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25 Best BuzzSumo Alternative Tools For Internet Marketing

by Julia

Is BuzzSumo too expensive? Then you should investigate the greatest BuzzSumo alternatives. Even so, wouldn’t it be great if you could get the same features from these Buzz Sumo alternatives for less money?

It is an excellent internet marketing tool. You can simply inform your content strategy with its capacity to uncover current topics and develop content ideas online.

However, BuzzSumo is not the most inexpensive platform available. Indeed, its premium subscriptions begin at $99 per month. This is where BuzzSumo alternatives come in handy. These platforms might let you have access to the same services at a lower cost.

So let’s look at them.

25 best BuzzSumo Alternatives to consider

When it comes to selecting one of the top BuzzSumo alternatives, how do you know which one to go with? There are several possibilities available, and you never know what you’re missing out on unless you conduct careful research.

But here’s the deal: we’ve done the legwork for you and selected the ones with the most impressive features. Here are some of the greatest BuzzSumo alternatives to think about.

#1. Feedly


Have you ever seen a feed that was created specifically for you? That’s exactly what you’ll receive if you use Feedly. This BuzzSumo alternative functions similarly to any other RSS feed, allowing you to discover, read, and explore relevant information in your favourite niche. It lets you sort through interesting content ideas, read important information, and avoid stuff that isn’t useful.

Feedly, like many other BuzzSumo rivals, handles social media management, keeping you up-to-date on mentions and hashtag performance.

From blogs to newsletters to Twitter, data from all social media platforms may help you enhance social media management. You may even have them delivered directly to your feed.

Simply install Leo, your AI research helper, and you’re ready to go!

Important Characteristics

  • For your chosen insights, use advanced filters.
  • It reads your feed and shows you trends that are relevant to you.
  • With a single swipe, you can share crucial industry insights with your team.
  • The AI helper is a wonderful addition.

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#2. Ahrefs


The Ahrefs is widely regarded as one of the most effective BuzzSumo alternatives for taking the content ideation process to the next level. Did you know it has one of the fastest backlink crawlers in the industry and has browsed over 12 trillion links?

While BuzzSumo just displays the most connected and trending material, Ahrefs allows you to examine the most-visited pages, backlinks, and much more. Apart from the distinctive features such as content discovery and content research, Ahrefs provides a variety of other functions. After all, these are the features you’d expect from top Buzz Sumo options.

Let’s have a look at what these are.

Important Characteristics

  • Search results that have been refined using advanced operators
  • Rank tracking features
  • In-depth investigation of a piece of content
  • Within seconds, you can identify broken links.
  • Simple evaluation of a competitor’s content marketing approach

#3. ContentStudio


Did you know that simplifying your content marketing strategy might save you up to 70 hours each month? Is your team still manually curating content? ContentStudio is a useful tool for making it easier to create content and market it on social media.

It gives you content insights, automated analytics and reporting, a centralised social inbox, captions that are powered by AI, and a lot more. Guess what else?

This BuzzSumo alternative has a tool that lets you find new topics based on what you’ve already chosen. Furthermore, because planning and arranging your month’s content just takes a few hours, your team can be more productive.

Important Characteristics

  • built-in editorial calendar for content planning and team collaboration
  • monitor KPIs and analyse information across numerous channels.
  • To store media files and brand creatives in one place, use an auto-sync media library.
  • Direct Instagram publishing without the need to install any add-ons
  • multi-channel composer with an easy-to-use editor and SEO optimization.

#4. Hootsuite


When it comes to creating content, quality and quantity go hand in hand. You can offer great content while saving hours by using Hootsuite’s social media management software. It streamlines content research, discovery, and generation of on-brand content.

You’re undoubtedly thinking, “How?” This is how. It has a tool called “Composer” that lets you do research on content and quickly create high-performing, engaging, and brand-focused content.

The Bulk Composer of this BuzzSumo alternative, on the other hand, enables you to maintain a strong social presence by scheduling all social media updates in advance. You may also examine and track your progress to ensure that you are constantly on top of your game.

Important Characteristics

  • Easy access to video publishing and media library assets
  • Increase engagement with customised publication standards and timelines.
  • Through seamless work partnerships, you may obtain consistent insights from team members.
  • Create an easy dashboard stream to curate and share amazing information.
  • Integration of proof-points to automate screening and analysis

#5. DrumUp


DrumUp is one of the best alternatives to BuzzSumo. It has a simple, easy-to-use interface for managing content for your brand and social networks. It assists you in increasing the interaction of your articles and automatically arranges everything so that it falls into place without the need for time-consuming manual publication.

