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14 Region Free Blu Ray Player Works In 2023 | techlion

by Nemo
Region free blu ray player

Want to enjoy your Blu ray movies with better visual quality by using a region free Blu ray player? Which free Blu-ray player software is the best? First and foremost, let us confront reality.

Blu-ray disc player: Windows 10 is the most recent high-definition entertainment storage standard. Compact CDs were utilised when no one cared about video quality. CDs, or compact discs, were eventually superseded by DVDs due to their increased storage capacity. Nevertheless, for 4K UHD entertainment, region free Blu ray player Windows 10 discs proved to be the best storage option due to their massive storage space (almost 5 times that of a DVD) and higher picture quality.

However, to play Blu-ray player for PC and Mac, you’ll need a BD player, usually a hardware device applicable to TV playback, or an optical BD ROM drive to load Blu-ray software, or Blu-ray player software, the software to play Blu-ray ISO files or folders. If you choose Blu-ray software for your PC, focus on this post since we will discuss the top 5 best free Blu-ray players that enable users to play Blu-ray players on PCs and Mac computers.

The great thing about Blu-ray player software is that you can use it with any compatible device without needing an expensive TV or complicated hardware. So if you are a student on a budget or a decades-long movie buff, it’s well worth the investment.

To help you decide on what to look for in region free Blu ray player software and which package to buy, we have compiled a list of the top five options available in the market today, along with a list of helpful tips and pointers to find the right features for your viewing needs.

What are the requirements to download region free Blu ray player Software?

 To download blu ray software, you should install the latest version.

  • For Windows-Windows7/8/8.1/10
  • For Android-Android 5.0 or above
  • For iOS– iOS 10 or later

How can I access region free Blu ray player windows 10 for free on my computer? There are various Blu-ray players that you can access for free without purchasing them. One such software is VLC Media Player. You can easily access it on your computer or stream it from the web.

What is the best region free Blu ray player software?

The blu ray player windows 10 Ripping Software is VLC Media Player, which is the popular media player frequently used by users. VLC Media Player is the free player that allows users to play an unprotected blu ray player for pc disk or to play Blu-ray iOS files on their computer.

Best Region Free Blu ray player Software

The below table shows the comparison of some of the region free Blu ray player windows 10 available in the market.

1. PowerDVD 21

power DvD 21

power DvD 21

CyberLink’s website boasts that PowerDVD 21 is the world’s No. 1 movie & media player, and the publisher’s marketing hype doesn’t lack substance. PowerDVD 21 is certainly one of the world’s best Blu-ray players at least as it supports both 4K Ultra HD and Full HD Blu-ray Disc. The latest version enables users to play Blu-ray movies on full screen on wide-screen TVs on a 21:9 aspect ratio.

2. GOM Player

Gom player

Gom player

The second entry on our list is a very popular media player among users, most probably because it also comes in a free variant that pretty much anyone can use without any kind of restriction.

GOM Player is also popular because it has a very intuitive and familiar interface, and anyone that ever used another video player can easily work around this one as well. It is very versatile in terms of what formats it can support, and it even comes with a built-in subtitle library, so anyone anywhere can enjoy any movie.

3. 5K Player (PC/MAC):

5k player

5k player

It is the perfect combination of the online downloader, AirPlay Media Streamer, Music Player ad HD video player with MKV support. This platform support Radio as well as DVDs with revolutionary interface design whereas users can easily play advanced media file formats like FLAC, APE, AAC, and MP3, etc. Its built-in type AirPlay receiver and sender tool assist in easy audio streaming from iPhone 7 platform.

4. FreeSmith Video Player (PC):



Pricing: Free

Here is one more free region free Blu ray player for video lovers that can easily play all popular file formats ranging from Blu-Ray discs to regular video files. You need not search for additional codecs when you have FreeSmith Video Player on your PC. If you want to access subtitles with your videos then FreeSmith Video Player can provide you perfect support on PC.

5. CyberLink PowerDVD 20 Ultra

Best for providing the best Blu-ray and media player for Windows. You can watch it anywhere and stream it everywhere. CyberLink PowerDVD 20 Ultra is the universal media player that streams movies, discs, music, photos, video files, and much more.


