, electrolyte-infused, and served at a pH of 7.5 or higher. As the strength of antioxidants fights against free radicals, it is designed to keep you well-hydrated throughout the day and keep you floating through the varied variations of your daily routine. These claims are very strong, and thus it should be highlighted that research continues to point to fresh produce’s naturally occurring components as the best source of potent antioxidants (via Pharmacognosy Review).

#13. Core Hydration

best drinking water

Core Hydration, created by Dr Luke, is what you need if you’re looking for a highly specialized, nutrient-dense bottle of water that claims to improve your everyday activities and lifestyle. In fact, celebrities and brand investors like Adam Levine and Becky G have taken notice of its edgy appeal. The water in Core Hydration is not only infused with electrolytes and certain minerals that promote comprehensive hydration, but it is also ultra-pure due to reverse osmosis. Its adjusted pH of 7.4 works in harmony with your body and is unquestionably ideal for people who lead very busy lifestyles, such as athletes.

#14. phURE Alkaline Water

best drinking water

Do you often stroll around Walmart? You could come across phURE Alkaline Water, which has a pH balance of 9.5 and is designed to hydrate while also purportedly imparting the advantages of alkaline best drinking water. According to sales literature, alkaline water like phURE with additional electrolytes may allegedly ease gastrointestinal problems and acid reflux while also boosting metabolism. Also, the website for selling phURE says that it has extra antioxidants that may make it easier on your joints and muscles, letting you do more intense activities. Check the previous post about the Top 12 Best Detox Tea For Weight Loss Easily at Home in 2022.

#15. Ozarka

best drinking water

Ozarka, a domestic spring water brand launched in 1905 and bottled under the BluTriton product mark, is comparable to Arrowhead. Today, it is marketed as a source of consistently fresh, quenching best drinking water that is distributed throughout the state of Texas and into the Southeastern states. Fueled by nature, Ozarka asserts that it never adds extraneous additives and guarantees that every bottle meets stringent standards through an extensive 11-step quality procedure. Many people prefer the taste of this Texan spring water since it has a naturally crisp and refreshing taste without any residual, unpleasant artificial tastes. One confident Anna, a verified Walmart customer, referred to it as “The Nectar of the Gods.”

#16. Ice Mountain

best drinking water

By this point, no one should be surprised that Ice Mountain is another water brand that belongs to the Nestlé conglomerate. It is advertised right away as being made entirely of natural spring water that is sourced from the Midwest, especially from three springs in the heart of Michigan. When demand is great, Ice Mountain occasionally draws water from other sources. The label should always indicate this. The majority of the time, Ice Mountain is as neutral as it can be, meaning that it doesn’t actually provide a noticeable, distinctive flavour. It’s a little bit “mineralist,” if anything. It receives 81% acceptance and a 4.7 rating on Amazon, despite the fact that many users complain that it can be hard to locate at neighbourhood grocery stores. Simply put, it’s a reliable “middle of the road” spring water.

#17. Arrowhead

best drinking water

Under the BluTriton banner, the Arrowhead brand is a well-known trademark that conveys dependability. Every bottle comes from a carefully chosen, original spring source and complies with the strictest FDA spring-best drinking water criteria. It is advertised as being 100% mountain spring water, obtained from various sites in California, Colorado, and British Columbia. When it comes to sustainability, Arrowhead wants to get the “MadeBetter” badge. It promises to take care of its springs in a way that is good for the environment and uses hydrogeologists and other experts in the field. This appears encouraging on paper. However, a Desert Sun examination in 2015, as noted by the Los Angeles Times, revealed that the business was using a license that had expired in 1988 to filter water from the San Bernardino National Forest. You are not alone if you cringed at this. Even though there are a lot of good reviews for Arrowhead, you’ll almost certainly find a few that aren’t so good.

#18. LifeWtr

best drinking water

LifeWtr’s great sense of inventiveness and varied design, as the name suggests, revive water consumers. The company, which sells its products in the United States, Canada, and the United Arab Emirates, often introduces new “series” of artistically created bottles. The initiative offers a unique form of local and national exposure by highlighting three artists in every series. Aside from boosting creativity, LifeWtr is cleansed using reverse osmosis and has a pH range of 6.4 to 7.4. Additionally, electrolytes are pumped into it to give it a particularly “clean and crisp” flavour. Forbes says that this small-batch water brand is owned and run by the huge PepsiCo, but it supports new art and keeps surprising customers without going too far from the mainstream.

#19. Just Water

best drinking water

Jaden Smith, then 10 years old, observed a single plastic bottle drifting next to him in the water on the day he was learning to surf. He became motivated to launch a sustainable water firm after realizing that he had to act. Enter Just Water, which is spring water piped entirely from the mountains in New York’s Adirondack Mountains. Just the best drinking Water comes packaged in striking, sky-blue, plant-based packaging rather than standard plastic. Technically, you’re not drinking from a bottle; rather, it’s a lot more environmentally friendly carton that uses plants for every little and large piece of packaging, resulting in a 74% reduction in carbon emissions.

#20. Glaceau SmartWater

best drinking water

Although we can’t guarantee it, Coca-Glaceau Cola’s SmartWater will undoubtedly improve your life in a number of other ways. Pete Davidson, a star of Saturday Night Live, concurs that he is now choosing to hydrate wisely as a result of this highly regarded beverage. In all seriousness, SmartWater is regarded as one of the top manufacturers of water bottles since it enables you to attain the highest level of hydration using a unique impurity-removing vapour-distillation process. In essence, this kind of device mimics the hydrologic cycle, which renders water as clean as a raindrop. A powerful punch of electrolytes is added, including ionized minerals like potassium, calcium, and magnesium, to guarantee that you are well hydrated. We’re also confident that this isn’t the most reasonably priced water that’s easily available, and that’s only because SmartWater has extra electrolytes added to it to give it a distinctive, sharp flavour. SmartWater has become a trendy health accessory in part because of its stylish bottle design and a bit of a fashion sense.


What kind of water is best to drink in the UK?

Plain water hydrates the body and mind without adding extra calories, so choosing it over sugary drinks promotes overall fitness. In the UK, tap water is easy to get and of the highest quality, so it’s a great choice for a healthy lifestyle every day.

What brand of bottled water is the best?

1. Fiji. Fiji has provided 60 nations with clean, fresh water since 1996. It is clean because it comes from an old artesian aquifer that is surrounded by volcanoes that are no longer active. The water is naturally filtered by volcanic rock.

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