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Best 15 ESO Mods For The Elder Scrolls Online In 2022

by Julia
Elder Scrolls Online

Elder Scrolls Online is a vast game, and players have come up with innovative methods to improve it over time by using add-ons. Many players avoid add-ons in order to have a more “genuine” gaming experience, yet they frequently provide important information and support that the game does not provide on its own. I’ve compiled a list of the top 15 best Elder Scrolls Online Mods to help you get the most out of your time in The Elder Scrolls Online. When I first downloaded “Combat Metrics,” Pandora’s Box of add-ons opened for me. I wanted to know how much damage I was doing in order to participate in veteran trials, but I couldn’t track my numbers until I installed the Combat Metrics add-on.

When you start playing ESO add-ons, you’ll find yourself rushing through the elder scrolls online gameplay more dull parts so you can focus on the bits you enjoy the most. Below, we’ve collected a list of some of the most beneficial add-ons that you should check out. The first piece will detail how to get them safely in the first place, so if you already know how to get all of your add-ons, you may skip that portion. To give you a better understanding of how relevant each add-on is, I’ll post the number of downloads each ESO Mods for Elders scrolls online has had from Minion on the side of each add-on below.

Best 15 ESO Mods For The Elder Scrolls Online In 2022

Following are the best eso mods which are as follow:

1. Bag Space Indicator

The Bag Space Indicator accomplishes precisely what its name implies. Before picking uptime, you won’t have to worry about how much space is available in your inventory.

2. Destinations (~5,551,000 downloads)

Elder Scrolls Online


This is an excellent Elder Scrolls Online Mods for new players because it emphasizes all of the significant spots to visit in each zone. Wayshrines, Mundus stones, dungeons, and dolmens are all covered by this add-on. It’s exciting to go in blind when you first start the game and just explore and find what you can, but after a number of zones, it becomes tedious. It can be inconvenient not knowing where the nearest wayshrine is. Worse, you might just lose out on a dolmen or world boss because you couldn’t locate it in time.

3. Votan’s Rune Tooltips (~209,000)

Elder Scrolls Online


This is an Elder Scrolls Online Mods I wish I’d known about before memorizing every enchantment on my main account only to have to re-memorize them for writs on my other characters. Of course, when you have the item, Lazy Crafting Writ will give you the enchantment you need, but what if you want to build an enchantment for a weapon? This add-on will explain what each enchantment does, saving you time from having to seek up the distinctions between Rakeipa and Oko.

4. Lore Books (~8,894,000)

Elder Scrolls Online

Lore books

Lore Books will show you where to find the books you need to improve your Mage’s guild skill path. Finding these on your own may seem like a fun endeavor at first, but it rapidly becomes tedious. Because there’s no easy way to know where to look for them, this Elder Scrolls Online Mods is quite useful. It normally gives four alternatives for where to find each lore book, and after you get that book, it will disappear from the map. Once you’ve found a lore book, double-check your map to see if there’s a new place where you can find more. This is a must-have add-on if you want to level your Mage’s skill line to profit from its passives or get that awesome Meteor ultimate.

5. Quest Map (~1,944,000)

Elder Scrolls Online

Quest map

This is the Elder Scrolls Online Mods to acquire if you’re a completionist. It will show you where any prospective tasks are in a zone, assisting you in completing all of the game’s material. Finding those remaining missions after you finish a zone and return to it later to accomplish something like skyshards may be a tremendous pain.

6. Harvest Map (7,223,000) + 2,959,000 Map Pins

harvest maps

harvest maps

These add-ons will make your life much easier if you’re a treasure seeker in ESO. You can refer to the add-ons instead of looking up where to discover possible chests when farming for a set or good spots to obtain ruby ash. These add-ons cover every resource node that you can harvest from and place on your map. In-game, they also show you luminous symbols as you got closer to them.

7. Perfect Pixel (~328,000)

Elder Scrolls Online

Perfect pixcel

This is an intriguing add-on that turned out to be far more beneficial than I had anticipated. Many of your inventory panels, quest logs, and other screens in the ESO add-ons game provide very little information. When you first visit your inventory after downloading Perfect Pixel, you’ll be able to see a large number of your items. It essentially spreads out your menu panels to provide as much information as possible at a look by extending it across the entire screen. It’s never been easier to find and sell stuff.

8. Alpha Gear (~593,000)

Elder Scrolls Online

Alpha gear

This ESO add-ons functions in the same way as the future Dressing Room feature. You can save armor load-outs and assign them to a custom keybinding. This is important if you want to transition from an ESO add-ons set meant for trash mobs to one designed for bosses, or even if you want to change roles from DPS to tanking or healing. I use mine to fast load up my thieving gear so that I don’t have to change everything out every time I want to steal something. Dressing Room, on the other hand, will be more in-depth and will allow you to modify your CP and talents for free after you’ve already paid for them. Alpha Gear has the advantage of being usable anywhere, including in the middle of a dungeon or trial, which the Dressing Room will not allow.