  • This wireless multimedia provides a high-quality experience to its users.
  • You can watch your favorite movies or show from the place you left them on your device.
  • Without the use of the Internet, you can easily stream your series or movies on your device through Cyberlink Cloud. You can access it in its offline mode.
  • You can watch it easily on your PC with its ultra HD Blu-Ray and 8K video.
  • You can organize your TV shows and movies and access as well as the detailed information about the movies and shows

6. VLC Media Player

Vlc media player is the free multimedia player that streams all multimedia files including DVDs, VCDs, Audio, CDs, and other streaming protocols as well.

VLC Media Player

VLC Media Player

Created by VideoLan Project, VLC Media Player is the free multimedia player that plays various multimedia files such as DVDs, Audio, VCDs, CDs, etc.

7. Macgo

Best for giving high-definition special visualizations and a remarkable DTS5.1 audio display.



Macgo Blu-ray player software provides the best picture and visual quality effects and also it removes spyware, malware, and unwanted programs through its SpyHunter malware removal tool. It recovers the lost iOS data through it and provides you with various iOS recovery tools.

8. MakeMKV

Best for converting video clips from encrypted discs into MKV files by preserving useful and important information. It can store multiple video/audio tracks with all its meta-information and preserves details of it.



MakeMKV is a useful region free Blu ray player software that converts all your media files from encrypted formats while storing user information. It is also known as a format converter or a transcoder.

9. Handbrake

Best for converting your videos into any format.



It is the free and open-source video transcoder that converts video into any format. It is available for Windows, Mac, and Linux.


  • It supports all multimedia files, DVD files, and Blu-ray sources.
  • It provides the best quality for Video Encoding.
  • It provides various filters for the Video.
  • It provides the option of Subtitles for the Video.

10. Aurora Blu-ray Media Player

Best for playing Blu-ray discs, Blu-ray IOS files. It also plays other video formats easily for its users.

free blu ray player

Aurora Blu-ray Media Player

It is the best Blu-ray media player that can play any type of video format, and it provides users with an opportunity to play Blu-ray videos in their best quality.

11. UMPlayer

UMPlayer is one of the best open-source media players that have the capacity to playback blu ray DVDs. Unlike other open-source media players, UMPlayer is well designed and integrated many useful features.

free blu ray player


1. UMPlayer is a cross-platform media player, available on Windows, Mac OS, and Linux.
2. It supports various media files, including most video formats and audio files.
3. The built-in ShoutCast application works well.
4. With UMPlayer, you do not worry about the problems that pictures and sound go out of sync.
5. This Blu-ray player is able to play videos as well as homemade DVDs.

12. Yamaha BD-A1060

Yamaha BD-A1060 is a high-end Blu-ray DVD player. For the customers with more budgets, it is the best BD DVD player.

1. This Blu-ray DVD player firmware has a solid build and well design.
2. Yamaha BD-A1060 has upscale to 4k videos.
3. This DVD player could play back all shiny disc formats, including standard DVDs, DVD-VR, and more.
4. It has integrated Wi-Fi and Miracast.
5. 3D Blu-rays are readable on Yamaha BD-A1060.

not only plays blu ray software discs perfectly, but you can also use it to play DVDs and CDs. It can also upscale standard-definition DVD footage for HD screens. And it effectively smooths out pixelation and artifacts that can result from upscaling.

13. Coral WinDVD Pro 12

You’ll still get great features, such as customizable skins, environmental settings, BD-Live network support, power manager, social media connectivity, and more. However, you won’t be able to use your smartphone as a remote control or take advantage of your device’s touchscreen.

14. PotPlayer

Best for playing all types of multimedia files and supports different types of 3D glasses.

free blu ray player

pot player

PotPlayer provides effective experience while using resources such as DXCA, CUDA, Quicksync, etc. You can get a 3D experience and it supports all types of Blu-ray subtitles. It is available for Windows 8.1/8/7/Vista/XP.


In this post, we introduced the top region free Blu ray player apps and top blu ray disc player devices. If you are preparing to purchase a BD playing device, you can choose one from the top list according to your requirements. On the other hand, we also recommended the best blu ray player software. If you prefer freeware, you can try UMPlayer and AVS Media Player. If you need more plentiful features and have more budgets, PowerDVD 16 Ultra and Leawo blu ray player could meet your demands. And AnyMP4 Blu-ray Player is the most cost-effective blu ray software DVD player on the market. If you have other recommended Blu-ray DVD Players, you can feel free to share the information with us.

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