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25 Best Demandbase Competitors & Alternatives Marketing Tools In 2022

by Julia

The Demandbase ABM Platform is a cloud-based B2B and account-based marketing automation tool designed exclusively for targeting your most valuable accounts. Demandbase’s marketing capabilities are divided into four categories: measurement, advertising, personalization, and conversion. Account-based advertising and retargeting, live chat, online analytics, and a campaign performance monitor are all included in these categories.

Demandbase specialises in account-based marketing, which is a distinct and specialised approach to B2B marketing. It assists in the targeting and personalization of campaigns, from advertising to on-site content distribution, with sales conversion tools to secure leads at the end of the funnel and built-in analytics to visualise and better understand the effectiveness of your campaigns.

Demandbase connects website activity, marketing campaigns, online advertising, and income by bridging the gap between account-based marketing automation and campaign analytics. This is accomplished through a variety of capabilities, including site analytics and user behaviour reporting; live chat; lead gathering, scoring, and routing; content development, audience segmentation, and personalised re-targeting.

Improve account-based marketing by utilising Demandbase’s Performance Manager to watch the activities of certain groups, such as your most significant prospects and customers, and then leverage this audience data to develop focused marketing campaigns. The Demandbase staff will examine the creatives before launching your campaign. The programme will measure and compare campaign performance with website activity while the campaign runs.

You may utilise the Demandbase Performance Manager’s actionable data to generate targeted, tailored advertising messages that will be published in real-time across third-party publisher sites. In real-time, Demandbase then focuses impressions on third-party publisher sites. The programme also tracks target client behaviour on your site and correlates it with ad expenditure and income.

Demandbase may be utilised for improved lead management in addition to designing and evaluating account-based marketing campaigns. Its easy form builder allows you to gather leads and send them to the most appropriate individuals. Demandbase shows your prospects a short form to fill out so that they don’t leave your site right away. In the background, it automatically gathers important information about your company.

The Key Advantages of Using Demandbase One

  • Demandbase specialises in account-based marketing, including capabilities that automate account-based advertising and retargeting, as well as website personalization for specific audiences.
  • Live Chat visitor identification based on account: Configure your live-chat tool to connect with certain organisations and accounts. Send specialised chat sessions to representatives or departments.
  • Discover which businesses are visiting your website in real-time, which pages they are visiting, and which content they are interacting with. Segment users and track traffic based on industry, revenue, account status, and other factors.
  • Google Analytics and Adobe Analytics are two third-party web analytics integrations.
  • BoldChat and LivePerson are two third-party live-chat integrations.
  • Integrations with third-party marketing automation tools are things like Aprimo, Oracle Marketing Cloud, ExactTarget, Marketo, and Salesforce Pardot.
  • Integrations from third-party CMS are things like Acquia, Adobe Experience Manager, Adobe Target, Ektron, ExactTarget, GetSmartContent, Drupal, Limelight, and Optimizely.

25 Best Demandbase Competitors & Alternatives Marketing Tools In 2022

Here is the list of best Competitors and similar sites like Demandbase for your business.

#1. Outreach


Outreach may help you win more business by customising, prioritising, and evaluating sales activity. It is the leading sales engagement platform committed to increasing the effectiveness of every sales team. It assists you in meeting your sales objectives by developing a pipeline and streamlining sales procedures. Some of the best tools are sales sequences and dialers, sales emails and tracking, outreach everywhere, sales intelligence, email and content templates, analytics and reporting, and coaching analytics.

#2. Qualified


Qualified enables businesses to develop pipelines more quickly. Use your most precious asset-your website-to discover your most valuable visitors, find purchasing intent signals, create sales and marketing efforts, and initiate sales dialogues right away.

Qualified is the leading pipeline generation software for Salesforce revenue teams. It works with major B2B firms to identify their most valuable visitors, uncover signs of purchasing intent, create sales and marketing efforts, and quickly initiate sales dialogues. Qualified is built for Sales Cloud users and is powered by the Xforce platform. It offers two main products: Qualified Conversations and Qualified Signals.