If there is anything to contribute, it will generate appropriate suggestions based on what other people or organisations have already shared. DrumUp, like other top Buzz Sumo rivals, works with all major advertising platforms. In this manner, you may discover what works best for your target demographic and generate excellent leads on Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter.

Important Characteristics

  • Recommendations for new and everyday content
  • Options for automated repeat scheduling
  • It has a content library.
  • unique emoji and gif collections.
  • An auto-post function that connects your website to social networking networks.

#6. Semrush


Keeping a presence online is hard enough without the best BuzzSumo alternatives to show you the way. Semrush is a name that is much too familiar among marketers, and for good reason: being one of the most sought-after BuzzSumo alternatives, it assists you in locating top keywords and search phrases for your website, blog, or other online marketing efforts.

With over 50 products and tools for search and market research data collected from over 100 countries, you can be confident that this BuzzSumo alternative will help you reach your consumers. From brand managers to thousands of digital marketers, Semrush is a top online visibility tool for everyone.

It also provides a centralised platform for comparing top-performing rivals’ marketing strategies from all angles. Consider what else makes Semrush one of the best BuzzSumo alternatives.

Important Characteristics

  • It provides competitive keyword research.
  • Effective content marketing.
  • Tracking of daily rankings
  • Administration of social media
  • Paid search campaigns
  • Page evaluation
  • Creation and dissemination of content

#7. NinjaOutreach


Finding influencers for your next campaign is challenging without NinjaOutreach, one of the top BuzzSumo alternatives for reaching out to experts. There are so many people trying to get your attention that it might be hard to find someone who can really reach your target audience.

A time-consuming way to solve this problem is to manually look through hundreds of profiles to find the best influencers. Things improve, though, with the correct BuzzSumo alternatives. NinjaOutreach is a powerful tool that makes it easy to find company profiles and people who have a lot of influence. Simply enter a term and this tool will conduct a fast search for you.

Important Characteristics

  • It includes an all-in-one link building software.
  • Influencer CRM is built-in
  • Tools for large-scale influencer marketing for agencies
  • Analytics for automated email campaigns

#8. Curata


Curata is a simple content curation and management platform for marketers that ranks well on our list of BuzzSumo competitors. It assists you in finding relevant articles from throughout the web. You may then share this information with your target audience to learn more about what works best for your marketing initiatives.

Curata has a lot of features, like an editorial calendar that makes it easier to plan and make content. What else? Curata is one of the most popular BuzzSumo competitors for organising and discovering fresh content for thousands of marketers and businesses. Like other popular BuzzSumo competitors, Curata helps you use content marketing to get leads and make money.

Important Characteristics

  • Curation, management, and distribution of social media content
  • User search ratings, performance analysis
  • Integration with other marketing tools is seamless.
  • One of the few BuzzSumo competitors that has email marketing capabilities is
  • Allows for content promotion and automation.

#9. Mention


Mention is one of the top BuzzSumo alternatives for finding out what people are talking about your company on the internet. This may be quite useful when developing content for future campaigns and connecting with customers to promote your business.

You can interact with your audience on social media and post updates easily from many platforms without having to switch between them. So, if you’re looking for an ideal technique to watch the web and listen in on discussions, Mention might be one of the best BuzzSumo competitors.

Important Characteristics

  • Features for effective social analytics
  • Custom reports and keyword targeting
  • standard alarm that is adaptable and precise.
  • Sharing content with social networks

#10. Google Trends

Google Trends

For this reason, Google Trends was chosen as one of the finest BuzzSumo alternatives. Google Trends, one of the free BuzzSumo competitors, shows a series of graphs that indicate how user search interest varies over time in reaction to certain events, inquiries, or themes.

When there are a lot of searches about a certain topic all at once, Google Trends shows it as a graph with many peaks. This might suggest the beginning of a new trend or a fall in interest in the search topic, making Google Trends a useful content exploration tool.

This information is used by tens of thousands of content and digital marketers to create new content that is geared toward the target audience. Patterns in search phrases and subjects, such as product searches over time or social media talk regarding certain keywords, can also be discovered. A closer look at its characteristics will help you determine whether it is among the top BuzzSumo alternatives.