9. Dolgubon’s Lazy Writ Crafter (~4,948,000) + Daily Alchemy (~938,000) and Daily Provisioning (~990,000)

Elder Scrolls Online


Once you have crafted several daily writs, the joy is slowly sucked out until it becomes a remedial task. The items you can get from writ crafting are top-notch, but the time it takes is tedious, to say the least. Lazy Writ Crafter speeds this up in a couple of ways. Whenever you interact with the crafting board, it takes all of the quests and accepts them immediately. Then, as you near a crafting station, its title will glow red to show that you have a writ for it. Accessing the table shows you an option to craft all the applicable writs quickly. Finally, at turn-in, it immediately completes the quest when you interact with the delivery crates, and even takes and opens the items for you. If you craft on all characters, you absolutely need this add-on — it’ll save you a lot of time.

10. Inventory Insight (~1,006,000)

Elder Scrolls Online


This is a super useful add-on for Altaholics, as many of us with 9+ toons like to call ourselves. It quickly takes an inventory of all your characters, banked items, and even house chest items. You’ll have to log onto each character and go to the places where your items are stored in order to record this information, though. When you open your inventory, you’ll see a search bar where you can check for a specific item anywhere in your accounts, banks, and chests. It can get in the way of the trading menu when you’re selling items, so just quickly exit the add-on and it’ll pop up the next time you open your inventory.

11. Bandits UI (~3,288,000)

Bandits UI

Bandits UI

This is a user interface add-on that a lot of players really enjoy. It provides you with a lot of customizable options and shows you the information you normally wouldn’t be able to see. Once you set up all the information you’re looking for, it can really upgrade your playing. This add-on packs a lot of information onto your screen, especially in things like Dungeons or Trials, where it tracks the use of certain ultimates like warhorn. This can be an information overload, so you’ll need to work with getting the settings just right to tailor it to your needs. Personally, I prefer the standard UI while using other add-ons, but it’s hard not to see all the merit that Bandits UI has to offer in one place.

12. Tamriel Trade Center (~2,422,000) / Master Merchant 3.0 (~1,257,000)



Essential for any big traders, this add-on quickly shows you the average worth of items you find. It’s important to keep this one up to date, as prices fluctuate heavily in ESO add-ons. It also shows you where specific items are at their given guild traders, which makes traveling around to find the good price for your desired items much faster. This is a really important add-on that will both prevent you from trashing valuable items and save you time on trading trash. Master Merchant 3.0 works very similarly to TTC, and either can be used to accurately find prices of items. There are times when either will be off slightly, so you can always manually check the website on very expensive items to be sure. Events can also quickly cut down or increase the price of specific types of items, so be wary of that when using these.

13. Combat Metrics (~4,524,000)

Combat Metrics

Combat Metrics

This is a signature add-on for showing your ESO add-ons and where it’s coming from. When people Parse on a trial dummy to check how much damage they do, they’ll use Combat Metrics to showcase how much their sets, skills, and rotation are benefiting their damage. Type “/CMX” after a battle to see an overview of how much damage you dealt and why. It has a great breakdown of all the different information you may want to see before you get into a veteran trial yourself. Many trial groups who run veteran content will require a record parse to show that you are ready for the content, and this is a very easy way to convey where you’re at.

14. Code’s Combat Alerts (~1,250,000)

Code’s Combat Alerts

Code’s Combat Alerts

Another great add-on for harder stuff like veteran Dungeons, Trials, and Arenas. During combat, there will often be a lot going on, and you may miss an adversary building up their one-shot mechanic. This add-on will alert you when you are being targeted by one of these one-shots, allowing you to respond more quickly. There’s nothing worse than missing one of these in the middle of a crucial battle and having your group wipe, so this one comes in handy. Many trials may require you to have this add-on in order to complete challenging content such as the Trifecta achievements for Sunspire, Cloudrest, and Rockgrove, among others.

15. Action Duration Reminder (~3,250,000) + Fancy Action Bar (~121,000) 

Action Duration Reminder

This add-on highlights the timers on your skills so you know when to reactivate them for the best uptimes. It will show you both your front and back bar skill timers at the same time, which is really beneficial for not reactivating skills too early and wasting your resources. You will also lose damage on certain skills like Endless Hail or Venomous Claw if you activate them too early, so this add-on can really up to your damage. Fancy Action Bar works basically the same, so it’s a matter of preference.


That wraps it up for the best add-ons for ESO add-ons, so be sure to try them out for yourself and see if they add to your gaming experience. You can always uninstall the ones you don’t like water, so it doesn’t hurt to give them a shot. We hope this guide helps to open up the possibilities of add-ons for making your gaming experience even better. For other ways to better your gaming experience, subscribe to our newsletter and follow us on social media.

Happy gaming!

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