#3. CIENCE GO Digital


GO Digital is a Demand-Side Platform that includes your desired audiences. We assist you in reaching B2B targets more effectively with your ads. See what great B2B advertising and ad alternatives can do for your pipeline. Using 100+ B2B criteria such as title, industry, firm size, and technologies utilised, you may potentially target millions of business users. Better targeting will enhance engagement.

Your campaigns may all be tailored to certain personalities. There are several adjustable options available, as well as industry-leading data accuracy. Bidder-as-a- The service provides smart marketers with access to a cloud platform for RTB (real-time bidding). You get all the bid possibilities you desire with none of the overhead or complications. Deployments for a bespoke bid environment on the same day Deploy the CIENCE tracking pixel to elevate your advertisements, remarketing/retargeting, and follow-up. It’s turnkey—everything is on the same platform.

#4. ZoomInfo


ZoomInfo assists businesses in achieving their most crucial goal: profitable expansion. Our platform helps sales and marketing professionals find qualified prospects, connect with them, and talk to them by giving you:

  • Email verification and direct dials
  • Business Scoops and Intent Data
  • Information on Technology
  • Organizational Charts for Businesses

Integrate with the apps that are important to you. Begin your free trial now.

#5. LeadSift


LeadSift is a B2B intent data supplier that assists businesses in identifying and prioritising prospects and accounts to target. We collect information from millions of unstructured public web data records to determine when prospects are displaying greater interest in rivals and relevant subjects. Once we’ve identified a signal, we use a complex mapping method to figure out who these prospects are and where they work in order to assess whether the signal is important. The final result is a contact that has been actively investigating a relevant firm or topic and has been supplemented with corporate facts and contact information. Organizations may use LeadSift data to improve ad expenditure, marketing nurturing programmes, and sales outreach.

#6. Spiceworks Ziff Davis

Spiceworks Ziff Davis

With best-in-class data, SWZD’s Intelligent ABM helps you develop and execute a more successful conversion-powered ABM strategy. SWZD and Aberdeen have joined forces to deliver the unrivalled size, quality, and diversity of data to B2B IT sellers. You can now have visibility into the whole buying collective—from the boardroom to the server room—by combining SWZD’s first-party and Aberdeen’s third-party data insights. Use this actionable intent data to find, prioritise, and connect with accounts based on their real purchasing proclivity.

Marketing and sales teams can now guide their account-based marketing programmes with precision thanks to built-in features like prioritisation of target account lists, data appends, lookalike expansion, built-in campaign activation, purchase intent scores, campaign analytics, and seamless integration with marketing automation platforms.

#7. Drift


Your consumers’ expectations have never been greater in a world where quick and on-demand is the standard—and firms who give fast, simple, and personalised shopping experiences will triumph. That’s where Drift comes in. To reduce the friction from corporate purchasing, the Drift platform integrates chat, email, video, and automation. With Drift, you can begin discussions with potential consumers right away, on their terms. Drift is used by over 50,000 organisations today to increase revenue, shorten sales cycles, and simplify purchasing. Conversational marketing lets visitors talk to you in real time, which lets you show them relevant information, answer their questions, and qualify and convert them into sales meetings.

#8. Influ2


Influ2 is the world’s first person-based marketing platform, ushering in a new era of account-based marketing. The system enables B2B marketers to target specific decision-makers, capture their intent, and measure individual interactions.

Globally, the firm has 75+ enterprise and medium-sized clients, including Fortune 500 B2B companies like NVIDIA, Capgemini, and Episerver. Influ2 has 50+ people and offices in New York and California.

  • Users of the Influ2 platform can:
  • Create an audience
  • Include personalised words and images.
  • Keep track of all interactions on both the account and individual levels.

