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Top 20 Gimp Alternative That Can be Used For Free

by Julia

The gimp download is a free and open-source image editing software that comes with an array of professional-quality features and a gimp tutorial that can rival Adobe Photoshop capabilities. gimp online With the help of the GIMP photo editor its remarkable montage features, users can easily fine-tune images and create artwork from scratch. The interface of the gimp 3 software is quite attractive and simple, and users can easily access all its tools and features.

Just like gimp vs photoshop all the other similar image editing software, Gimp Alternatives also offers multiple selections such as cropping, automatic image enhancement tools, reduction, cropping, and customizable brushes, etc. The gimp vs photoshop is designed for professional photo editors and contains all the advanced tools to GIMP photo editor all kinds of images, such as layer masks, Bezier curves, and more. The gimp for ios software is also best for beginners and offers complete guides and tutorials that make it better than others. One of the most interesting facts about gimp wiki is that open-source photo-editing software is that it comes with a modern toolbox that is easy to use. gimp for ios most prominent features includes the customizable interface, photo enhancement, Scribus, swatch booker, and graphic design elements, etc. gimp tutorial is open-source that means users can easily add new functions and features.

Top 21 Gimp Alternative That Can be Used For Free

Following are Gimp Alternatives where you can easily edit images on this software for free and gimp is one of the best software.

1 Pixelied




Pixelied is an online free gimp software platform that offers a huge array of image editing and graphic design features. The gimp for ios software lets you create a stunning range of artwork, both in terms of edited photos and custom designs. With a ton of ready-made templates, stock photos, and icons (with third-party integration), Pixelied leads the pack in terms of overall quality.

2 Krita




Krita is a free and open-source paint-based software of gimp that’s used to create 2D art and illustrations. Basically a raster gimp Alternatives gimp for ios editor, Krita is great for creating custom designs and painting in them with several easy-to-use creation gimp 3 tools. The gimp vs photoshop software works on Microsoft Windows PC, Apple macOS, and Linux.

3 Pixlr Editor




Pixlr is an online image editing and design gimp Alternatives platform that’s intended for non-professionals and design beginners. Pixlr Editor has all the usual selection of gimp wiki free download tools, including effects, gradients, layers, and blur/smudge/sharpen.

4 Affinity Photo




Affinity Photo is a more advanced and gimp system requirements photo editing and manipulation software that offers GIMP 2.8 free download functionality equal to some of the industry’s major editing platforms. The gimp 3 software actually has most of what a professional editor would need to create stunning images.

 5 Photopea




Photopea is a photo editing suite that has an editing layout very similar to gimp vs photoshop, albeit with less overall functionality. Although not as primed for photo gimp 3 free download editing as maybe gimp Alternatives and Adobe Lightroom, it does offer a respectable amount of editing freedom to both pros and beginners.

6 AirMagic




If you’re a fan of drone photography, gimp Alternatives you’ll probably find AirMagic useful. Is gimp online free app was the first to use Artificial Intelligence to automatically enhance aerial photos. It brings a bunch of innovative and unique features to make your drone shots look breathtaking.

7 Adobe Photoshop




No discussion about gimp Alternatives—or any photo editing software for that matter—would be complete without mentioning Adobe Photoshop. It offers a wide range of Is gimp tutorial safe features that can help you edit all kinds of images, add realistic effects to photos, create graphics, and transform objects into sophisticated 3D artworks.

8 Aurora HDR




This advanced gimp wiki photo editor is a crowd favorite of millions of photographers. It has loads of useful features that can effectively replace many of Gimp’s best tools. You can get Is gimp 3 safe Aurora HDR as a standalone application for Windows and Mac, or as a plug-in for Apple Photos, Adobe Lightroom, and Photoshop.

9 PaintShop Pro




PaintShop Pro is a software that helps users in creating and editing photos and design anything with ease by using its full-featured toolsets. The gimp for ios platform comes with powerful adjustment tools that help users to GIMP APK edit, crop, resize, remove, or enhance the colors of the photos and designs. Users can even alter photos taken with a 36—degree camera by producing more effects in them. The software enables users to touch their photos with photo restoration, makeover tools, and remove flawed effects from them. Moreover, it allows users to create HDR photos by combining multiple exposures and offers RAW image editing capabilities.

10 Photo Creator



Photo Creator is a platform that allows users to create their realistic photos in minutes, and users can choose from the thousands of models and backgrounds to create a series of photos to tell a story. The GIMP APK platform enables users to create personalized photos to present a deep and meaningful message to the masses. It allows users to reshoot their scenes and can change the messages by combining different models, expressions, and environments. Moreover, it allows users to choose an icon style in which they want to present their photos. The GIMP APK platform provides a wide variety of models and stock photos depending on age, ethnicity, hair, gender, and other categories. Photo Creator allows users to use free vector illustrations to class up their storytelling projects. Lastly, users can add different objects and different models at a single time in their photos to give them meaning and a story.

