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Top 10 Best Gramho Alternatives For IG Analyzer in 2022

by Nemo

Gramho is a website that collects information from Instagram’s public accounts. The free tool provides information such as account popularity rate, average likes per post, and average comments per post, making it useful for both social media management pros and people who want to watch the performance of their own profile.

Gramho is a free app that displays real-time data for any Instagram private or public account, as well as hashtags. Some of the best things about Gramho are that you can use advanced algorithms, like follower predictors, to look at your account; that you can browse anonymously; that you can make in-depth reports with beautiful graphs or colors to make them easier to understand; and that there are many other features.

Substitutes for Gramho: Gramho is a fun way to analyze and browse Instagram. It shows a search bar that allows you to rapidly discover searched profiles and hashtags.

What Is Gramho?

Gramho allows you to compare metrics across several accounts as well as view stories anonymously. In this post, we’ll discuss how to get the most out of Instagram, as well as how the site operates and what information it gathers. Gramho is built with a proprietary algorithm that allows you to conduct a complete study of your Instagram account and compare its performance to that of other profiles.

You may upload a post and use the built-in technology to predict how many likes and comments it will receive. The most interesting thing about the platform is that you can look at profiles, hashtags, followers, posts, places, and stories without being seen.

Is Gramho safe to use?

Gramho does not require you to provide your Instagram login credentials. You will be able to abuse profiles anonymously without fear of having your account credentials stolen or your personal data captured. In any event, this program obviously violates Instagram’s terms of service. Although scraping is lawful, Facebook prohibits its use. According to Instagram’s guidelines, “you cannot attempt to establish accounts, access, or gather information by utilizing it in an illicit manner,” which includes automated data scraping.

Best Gramho Alternatives For IG Analyzer

We have developed a list of the best Gramho Alternatives. Let us have a look at the list below.

1. Diaspora


Diaspora is an open-source distributed social network composed of self-contained nodes that may readily connect with one another in order to form a network. It is resistant to corporate takeovers or advertising since it is not controlled by a single person or corporation. It connects with massive communities from all over the world, allowing individuals to engage with one another by sharing images, updating stories, replying to a post based on taste, tagging a buddy with their user name, and a variety of other things.

2. 4K Stogram

4K Stogram

4K Stogram is the program to use if you want to download people’s Instagram stories, images, and videos. 4K Stogram makes it extremely simple to download Picuki Instagram stories, accounts, hashtags, and locations for free. With the Instagram profile viewer, you can effortlessly download your desired files from multiple Instagram accounts.

3. Statlo

GramhoStatlo is a social media analysis tool that allows users to build aesthetically attractive hashtag performance and assessment reports in the form of charts or graphs. The search function is situated on the website’s main page, where you must enter the relevant hashtags; it will present an option as a desktop drive location where you desire to retain your reports in a second. It offers a thorough list of the top trending hashtags from various social media platforms. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and others are examples.

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4. Nextpost Instagram

Nextpost Instagram

Instagram is a social networking website where users may share photographs. They may also share their activities with their friends, clients, and family. It links to your primary account by inputting your login and password, allowing you to share photographs, videos, and stories; like or tag photos; watch videos; and more. Simply copy and paste the URL of any Instagram account into the link area on the website’s main page. After pasting, it allows you to get detailed information, such as total actual or phoney followers. You can get any private account user’s profile picture, the number of real comments or likes on a certain topic, and so on.

5. GramWiki


GramWiki is an Instagram analytics tool that provides reports based on each Instagram profile’s real-time statistics. It works in various phases, such as asking you to enter the user name of any public or private account before presenting a list of accessible profiles from which to pick. The complete report is displayed on the main screen of your desktop, with detailed information such as total posts, the number of likes and comments on them, tags, a list of followers and following, a separate list of those profiles who are not following you back, and many more.

6. Flume


Flume is a piece of software for hosting components. by permitting certain events to flow from one source to another. It is one of the most trustworthy platforms for aggregation and collection. and the ability to move massive volumes of log data with a single click. It’s a basic data model for online analytic programs that allows you to acquire a complete analysis of any social media site, such as Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube.

7. taginsta


Taginsta is an all-in-one website that allows you to search for and browse the most current images, videos, and posts connected to one of Instagram’s most popular hashtags. Access to extensive information about people who are mutual followers is one of the platform’s main advantages. People you aren’t following, as well as the most recent followers on your Instagram profile. Instagram users that do not follow you back, mutual followers, and individuals you follow. And they follow you back, as well as those you don’t follow on Instagram, to name a few characteristics.

8. Websta for Instagram


Websta for Instagram is an application that analyses total likes, comments, shares, and other indicators to help you locate the most popular Instagram content. View your most liked and commented posts, as well as followers who never or always love your posts. View your most popular video. View people who are regularly tagged in your posts, as well as followers who always comment on your posts. This platform also has a plethora of additional features.

9. GramRank


GramRank is a useful addon for finding the most popular Instagram posts. making use of hashtags, likes, views, or comments. Followers’ Geography, Demography & Age, Competitors’ Analytics, PDF & CSV Data Export, Hourly Updates, Account Security, and other features are included.



TrackHashtags.com is an advanced social media management solution that provides a number of enticing tools for evaluating Instagram data. Top Instagram users use it to gather data on their accounts by analyzing over 13 indicators such as the number of followers, engagement rate, average user activity, posts per day, week, and month, most popular post time, top hashtags used, top caption, and more. It allows you to keep track of your account’s likes, total comments, average daily postings, and story impressions. Share dates, average daily followers, total ratings, and total comments earned or lost. and overall performance, both graphically and numerically.


Here is our list of the best Gramho Alternatives, which you may find on the internet at any moment. Please comment us if you have any suggestions or criticism.

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