Before leads submit a lead form, the behavioural scoring model recognises them. Influ2 offers a person tracker, allowing advertisers to monitor who has interacted with their campaign by name, company, and other relevant information. Having this data allows B2B marketers to create more intelligent and engaging campaigns, resulting in a 4–7x boost in leads.

#9. Madison Logic

Madison Logic

Identify, prioritise, and engage your top accounts to accelerate your pipeline. B2B marketers may use the ML Platform to improve advertising tactics and speed the customer journey. Accounts that are more likely to convert should be accurately identified and prioritised. Integrate your CRM and marketing automation tools with the ML Data Cloud’s synthesised data to identify the best target accounts. Accounts may be segmented based on firmographic and demographic data, allowing for scalable marketing strategies and campaigns. To allocate your marketing budget, prioritise accounts based on purpose, technological background, and engagement data. Use reports like Market Level Trending Topics & Installed Technologies to decide how to spend your marketing budget based on intent, technographic, and interaction data for each account.

#10. Clearbit


Clearbit is your marketing data engine for all consumer interactions. Understand your clients well, discover potential prospects, and tailor every marketing and sales engagement accordingly. With our exclusive real-time lookups, you can rely on current, accurate data. Then, with sales alerts and job change notifications, act on fresh information right now.

Get firm properties like personnel numbers, technologies utilised, and industry categorization at your fingertips, as well as employee data like roles, seniority, and even job change notifications. You’ll have all the information you need to convert leads and develop your business with our dataset and machine learning algorithms. Get the correct information into the tools you already use. Clearbit was designed from the bottom up to interact seamlessly with your existing stack, giving you consistent, seamless data throughout your sales, marketing, and analytics teams.

#11. KickFire


IP address intelligence from KickFire turns IP addresses into companies and gives account-level firmographic data like industry, revenue, number of employees, and more.

B2B marketers can use this information to find out who visits their websites, customise the content, target ads, fill out forms, add CRM data, and use other account-based marketing methods.

IP address intelligence and B2B firmographic data can be accessed through KickFire’s LIVE Leads platform, API, and integrations with the most advanced technology available today.

#12. Engagio


Building a solid foundation for development is not the same as deploying a few account-based marketing (ABM) methods. Engagio provides B2B enterprises with the data, sales insights, multi-channel orchestration, and full-journey analytics needed to drive account-based engagement for sales and marketing. Create an ABM foundation using data from your whole technology stack. Using our B2B customer data platform, you can combine data from across your technology stack to provide a comprehensive picture of accounts and people (CDP). With simple analytics on target accounts and people, you can show your revenue team exactly where to focus for optimum engagement, pipeline, and retention.

#13. Bombora


Surf the data wave of intent. The data from Bombora Company Surge® indicates which firms are actively exploring your products and services, indicating when and what they want to hear from you. Bombora is an Aboriginal term from Australia that means “a wave that builds over a submerged offshore reef or rock, sometimes breaking severely and causing a perilous length of broken water.” We named our firm Bombora to represent both the sea of data we collect and the difficulty in harnessing it. We value putting people first; flexibility; personal development; leading by example; ecosystem respect; and data stewardship.

#14. 6sense


Give your revenue teams the authority to know everything in order for them to do anything. Discover, prioritise, and interact with demand with the AI-powered 6sense Account-Based Orchestration Platform. Buyers nowadays are anonymous, fragmented, and resistive, which means that the bulk of the purchasing experience takes place in the dark funnel, where anonymous demand signals are opaque to standard marketing automation technologies and unable to link across various systems.

The AI-powered 6sense Account-Based Orchestration Platform combines intent signals from every channel to assist your revenue teams to find, prioritise, and interact with demand in order to produce more opportunities, boost deal size, get into prospects sooner, and win more often. Capture intent signals from all known and unknown sources in order to fully comprehend the Account-Based Buying Journey.

#15. Terminus


We Fuel High-Performance Go-to-Market GroupsTM Change the way your firm earns income. Terminus is designed for sales and marketing teams who are more concerned with earning money than generating leads. Our Data Studio is the backbone of Terminus. Through firmographic, intent, engagement, psychographic, and relationship data, you can simply analyse and prioritise the proper targets.