Important Characteristics

  • Comparison of search terms
  • On interactive geographical maps, they show keyword/topic use and interest.
  • Keyword search and comparison based on time and place.
  • Search results are represented graphically.

#11. GetKeywords


The finest BuzzSumo alternatives are sometimes those that help you captivate your audience on a local scale. That is exactly what GetKeywords does. GetKeywords offers real-time data processing for volatile local marketplaces. Thousands of firms are now migrating online, which means that rivals’ local market share is only going to decline.

With GetKeywords, you can get a piece of the internet market before it’s too late. GetKeywords is a great alternative to BuzzSumo because it helps your marketing team find the right keywords.

This allows you to succeed with your digital marketing and social media operations. It is one of the best alternatives to BuzzSumo because it can analyse data in real-time, search for keywords in-depth, and research audiences.

Important Characteristics

  • Analyzing SERP results in real time
  • Simple access to an infinite number of keyword recommendations
  • You may look for patterns extending back four years using historical trend analysis.
  • It has a language filter that lets you find keywords in a number of different languages.
  • You may identify keywords for your target location using the built-in location filter.

#12. AllTop


One of the benefits of the best BuzzSumo alternatives is the ability to stay on top of current events. AllTop, as the name implies, is a wonderful way to stay up to date on the current trends. It enables you to observe what’s going on around the globe fast and from reliable sources.

Also, the tool is very advanced and gives accurate information on a wide range of topics, such as news and technology, to name a few. There aren’t many sites like AllTop that are similar to BuzzSumo in that they show the day’s most important articles and conversations from a variety of social media sites.

Don’t be concerned about the material; AllTop’s editors do an outstanding job writing each post.

Important Characteristics

  • AllTop, being one of the main BuzzSumo alternatives, often publishes new material. You can keep up with your favourite stories and learn about what’s going on in your business.
  • Excellent editorial sources.

#13. Marketing miner

Marketing miner

When it comes to data collection, Marketing Miner is one of the best BuzzSumo options available. Marketing Miner is different from other BuzzSumo competitors because it is a data mining solution that gives internet marketers a single place to look at data from many different sources.

What else qualifies Marketing Miner for this list of BuzzSumo alternatives? It includes four types of data mining tools: keyword miners, product miners, domain miners, and URL miners. This saves time by consolidating all of your marketing data from many sources under one roof. Thanks to over 45 different miners, your content marketing strategy can now use useful information from many different sources.

Important Characteristics

  • Marketing Miner is one of the few BuzzSumo alternatives that provides competition analysis.
  • Integration with Google Analytics
  • Monitoring keyword rank
  • Product analysis provides you with additional information about items.
  • Link administration
  • Tracking mobile search (which reveals where your audience spends the most time)

#14. Similarweb


The finest BuzzSumo alternatives are designed for marketers that want to grow their businesses while staying ahead of the competition. SimilarWeb is a major traffic research tool that assists organisations in driving traffic by doing competitive research.

With this BuzzSumo alternative, marketers can keep an eye on the traffic sources of their competitors and figure out where their traffic is coming from. You may simply drive targeted visitors to your own website using this method. This programme not only monitors the competition but also discovers potential clients and analyses their value. Naturally, we included this in our list of popular BuzzSumo alternatives.

Important Characteristics

  • SERP analysis is provided by one of the BuzzSumo alternatives.
  • Tools for keyword research and tracking
  • Audience analysis assists in determining who is visiting your website.
  • YouTube keyword finder
  • Analysis of competitor website traffic
  • Data was acquired accurately during the previous 28 days.

#15. Vestorly


Vestorly is one of the BuzzSumo alternatives that ensures excellent consumer engagement for your company. It does this by helping you collect useful information from many different sources. Vestorly automates content selection, content marketing, and content management using AI bots. Content engine bots assist you in creating customised content by filtering reputable sources for your topic.

Information marketing bots let you automatically share content across all of your marketing channels and keep your customers interested on every social media site. That isn’t everything. The bots have capabilities that let your team configure, control, and monitor content and performance across all accounts.

Important Characteristics

  • AI was developed to provide content that is relevant, reliable, and tailored.
  • Content discovery allows you to produce current content.
  • platform for scheduling and distribution to improve customer connections.
  • Analytics investigates consumer behaviour and evaluates performance.
  • Material inventory creates content for future marketing usage.