11 Sumo Paint




Sumo Paint is an online image editing and gimp Alternatives painting software for the users, which provides them a fast and precise studio-grade OpenGL-based painting engine. The GIMP APK software offers 300 brushes, including simple and animated ones, and allows the users to create their brushes. Moreover, it comes with the best shape creator features, which enables users to create innovative shapes. The platform allows the users to work offline, and all of their data will be saved in sumo’s own file format. Furthermore, the gravity feature allows the users to create amazing abstract artwork, and users can combine gravity with symmetry to create amazing pictures.

12 Autodesk SketchBook Pro 7




SketchBook is an online gimp Alternatives creativity platform that allows you to create different ideas to directly put in the AutoCAD to convert them into an engineering drawing. It comes with excellent artwork tools that permit a smooth workflow and provide you with professionally designed engineering drawings, and its sketchbook is free for everyone. If you’re GIMP APK a student, then you only need to register as a student and then enjoy its free services.

13 Hyperlapse




Hyperlapse is a powerful application that allows you to create gimp Alternatives time-lapse videos for your Instagram account quickly. The GIMP APK app allows you to use in-house stabilization to use stunning time-lapse videos that were previously impossible without bulky tripods and expensive. It comes with some advanced tools and features to make your videos more exciting and enjoyable. One of the best facts about this app is that it instantly stabilized to smooth out the road’s bumps and give it an amazing cinematic feeling. The solution is also best for YouTubers who want to capture their moments and shows their fans.

14 Hustl



Hustl is a simple yet powerful solution for gimp that allows you to create stunning time-lapse videos for your Mac screen. It is a comprehensive solution that comes with all the leading tools and features to make it one of the best time-lapse video makers. With this, you can record your speed painting, logo design, and coding sessions, etc. The GIMP APK software allows you to record your entire screen or just a cropped selection of it. It is best for everyone, whether you have a YouTube hyper-lapse or speed painting channel or have a graphic design account on Instagram, and the solution will help you easily create stunning content.

15 Bazaart


Bazaart is an award-winning photo-editing gimp Alternatives and designing an application that helps you to make your images more stunning. It offers all-in-one editing GIMP APK tools that allow you to design your image with stunning effects and filters quickly. The app also provides an auto-enhance feature that automatically edits your image with just a single click. The app also contains a vast collection of photomontages and photo collages with state-of-the-art fantastic editing tools that make your moment more enjoyable. With this, you can also be able to create a slideshow with more than 100 images and your soundtrack

16 PTgui




PTgui is imaging stitching and gimp Alternatives software that helps users to stitch their photos together into a seamless 360-degree spherical panoramic image. The software is compatible with Windows and macOS and offers advanced photo editing and stitching solutions to users. It is fast, comes with an OpenCL GPU acceleration, and users are able to stitch a single Gigapixel panorama in less than a minute. The software has automatic working features, and users can drop their photos into it, and the software will decide how they can overlap all the images. It can stitch multiple rows of images, support lenses, and give users complete control over the results.

17 Overlapse


Overlaps is a free mobile application that allows you to create frame-by-frame time-lapses easily and quickly. It is similar to Hustl and comes with all the leading tools and features. The software comes with a simple interface where you can easily capture and upload videos to create stunning time-lapses. With this, you can create jaw-dropping and frame-by-frame time-lapses. The best thing about this app is that it has a massive gallery of the world’s best time-lapse videos, which you can freely explore, save, and even share with others. There is also has an option that allows you to create time-lapse videos using a set of images.

18 Schnapps




Schnapps is a feature-rich time-lapse video maker that automatically enhances your video and delivers quality content. You need to drag a file before you start your design, and the solution will automatically detect all the changes in your video. It has thousands of users around the world who can use it to manage both personal and professional tasks. There is also an option that allows you to customize your video with some editing tools like filters, effects, and other things that make it better than others. Like most of the other similar solutions, it also allows you to explore other users’ time-lapse videos, customize them, and directly share them with others

19 Persecond


Per second is an easy-to-use software that allows you to create time lapses easily and quickly. It is one of the best alternatives to Hustl and offers all the core services with some new tools and features. The solution makes time-lapse creation quite simple and also has an option to transform your image set into a cinematic time-lapse.

20 Seashore (Free)



If you’re a Mac user and want to download a GIMP alternative, you should definitely get acquainted with Seashore. The app provides users with such useful features as support for layers and pressure sensitivity. Besides, the app’s interface is really user-friendly, so even a beginner will be able to use it. Unfortunately, the app doesn’t offer any effects and looks really outdated. But still, Seashore is totally free and hundreds of positive comments from its users make this app one of the best graphics editors for macOS.

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