Terminus enables you to send tailored messages to the correct people no matter where they are. Consistent experiences may be orchestrated across display and social advertising, chat, email, and online customization. Terminus easily pulls together all of your account data to keep your go-to-market teams aligned from the first contact through renewal and expansion. to expedite prospects, automatically notify sales of significant conversations, organise account information, and provide a superior pipeline forecast.

#16. Aptivio


Aptivio is the sales company of the future. Our all-in-one AI platform positions businesses for long-term development today and into the future. We use artificial intelligence to relieve sales representatives of routine work. Aptivio assists Chief Revenue Officers with opportunity identification, revenue conversions, sales and marketing unification, and selling experience optimization. Our Buyer Intent AI technology provides real-time signals and actionable insights to salespeople, allowing them to anticipate clients’ wants ahead of the competition.

Aptivio provides a smooth user experience and self-service adoption that is simple to set up. Within 48 hours, we offer buyer intent and sales-ready possibilities suited to your go-to-market strategy. We’re supported by Panoramic Ventures and Quake Capital, and we help market leaders like Capgemini, Tonkean, LexisNexis, and others build their sales pipelines.

#17. RollWorks


RollWorks helps you safely build income by concentrating on the appropriate accounts at the right moment, whether you’re just starting out or scaling up. Run account-based programmes that send the appropriate message to the right audience on the right channel at the right time. Turn your target accounts into chances faster than ever before, whether your aim is new business or expansion.

Lay the groundwork for your marketing initiatives. Determine your ideal client profile, target accounts, and critical contacts. Execute successful cross-channel marketing. Ads and sales automation may help you engage your ICP, target accounts, and key buyers. Have total control over your influence.Assess the efficiency of your ABM at the account and contact levels. This ready-to-use, boss-approved ABM planning template deck will help you score big points at your next meeting. We made it for you to personalise.

#18. TechTarget Priority Engine

TechTarget Priority Engine

Increase marketing and sales by giving you direct access to actual customers at high-priority accounts. Examine how Priority Engine may help you. Priority Engine Email Alerts help you close more transactions quicker. Delivered directly to your email, important information about the most active accounts in your market. With Inbound Converter, you can convert your website traffic into leads. Priority Engine’s Inbound Converter finds in-market accounts that visit your website, adds contacts from the active purchasing team, and improves them with information about purchase intent to help you close.

#19. N.Rich


An ABM platform with a strong advertising component, as well as robust segmentation, campaign, and opportunity analytics capabilities. Our customers rely on us to provide personalised content to their target accounts, resulting in interaction and first-party intent data. The collected data is utilised to filter down to the appropriate people for a more personalised approach, boosting the likelihood of a successful commercial transaction. To boost the relevancy of your content while promoting your value proposition, divide your target account list into various categories. Use our segmentation options to expand your reach depending on firmographic and technological data. High-intent accounts should be separated and targeted with lead-generating material.

#20. Leadfeeder


The B2B website visitor tracking and lead generation technology from Leadfeeder assists organisations in tracking anonymous website visitors and converting them into qualified sales leads. Leadfeeder works with CRMs like Salesforce, HubSpot, and Pipedrive, as well as email marketing platforms like Mailchimp and ActiveCampaign, to improve sales intelligence.

Leadfeeder is the sales and marketing solution of choice for improving lead generation efforts, with over 45,000 users worldwide. The 14-day trial requires no credit card, so you can get started right away.

#21. Slintel


Slintel, the industry leader in collecting technology-powered purchase intent, assists businesses in identifying the 3% of active buyers in their target market. To provide market and sales intelligence, Slintel analyses over 100 billion data points and analyses elements such as buyer journeys, technology adoption patterns, and other digital footprints.

Customers of Slintel get access to the purchasing habits and contact information of over 17 million enterprises and 70 million decision-makers worldwide.

