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Consider the times when you desperately need to perform a computation but no one is around to assist you. The use of scientific calculator app in this situation is beneficial. In some cases, standard calculator apps can’t always help you with your calculations, and in those cases you’ll need something more powerful, like a scientific calculator.

Anyone working on issues that are too lengthy to write down by hand or too difficult to consider must have an excellent calculator app. Another option is to use a smart calculator that can complete all the work for you as you study. The Top 10 Scientific Calculator Apps for Android that are free in the Google Play Store, have a good reputation, and have been downloaded millions of times have been put together in this post. This is because they are the most popular and have the most features for both simple and complex calculations.

10 Best Calculator Apps for Android Phone

Continue reading to find the ideal calculator app for Android or iOS.

1. Calc: Smart Calculator

Are you trying to find a free calculator app to help you with simple math issues? Calc: Smart Calculator for Android is one of the top calculator apps. Compared to other math apps available on the market, it is not as sophisticated. But it does include all the essentials you would require. More precisely, Calc contains the necessary capabilities and is capable of handling simple situations. These consist of many topics: history of calculations; and reuse of previous results in calculations. The calculator is simple to use and navigate. It does, however, have several drawbacks that make it less than ideal for a calculator app. For instance, some users criticise the app’s intrusive advertisements. Moreover, it contains a few unsolved problems that occasionally irk the user. It doesn’t have many features, and you can’t count on it for hard calculus or trigonometry problems.
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2. Calculator ++

One of the greatest and most feature-rich Android calculator apps is Calculator ++. The programme includes a number of operations built in. You can employ a variety of operations, modes, and variables with it. Even difficult trigonometric equations may benefit from it. In addition, it can function as a graphing or scientific calculator. You don’t have to buy an actual calculator solely for higher-level math classes. The app also includes a lot of helpful features. These consist of user-definable variables, an equation editor, and operation history. Even more modes are available to solve more difficult equations. In light of this, one of the most practical productivity apps available is Calculator ++. The only downside is that while you’re using it, advertisements will be displayed. Hence, you’ll have to cope with irritating interruptions from time to time. Regardless, if you want a strong yet cost-free tool, it is worthwhile to use.
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3. Calcu Stylish Calculator

Without Calcu Stylish Calculator for Android, this list of the top calculator apps would be incomplete. We can see why it’s one of the most well-known Android apps. After all, it has every necessary feature you could ask for. These consist of gesture controls, computation histories, customization options, and memory keys. Sadly, it lacks the comprehensive scientific calculation skills of specific scientific calculator apps. However, it does go beyond the fundamentals and is capable of handling equations that are only somewhat complicated. It will be more helpful to you than a standard calculator. Although Calcu is free, you will see advertisements. If you pay a one-time cost of $1.99 USD, the advertisements will be removed. Fortunately, making the payment is optional. No functionalities of the app are hidden behind a paywall.
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4. ClevCalc

Typically, the top calculator apps include more features than just multiplication, division, addition, and subtraction. Most of them even have complexity built right in. ClevCalc, one of the top calculator apps, fits this description. How can it benefit you? It provides functions for solving trigonometric and logarithmic issues in addition to the fundamentals. But this is one of the best calculator apps because it has a lot of unique features. For instance, the app can convert units and currencies and compute pricing in addition to solving problems. Additionally, it can figure out dates, discounts, gratuities, and the price or efficiency of gasoline. The app offers more practical applications like calculating GPAs, hexadecimal codes, ovulation, and loans too. Having said that, it is undoubtedly one of the top calculator apps available. Even more so when you think about how it can be downloaded for free on the most popular mobile operating systems.
You might give it a shot and see how you like it.
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5. Desmos Graphing Calculator

Are you looking for the best calculator app for graphing? If so, take into account the Desmos Graphing Calculator for iOS and Android. One of the good college study apps is this one. It’s a sophisticated tool that provides a library of offline graphing tools. For instance, it’s simple to input functions that your phone can show as a graph. Even a number of choices for polar, parametric, and Cartesian coordinates are available in the app. In addition, sliders may be used to animate the settings. The output tables and input points can also be checked. There is more to the app, which you’ll find out upon utilising it. For now, know that it’s a feature-rich tool and one of the best calculator apps for students. Furthermore, because it is free, anyone can install it.
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6. Financial Calculators