#16. Influence.co


Marketers specialising in influencer marketing want BuzzSumo alternatives that are efficient in supporting and catering to the demands of influencers. These alternatives must be able to help businesses grow quickly by getting more leads from customers in a short amount of time.

If you’re seeking BuzzSumo alternatives, check out Influence.co. The internet platform was created to assist content producers and companies in sharing their work. It is also one of the major influencer marketing networks.

The open platform enables influencers to exhibit their work, learn from other related influencers, and reach out to companies in the most effective manner possible. Overall, this BuzzSumo alternative gives businesses a single place to talk to influencers and manage their influencer marketing programs.

Important Characteristics

  • Campaign planning and analysis
  • Influencer monitoring
  • Filtering by keywords
  • Discovering Influencers
  • Relationship management with influencers 
    Content administration

#17. Ubersuggest


For managing many websites on one platform, Ubersuggest is one of the top BuzzSumo alternatives. Do you have many websites for your company? Ubersuggest offers a project database dashboard that assists in data organisation depending on your website.

The individual plan allows for 1-3 websites, the business plan allows for 4–7 websites, and the enterprise plan allows for 8+ websites. Ubersuggest makes it easier to manage websites by letting you keep track of changes and notifications on all of them from one place.

Important Characteristics

  • Insights into competition analysis are provided by domain overview.
  • Backlink data assists you in tracking your links and identifying link partners.
  • aids in the generation of high-performing content ideas for your website.
  • Over 100 free keyword recommendations are generated.
  • Reports on-site audits for easy identification and tracking

#18. Link Assistant

Link Assistant

Finding high-quality connections to help your website development might be difficult. The manual method is not only time-consuming but also inefficient. Link Assistant is one of the best alternatives you could consider if you want to expedite your link-building process. If you’re new to SEO and link building, Link Assistant’s features will help you get started.

Link Assistant is a component of SEO PowerSuite, a suite of tools for link development and maintenance. You may, however, buy Link Assistant as a separate best option. Also, you don’t need the whole set of SEO tools if all you want to do is use Link Assistant.

Important Characteristics

  • Link Assistant finds link partners using more than five ways, including auto submission forms, keyword recommendations, and keyword searches.
  • Its filtering function produces high-quality connections.
  • supports email, making it simple to communicate with possible link partners.
  • Link directories that may be customised are simple to use.
  • Backlinks are monitored to determine link efficacy.

#19. Right Relevance

Right Relevance

When it comes to content search and discovery, Right Relevance joins our list of the best alternatives. This best alternative lets you filter material based on relevancy. Sorting the search results by time, location, and the topic score takes very little time. Right Relevance curates, categorises and provides relevant information from top influencers worldwide.

You may also identify influencers for any specific topic or term by investigating their sphere of influence. This allows you to identify top followers on that issue who may be interested in what you have to say.

Important Characteristics

  • connects to social networking networks like Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter.
  • This BuzzSumo substitute allows you to save material for later use.
  • Analytics based on graphs
  • Topic suggestions are provided.
  • Influencers for over 40,000 organised subjects may be found and exported.
  • Analytics based on location

#20. HypeAuditor


It will help your influencer marketing go to the next level. So far, the expansion of social media platforms has resulted in a surge in influencers, making it harder to select real ones. You don’t have to be concerned with HypeAuditor.

HypeAuditor is a BuzzSumo replacement for influencer marketing efforts. Finding the best influencer for your business takes time, but it’s important because influencers have a big effect on how people see your brand.

HypeAuditor has an AI fraud detection capability that aids in the identification of phoney influencers. This makes sure that you only have real numbers, which means that your campaigns will only give you correct data.

Important Characteristics

  • Discovery filters and influencer analytics
  • campaign management capabilities Keep track of your influencers’ marketing efforts and KPIs.
  • Competitor analysis examines the tactics of rivals.
  • improves worldwide market research by allowing you to explore other markets.
  • Media plans facilitate the development of campaign tactics and the measurement of campaign performance.

#21. Social Sprout 

Social Sprout 

Everyone is on social media these days, but only a select few know how to execute social media marketing properly. You may track the success of your efforts using Sprout Social’s social media tools. Sprout Social, like one of the best BuzzSumo competitors, is built for marketers that find it difficult to manage various brand initiatives.

There are several great connectors in Sprout Social that make it easy to manage a lot of social media accounts and send messages directly. You may respond to any social media messages without switching accounts, making it one of the finest BuzzSumo alternatives.