#22. Momentum Data

Momentum Data

The Most Popular Social Selling Platform for Enterprise Sales and Marketing Teams. Use data and artificial intelligence to raise awareness, initiate conversations, and acquire new customers. SwaS solutions combine the power of SaaS with the expertise of a team of top-tier data scientists. Clean up old, incorrect, or incomplete records in your CRM system, and add missing data points to your entries. Identify and evaluate the most important accounts in your target market, and keep an eye on them for real-time sales indications.

Automate time-consuming and repetitive sales and marketing operations and ensure sales and marketing teams are aligned. Target your most valuable accounts methodically by engaging the relevant decision makers across several B2B marketing channels. Use social selling to its full extent. Connect social media to your CRM system and use LinkedIn in your regular sales activities. Make the most of the data collected by your sales and marketing teams.

#23. DemandJump


DemandJump is the top Marketing Insights & Attribution Platform, revealing to marketers what their target audience is doing, what their rivals are doing, and what actions they should take next to improve results.

Customers are empowered when they know what material to write, what keywords to add, which websites to target, and what videos to create, among other things. DemandJump collects and organises diverse data to build networks of consumer touchpoints around any subject or phrase, ranking which actions to take next. Lastly, businesses can close the loop between sales and marketing by figuring out which actions lead to more customers and more money coming in.

#24. Marketo


Marketo Engage, a component of Adobe Experience Cloud, is a comprehensive solution for lead management and B2B marketers seeking to enhance customer experiences by interacting at every stage of their complicated purchasing journeys. It natively supports both demand and account-based marketing strategies, brings marketing and sales together to orchestrate tailored experiences, optimise content, and analyse business impact across every channel, from acquisition through advocacy.

In collaboration with sales, use rich behavioural data, built-in intelligence, and smart trip processes to find, engage, and accelerate your greatest opportunities. Using predictive content, A/B testing, and customization, you can provide consistent and relevant experiences every time. Deliver timely, engaging experiences to prospects and buyers across every channel, including email, display, mobile, social, search, and offline. Understand, demonstrate, and improve your marketing effect.

#25. Cognism


Conduct in-depth TAM analysis and create and segment account and contact data lists to power your sales and marketing engines. Access to completely compliant direct dial and verified email addresses will give you a competitive advantage. Prioritize outreach based on intent data to increase efficiency in your revenue team. run cold email campaigns with ease. Turn strangers into leads, and leads into customers.

Enhance your outbound efforts with matched audience targeting and higher match rates on your preferred ad platforms. Account expansion and upsell opportunities can be discovered by tracking and managing major account changes. With Cognism’s array of connectors, you can easily improve your present workflows. Unrestricted access to the person and company-level data, ensuring that you always have enough opportunities to pursue and contact information to engage with. Simple platform setup and connections ensure that you obtain all of this data on-demand and on the platforms you need.


What is the purpose of demandbase?

Demandbase is a company that specialises in account-based marketing (ABM), advertising, sales intelligence, and data. Its products help business-to-business (B2B) companies with sales and marketing by helping users find, manage, and measure their target audiences.

What exactly is a demand base ad?

Throughout the account funnel, Demandbase receives signals from CRM and marketing automation platforms. With the Advertising Cloud, it’s easier to make advertising campaigns that match your Account-Based Experience (ABX) strategies.

Is Demandbase compatible with Salesforce?

The Demandbase Salesforce connector connects Demandbase One to your Salesforce CRM. Demandbase and Salesforce are now in bidirectional sync thanks to the connection. Demandbase does not add new Salesforce accounts, contacts, leads, opportunities, or campaigns.

Where does Demandbase acquire its information?

Intent data is gathered by Demandbase technology from the following sources: Public businesses register for basic firmographics such as industry, revenue, and personnel count. Consumption of B2B content: Demandbase uses its publisher/advertising network to track the types of materials that corporate employees view.

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