The Best calculator apps may help you with more than simply solving math problems for theoretical studies. Sometimes, the best options are more practical. For instance, financial management apps can assist with budgeting. We advise you to check out the Financial Calculators app for Android if this is what you’re looking for. You can simply solve financial issues with the app’s collection of calculators, which can help you understand a number of elements of your money. With the app, you can quickly figure out your 401(k) contributions, student loan payments, taxes per paycheck, and loan interest.

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7. Google Calculator

Use Google Calculator if you need one of the best Android calculators. If you’re using a basic version of Android, you’ll often find the stock app, which is more than adequate for the majority of users. It offers all the fundamental functionality that most common users will require. It includes basic math operations like addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division, for instance. It also has advanced features that make it easier to solve problems with square roots and basic trigonometry. Since it can also be accessed through the browser, it also works very well as an online calculator. But there are certain shortcomings with the Google Calculator. For starters, it isn’t always responsive to pressing, for starters. The layout of the app is also a little strange and basic, which makes it hard to use. Nevertheless, it’s among the top accessible and free calculator apps.
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8. HiPER Scientific Calculator

The HiPER Scientific Calculator should satisfy your need for a scientific calculator app. It’s laser-focused on being the best scientific calculator there can be. For one, its interface mimics that of regular scientific calculators. Hence, there is not much of a learning curve if you’re switching from a traditional to a digital calculator. In addition, the app has all the necessary arithmetic operations included. It has functions, special features, operations for fractions, mixed numbers, and more. It even has a built-in manual to help you navigate the interface. Apart from this, what makes HiPER great is that it’s optimised for the mobile platform. It’ll be easy to use regardless of whether you’re using a phone or tablet. It does have its drawbacks, though. For example, you have to turn on ads or pay $3.49 for the pro version to get access to more features. Otherwise, you can’t access expression modes, symbolic computations, expanded precision, and graphing features.
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9. Mobi Calculator

Among the best calculator apps is Mobi Calculator. It’s a reliable tool with powerful and customizable features. The main app provides basic arithmetic operations and functions and includes two customizable buttons. It also provides a parenthesis button that is indispensable for most complex operations. Moreover, the app has different modes for accessing trigonometric and logarithmic operations. This should help if you’re a student undertaking high school-to college-level math. Apart from these, the app offers binary, hexadecimal, and octal support, and keeps a history of past equations. However, its history only provides you with the last 50 operations. If you want to expand that to 1,000 operations, you’ll need to buy the 1.49 USD pro version. This version also offers five-line expressions and lets you vary the theme.
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10. MyScript Calculator 2

Are you trying to find the best calculator for iPhone and Android with a more natural interface? If so, we’d like to introduce MyScript Calculator 2. It’s a reliable script-based calculator app on Android and iOS. As the name implies, this is one of the best calculator apps if you’re used to writing equations by hand. That is because its code can intelligently recognise handwritten equations.

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What is the best free calculator app for Android?

The best free calculator app on Android is the stock calculator, or Google Calculator. It’s great if you want something without ads. However, if you need more advanced functions, using the HiPER calculator or another app listed here is a good option.

Is there a free app for a calculator without ads?

Yes! Your Android or iOS phone’s stock calculator app and the Google Calculator have no ads.

What is a secret calculator app?

A secret calculator app looks like or acts like a calculator, but it also hides private files, photos, and videos. It was popular in 2016 and has since led to the emergence of several copycat apps.

Final Word

The best calculator apps have different names and faces. Each one has a specific function that makes it different from the others. Some are free or can be used by anyone, while others cost money or can only be used with a certain OS. So, it is important to discern your needs to download the right app for you. You can even get multiple apps if one app can’t provide you with everything you require.

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