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How To Remove Activation Lock On Icloud Without Password

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Have trouble with how to remove activation lock on apple watch without previous owner 2020? follow along for how to remove activation lock without the previous owner on the iPad and apple watch. If you buy an iPhone secondhand and it has remove activation lock on the icloud activation lock removal, you can still use it if the seller is unavailable. Here’s how to bypass the remove activation lock. When purchasing a used or refurbished iPhone, you may have an issue with the device’s iCloud Activation Lock being enabled. apple activation lock removal is a security feature included in Find My that allows users to lock down their iPhone or iPad and prevent others from gaining access or even reusing it once it has been discovered.

However, there are times when the iPhone is in the hands of the rightful owner but is still prohibited, but the question is that how to remove activation lock on apple watch without previous owner 2020?  necessitating a remove activation lock. For example, the owner may have enabled it and completely forgotten their Apple ID or passcode, despite repeated attempts to recover their account credentials. The iPhone or iPad was sold on, and the lock was enabled, but the original owner was unable to be contacted to remove the activation lock. for example, let’s take a look at IMEIUNLOCKSIM this is an online service that offers you how to remove activation lock on apple watch without previous owner 2020.

It is normally suggested that remove activation lock services time is 5 to 10 days. however, this does not always happen. You could use a product like PassFab Activation U to fix remove activation lock without previous owner problems. When you first heard about the apple activation lock removal, you might have been perplexed. If that’s the case, you’re not alone. This is a problem that many new iPhone buyers or second-hand iPhone users face. What is an iCloud activation lock, exactly? Without a password, how to remove activation lock without previous owner 2020?

What is the iCloud Activation Lock?

The activation lock is a feature designed by Apple to prevent anyone else from using your iPhone in case it gets lost or stolen.

If you have set up the iCloud account and have turned on the Find My iPhone feature, the activation lock will be enabled automatically. When you have an apple activation lock removal on your iPhone/iPad, you will need the Apple ID and password to activate it.

What is PassFab Activation Unlocker?

PassFab Activation Unlocker is a tool used to perform an iPhone Activation Lock bypass. When used, it can allow the user to set up their iPhone by working around the lock. It can also perform an iPad Activation Lock removal, as the same system can protect iPads using iPadOS. The activation lock iPhone bypass is not the only way that the software could be used, as it can also be employed for various other activation error problems. For example, activating an iPhone with a very old iOS version or if the device is locked to a different carrier, or how to remove activation lock on apple watch without previous owner 2020.

Step 1: Open the program after successful installation and then select “Remove iCloud Activation Lock” in the main window.

Activation lock

Activation lock

Step 2: Click “Start” and then connect the device to the computer using USB cables.

Step 3: To bypass the iCloud Activation, the program will need to jailbreak the device. unlock will then begin downloading the right jailbreak package for your device. When the download is complete, click on “Jailbreak” and then follow the on-screen instructions to put the device in DFU Mode.

Lock UnlockGo

Lock UnlockGo

Step 4: As soon as the jailbreak process is complete, click on “ how to remove activation lock without previous owner 2020” and UnlockGo will begin removing the iCloud Activation Lock on the device.

Remove icloud activation lock

Remove icloud activation lock

Keep the device connected to the computer and after a few minutes, the device will be unlocked, allowing you to access and use the features and apps on it. You can also ask the device’s previous owner to help you remove icloud activation lock without password on the device. The following are some of the ways the device’s previous owner can help.

Official and Online Ways to Remove iCloud Activation Lock without Password

1. Ask the Previous Owner to Enter their Apple ID During Set-up

If the previous owner of the device is still with you when you’re setting up the device, ask them to enter their Apple ID and password in the Activation Lock screen on the device or, how to remove the activation lock without previous owner?

Once they enter their details, tap on “Next” and the device will be removed from their iCloud account thereby disabling Activation Lock.

Activation lock

Activation lock

2. Ask the Previous Owner to Enter their Old Passcode

If the iPhone is running iOS 11 or later and the device’s owner used the Two-factor authentication feature with iCloud, you can use their device’s passcode instead of the Apple ID and password to remove the remove icloud activation lock without password.  To do this, tap on “Unlock with Passcode?” in the Activation screen and then ask them to enter the device’s passcode. You may also need to enter the two-factor authentication code that Apple sends to the previous owner.

3. Ask the Previous Owner to Remove the device from iCloud

If the previous owner is not close to you, but you have their contact information, you can ask them to remove their device from iCloud. They can do that remotely using these simple steps:

Step 1: Use their Apple ID and passcode to sign in to the iCloud website.

Step 2: Click on the “Find My” button and then select the device from the “All Devices” menu.

Step 3: In the options that appear, click on “Erase Device” and then follow the steps to erase all data and settings on the device.

Step 4: Click “Remove ” You can then finish setting up the device and you should be able to continue using it as normal.

4. Ask Apple to Remove Activation Lock from the Device

If you don’t have access to the previous owner of the device, you can ask Apple to help you remove the apple activation lock removal from the device. But Apple will only help you if you can provide proof that you purchased or inherited the device. If you bought the device, then you need to provide Apple with proof of purchase such as a receipt. This proof of payment must contain the device’s serial number and your name. If the device’s serial number was replaced at the Genius bar, then you need to provide the Service Communication with the details of the old and new serial numbers.

Final Words:

After reading the information presented above, I’m confident you have a good understanding of what iCloud Activation Lock or circumvent it. Some of the methods described in this article may be outdated and only work with older iOS versions. Some won’t work if you can’t get in touch with the prior owner.

While iMyFone iBypasser is the most popular solution for bypassing the apple activation lock removal lock screen without requiring a previous Apple ID or password from a popular iOS device, It’s worth noting that iOS 14. x is supported. If your iPhone is stuck on the activation lock after deleting it and you don’t know your Apple ID or password, you can use bypass to bypass the iCloud activation on how to remove activation lock on apple watch without previous owner 2020 lock screen.

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