The built-in monitoring tool also allows you to keep track of mentions and comments while staying in touch with your followers. What else qualifies Sprout Social for this list of the best alternatives? Continue reading.

Important Characteristics

  • All of your social network profiles may be managed from a single platform.
  • Discover the most recent trends to help you design your content strategy.
  • It is simple to publish information across many social channels.
  • All social media communications are collected on a single dashboard.
  • Streamline your manual social media activities while expanding your following.

#22. Scoop.it


Scoop. It is a BuzzSumo alternative that can assist you in researching and publishing content for your target audience. Scoop.it, one of the free competitors, assists freelancers and small, medium, and large businesses in developing a professional brand through high-quality curated content.

When correctly shared, Scoop.it makes every article important, allowing readers to locate what they’re looking for without spending too much time browsing among stored content.

Important Characteristics

  • Multi-channel marketing and campaigns are supported.
  • This BuzzSumo substitute provides content management.
  • Third-party integrations are supported.
  • It provides social promotion.
  • Monitoring of participation

#23. Social Animal

Social Animal

Looking for the BuzzSumo alternatives to help you fine-tune your content strategy? Whether you run a small business or a big company, Social Animal can help you start writing high-performing articles and get over the hard content marketing path.

But it isn’t all. As one of the major BuzzSumo alternatives, Social Animal also lets you compare your performance to that of your competitors. This makes it simple to acquire information about their content marketing approach.

Because of how much competition there is on the internet, smart content marketers know that it’s hard to write great articles. It’s not a difficult chore for a user-friendly content marketing platform like Social Animal.

You can be confident that all of your content marketing demands will be met by its sophisticated influencer research tools, comprehensive keyword analysis, and content curation features. It’s no surprise that this application is among the best alternatives.

Important Characteristics

  • AI-assisted content marketing
  • Extremely effective content and social analysis elements
  • Social media management is included.
  • Analysis and insights into Facebook pages.
  • Content analysis of competitors
  • Extensive keyword research

#24. SocialPilot


Are you looking for best alternatives that will make content curating a breeze? Here’s SocialPilot, a free content curation and influencer-finding tool. It is difficult to keep up with social media sites. However, SocialPilot makes it simple to choose the best material and schedule posts.

This app is one of the most affordable alternatives, and it also makes it easy to share content on social networking sites with just one click. You should realise that you may also filter the results of popular material by relevancy and time. As a result, it is one of the top BuzzSumo alternatives.

Important Characteristics

  • Topics can be found based on your location.
  • Discover content by following Twitter accounts.
  • It is simple to distribute content across multiple social platforms.
  • Options for advanced filtering

#25. Oktopost


Oktopost are ones that are expressly intended to fulfil B2B enterprises’ content marketing and social media demands. Oktopost is a useful B2B marketing solution with an ROI measuring function that may take your campaigns to the next level.

It’s easy to understand why this programme is one of the best Buzz Sumo alternatives. Oktopost is a strong platform that can make content more visible, get more customers involved, and help businesses make money.

It can help you save time by speeding up approvals and postings and by letting you do a lot of different things. With such a platform at your disposal, it seems like it would be easy to reach your marketing goals.

Important Characteristics

  • capability to track your company’s involvement and social performance.
  • features for scheduling social media posts.
  • Encourage social selling through integrated employee advocacy.
  • Marketing automation may help your staff become more productive.


Q1: Is BuzzSumo a free service?

A. Yes, It provides a free plan with restricted functionality. This free plan allows you to do 10 searches each month. If you want to use it more than that, you’ll have to upgrade to a premium plan.

Q2: How much does Buzz Sumo cost?

A. It offers numerous pricing options to its subscribers. Aside from the free plan, they also provide Pro ($99 per month), Plus ($179 per month), and Large ($299 per month) options. There is also an Enterprise Plan, but you must contact the BuzzSumo staff for pricing information.

Q3. What is the purpose of BuzzSumo?

A. It is a fantastic tool for discovering the latest keywords, trending content, and monitoring a brand’s growth. As a premium user, you may also do competitive analysis and develop a content strategy.

Q4. Is it possible to find free tools similar to BuzzSumo?

A. There are many BuzzSumo options. All of these options, like BuzzSumo, are not free, although you can get some free trials.

They are as follows:

  • Social Sprout (30-day trial)
  • Hootsuite (free bundle with restricted features) (Free package with limited features)

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