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When you are playing the ps4 error ce-34878-0 games like Fortnite, Black Ops 4, NBA 2K19, FIFA, Apex Legends, or Hitman, you may encounter the ce-34878-0 Valhalla as displayed in the above image. PS4 error ce-36329-3 is one of the most common error codes that happen to users from time to time. It is caused by the ps4 error ce-34878-0 Reddit corrupted data, games/applications crash, or the system software issues.

If you get stuck in the error ps4 error ce-36329-3 in PS4, don’t worry, it is not hard to fix. Here we offer you some possible solutions to help. It’s essentially the application crashing, so every time you’ll try to open it up, it will close and you will get this ps4 error ce-34878-0 Reddit or ps4 error ce-32809-2. I don’t have a PS4 error code, but on my Xbox One I’ve gotten a similar error, so I know first-hand how annoying a PS4 error code like this can be. If you are trying to play your favorite game or trying to watch something on a streaming service like Hulu, it can be frustrating because it won’t fix itself.

The worst part of this Why do I keep getting errors on my PS4, which is unfortunately unavoidable, is that when the application crashes, all of your saved data will be deleted. For example, if you’re watching Netflix and you get this ps4 error ce-34878-0 in the middle of binge-watching your favorite show, when you get the app working again, it won’t remember where you were in the show. This just means you’ll have to go back and find the episode you were in and at what point in the show.

Annoying, but not that big of a deal. That is a minor annoyance in comparison to why do I keep getting errors on my PS4? This will occur if you are playing a video game’s story mode. If you are in the middle of a game where you save as you go and the game crashes, then you will lose all the saved data to that point.

Fix Ps4 Error ce-34878-0

According to the reports and the queries raised by the gamers on the various forums, the major ps4 error ce-34878-0 games creating this ce-33743-0 error are listed below:

Why does PS4 error code CE-34878-0 occur?

Whenever the game or application crashes, the PS4 shows the message ce-33743-0. The game gets corrupted due to PS4 corrupted data, a software issue, or lack of update of ps4 error ce-34878-0 software. These are the prime reasons behind an issue. Now, get ready and follow these steps to troubleshoot the severe issue.

How to Fix PS4 error code CE-34878-0?

Folks, it is always recommended to back up your ps4 error was-37398-0 data before attempting to fix any error. Because executing any solution mentioned below may result in your ps4 error was-37398-0 data loss. Once you have backed up your ps4 error ce-34878-0 data, you can proceed to fix the error safely.

Restart the game as well as the PS4 Firmware

As we have discussed earlier, CE-34878-0 is a common error that indicates the game you are currently playing has crashed. To fix this issue, you can restart the game and check for the existence of the ps4 error was-37398-0 code.

System Software Upgrade

The developers of ce-34571-0 usually update the system software to fix the bugs and minor issues of the system. However, if you have not updated the software, then don’t get worried. The process is simple and you can execute it in a couple of minutes.

Settings option

Choose system update

Update the game

This is an easy and basic process and it is always recommended to update the game periodically to avoid the issue ce-34571-0 Well, if you have not done, then follow these steps.

Launch PlayStation

Check for updates

Uninstall and Reinstall the game

This process mostly works against the issue ce-34878-0 injustice 2. So, you should try the same. This method will remove the game completely and will install the latest version of the game. The process is a simple one and for your convenience, the steps for the same are listed below.

Uninstall and reinstall the game

Open PS4 and then move to the ‘Settings’ section.

In the ‘Settings’ page, you will find the option ‘System Storage Management’, select it.

The next page will display a few options, select ‘Applications’ located at the top of the menu.

Delete’ icon

Turn off face recognition.

To enjoy a better gaming experience, some gamers connect the PS camera to the PS4 error CE-34878-0, but this might lead to error CE-34878-0. If you are also on the same list, then remove it and restart your PS4. Along with this, you have to turn off the face recognition feature of ps4 error ce-34878-0.

Go to PS4 Settings > Devices.

Go to Turn off Device.

Select the radio switch to turn the camera off and restart your PS4.

Navigate to Settings > User.

And then go to Login Settings.

Uncheck Enable Face Recognition option.

Change PS4 display settings

Many users reported that simply switching the video output settings from automatic to 720p corrected the ce-34878-0 inequity. 2. Try them and check for errors. Though the ce-34878-0 injustice 2 will automatically manage video output settings, if you want to use any specific video resolution, then follow these easy steps:

Sound and screen


PS4 should be turned on: ps4 error ce-34878-0

If all the methods fail and the issue with PS4 error code CE-34878-0 still persists, then apply this method. Initialization is a process that removes all the files and saved data on the system storage. In short, the definition itself gives a warning, so before applying this method, make sure you have a backup of the data because this process will erase all the saved files completely and you won’t get them back.

Settings’ from the Home Screen.

Initialize PS4’ from the settings menu.

Full’ option.

After completing the process, reinstall the game but before that restore the data from the backup.

Replace third-party HDD with the Original one

Replace third-party HDD with the Original one

The prime concern of the gamers in the ce-34878-0 Valhalla is to increase the console’s storage space. To do so, most of them replace the original one with a third-party HDD. Due to this, an unwanted gate opens which allows the issue to enter, and one such is the ce-34878-0 Valhalla.

Miscellaneous Troubleshooting Tips:

If your PS4 Error Code CE-34878-0 NBA 2k16 error isn’t solved by any of the above methods. Kindly go through the below points.


With this being the end of this troubleshooting guide on fixing PS4 error codes, We have covered all the possible solutions to fix the issue. We’ve gone over all of the possible causes of ps4 error ce-34878-0. We hope it’s fixed.

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