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How to Watch Pinhead Hellraiser 2022: Horror Reboot Streaming – Techlion

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Hulu will debut the first episode of “Pinhead Hellraiser movies On October 7,” a fresh take on the deadly horror genre. The twisted alien monster Pinhead, whose face has nails sticking out of it, has been rethought for the new version of the classic film that Clive Barker wrote and directed.

In the film “hellraiser: hellworld,” a young lady inadvertently sets off a bloodbath when she solves an antique puzzle box and lets out a group of tortured otherworldly monsters called the Cenobites. Before the woman can become a victim of their excruciatingly terrifying reign of terror, she needs to figure out a means to put them back in the box.

Hulu has revitalised one of the most legendary horror franchises in history, and now it’s time for another adventure that pushes the bounds of possibility. The new film Pinhead Hellraiser is also based on the novel The Hellbound Heart by Clive Barker, just like the first one was, which means that we will be reunited with Pinhead and the Cenobites, who are returning to frighten us once again.

Let’s crack open the mystery box and find out when and where you can watch the action. While we’re at pinhead Hellraiser movies, let’s also have a look at the synopsis and any available trailers.

What happens in Hellraiser (2022)?

Because, as was said earlier in this article, the new pinhead Hellraiser film is derived from the same source material as the iconic film from 1987, we already have a clear sense of what to anticipate in terms of the story’s progression. Nevertheless, it is clear from the summary that there are a number of significant deviations from the original. The most important aspect is that it revolves around Riley, a young woman searching for her missing brother.


Although we do not know the specifics of the storyline for pinhead Hellraiser (2022), we do know that the main character will be a young woman who is battling addiction and who discovers the ancient puzzle box that summons everyone’s favourite interdimensional sadists, the cenobites. This information is the only plot point that we are aware of for the upcoming film.

Aside from that, the makers of the film have indicated that the storyline of the film would adhere to Clive Barker’s novella The Hellbound Heart, which was published in 1986, more precisely than the plot of the first adaptation, which was released in 1987. Some fascinating names are associated with the next film, pinhead Hellraiser movies (2022), both in the cast and the crew.

David Bruckner, whose previous feature-length films, The Ritual and The Night House, both gained recognition for their engaging tales, immersive production design, and distinct visual interpretations of otherworldly creatures, is the director of the film. The film is directed by David Bruckner.

Odessa A’zion (Fam, Grand Army), Brandon Flynn (13 Reasons Why, Ratched), Drew Starkey (Love, Simon, Outer Banks), and Jamie Clayton (Sense 8, The L Word: Generation Q), who is expected to play the legendary villain Pinhead, are among the on-camera talent who will be included in the film.

How to watch the upcoming film Hellraiser 2022 in the United States: Join Hulu by signing up

Beginning October 7th, audiences in the United States may see pinhead Hellraiser 2022 through streaming on Hulu. Hulu has a lot of terrific newly released horror content, including the new Hellraiser, that you can work your way through throughout the Halloween season.

Some of our favourites are Run, Censor, Fresh, and Possessor. You can find all of them on Hulu.com. There are many critically acclaimed movies and TV shows in Hulu’s library, such as “The Bear,” “Conversations with Friends,” “Parasite,” and “Portrait of a Lady on Fire.”

When you sign up for Hulu, you have the option of selecting from a number of different plans and bundles, including an ad-supported version that costs $6.99 per month or $69.99 per year, as well as an ad-free plan that costs $12.99 per month. Hulu can also be packaged with Disney Plus and the sports streaming platform ESPN+ for just $13.99 per month with advertisements, or $19.99 per month ad-free. This is an excellent option for those who want to get the most value for their money.

Release date for Hellraiser 2022

Hellraiser was first made available to consumers in the United States on October 7th, 2022. It is only available through streaming services, and there are no plans to distribute it in theatres. At the time of this writing, a release in the United Kingdom has not been confirmed.


Where can I watch Pinhead Hellraiser 2022 online?

Since pinhead Hellraiser is an original production from Hulu, users have been able to stream it on the platform beginning on October 7, 2022. Due to the fact that Disney is Hulu’s parent company, it is quite probable that it will become available on Disney+ at some time in the future in the United Kingdom. Despite this, there has been no official announcement made.

Which streaming media player is ideal for your television set?

The Amazon Fire TV Stick 4K Max is a product that comes highly recommended by us. Also, the Roku Express 4K, the Apple TV 4K, the Amazon Fire TV Stick, and the Google Chromecast with Google TV are all great streaming media players.


At the very top of this page, it includes the newest trailer for the upcoming film pinhead hellraiser: hellworld. Previously, there was a very quick teaser, which you may see linked below for your convenience.


Is it free for me to watch “Hellraiser” (2022) without paying?

If you sign up for a free trial of Hulu, you will get the opportunity to watch the movie “Hellraiser 2022.” At this time, new Hulu customers are eligible to get one month of free service. If you don’t cancel your Hulu subscription during the first 30 days, the service will continue at the current rate.

Is ‘Hellraiser’ (2022) a remake?

It is more accurate to call “pinhead Hellraiser” a reboot or reimagining of the original horror movie that was released in 1987 under the same name. “Hellraiser” is not a remake in the traditional sense. The characters in this film and the events that take place in their story are not the same as those in the first “Hellraiser,” which was written and directed by the film’s creator, Clive Barker. Having said that, the new movie has the same fundamental idea behind it.

Is it recommended to watch the next film, “Hellraiser 2022”?

Early reactions to “hellraiser: hellworld” have been overwhelmingly positive. As of the 6th of October, the movie has received an “80% Certified Fresh” rating on the website Rotten Tomatoes. Critics liked the disturbing gore in the movie, which should make fans of the series happy.

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