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10 Planning Center Services Alternatives For Church Management

by Julia
Planning Center services

The Planning Center services is a church management solution that assists churches of all sizes in managing memberships, processing online donations, and conducting volunteer background checks. Administrators can use it to make digital sign-up forms, set event reminders, assign tasks, share training notes with volunteers, and track participation in a variety of activities.

Planning Center Services Managers can use a centralised dashboard to collaborate with team members to schedule events, book rooms, discuss event setup requirements, and more. Authorities can use the Planning Center services to accept real-time donations, record donor information, view deposit statuses, track individuals’ donation commitments, and analyse trends to forecast monthly donations. It also lets teams give specific roles to volunteers based on their team positions or preferences, as well as share rehearsal files like song libraries or chord charts with those who need them.

Professionals can use the Planning Center services to create and share customizable sheet music with musicians, as well as swipe or scroll through the songbook using the page-turning functionality. Managers can use the platform to set up online groups to get more people involved in church activities and help them feel more committed to the church.

10 Best Planning Center Services Alternatives For Church Management

Here is the list of best Planning Center Services Alternatives for you to try for church management.


#1. One Church

planning center services

Donor management is simplified. Accept payments and donations online, via mobile device, text messaging, or a custom form. Enjoy quick data access, powerful reporting, pledge campaigns, and responsive customer service. Improve your church’s giving with our user-friendly donor management system. Our desire is to assist you in achieving your church goals, reaching out to your local community, and caring for the people who attend your church. It’s  finest Planning Center services alternative.

#2. Faith Teams

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Another Planning Center services Alternative. Faith Teams is simple and inexpensive church management software for small and medium-sized churches. Our web-based software is an all-in-one solution that includes all of the features you require for a flat monthly fee of $33.33. Our team will assist you in moving in and will provide you with everything you need to get started quickly. For 10 days, you can try the entire system for free!

#3. ChurchTrac

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We are passionate about empowering churches to do better ministry. ChurchTrac is a powerful tool for tracking spending, monitoring funds, and creating budgets to plan for the future. We’ve got you covered with exportable reports, online giving, check printing, memorised transactions, and more. Our price is perhaps our most impressive feature. Create a free account to learn why thousands of churches rely on us. It is also a great Planning Center services alternative.

#4. CDM+

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Another best competitor to Planning Center services. A genuine fund accounting solution for churches, schools, and non-profit organisations. Accounting/Payroll software that integrates financials with membership, attendance, giving, events, facility and resource use, secure check-in/check-out, and other features. Customize CDM+ to your needs and budget-for Mac, Windows, or both, plus free iOS and Android mobile apps. Plans begin at $50 per month.

#5. Servant Keeper

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We exist to assist churches in flourishing. church management software that is powerful and simple to use for attendance, contributions, groups, pledging, donor statements, mass email/text, child check-in, mail merge, sacraments, dashboards, robust custom reporting, and much more! PC/MAC/iOS/Android. Servant Keeper 8 has been adopted by over 35K churches and 150K ministry leaders (nearly 10,000 churches in the last two years)! Discover why they’re making the switch! This is good for church management and also a great alternative to Planning Center services.

#6. Excellerate

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Complete Church Management System – INSTALLATION OR ON THE CLOUD – YOUR CHOICE! Installed means there are no monthly fees. Cloud = access from anywhere. With our powerful yet easy-to-use church management solution, you can completely organise your church: members, visitors, groups, teams, giving, email/texting, check-in, classes, spiritual gifts, and more. For over 20 years, Excellerate has assisted thousands of churches. Try it for free!

#7. Churchteams

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for pastors who want to use modern technology but don’t have IT, professionals, on staff. We cover all of the fundamental (membership, communication, groups, and giving) and advanced (check-in, volunteers, registration, and workflow automation) features you’ll need to keep all of your people data in one place. Online giving is beautiful at the industry’s lowest price. Giving, registration, check-in, digital connection cards, links to anywhere, and access to my stuff is all possible with text-to-church. Now with two-way text chat!

#8. TouchPoint

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TouchPoint is a robust, cloud-based church management system that empowers leaders to develop fully devoted followers of Christ. TouchPoint is intended for midsize to large churches seeking a ready-to-use and customizable ChMS solution. Our best-in-class, fully integrated mobile app helps you manage contacts, members, volunteers, check-ins, discipleship groups, engagement with the ministry, donations, events, media, and more.

#9. Breeze

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Our mission is to provide churches with the most user-friendly ChMS available at a reasonable price. Your church can use Breeze to store an unlimited number of people in your database, securely check in children and print name tags, send email and text messages, offer online and text giving, run extensive reporting, and much more. Best of all, there is no contract, no setup fees, and we will even transfer your existing data for free! Try Breeze for free for 30 days and see why over 9,000 churches love it.

#10. Subsplash

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Subsplash is much more than a ChMS. It’s the only digital ecosystem that includes apps, digital giving, web tools, websites, podcasting, live streaming, group communication, and so much more.


How do I leave a planning center services team?

If you have already scheduled team members or needed positions for a plan, you must delete the individual people and positions to completely remove the team. To remove the tech team from this plan, for example, first, remove any scheduled people, then remove the required positions.

In the planning center services, how do I send messages?

This is how it works. When you go to the list of people you want to connect with, you’ll notice that you can compose a text right next to where you normally send an email! We’ll show you how many characters you have left to work with, as well as how many credits you’re using for your message as you compose it.

How do I record someone in the planning center services?

Click Archive or Remove from the Actions menu in a person’s profile. Select whether the person should be archived or removed from services, or use the People database to delete, set inactive, or merge people.

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