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How To Fix TD Ameritrade Login Issues & Not Working?

by Julia
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How to fix Td Ameritrade login issues? Millions of people use the trading app TD Ameritrade. A small percentage of its users do, however, still experience certain issues with the software. What to do if the TD Ameritrade app is not working?

This troubleshooting manual offers a few potential methods for resolving common TD Ameritrade issues. 
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td ameritrade login issues

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How to fix Td Ameritrade login issues? The investment app TD Ameritrade gives its customers access to market data. It has, however, occasionally experienced issues with general service.

These were server-related issues, but occasionally customers may also need to resolve the TD Ameritrade app not functioning on their particular devices.

Use the below troubleshooting procedures if your Ameritrade app isn’t functioning.

If the TD Ameritrade app isn’t working, what should I do?

#1. Delete the app’s cache first

td ameritrade login issues

  • On your Android smartphone, tap Settings.
  • Go to Settings and choose Apps.
  • Next, choose the TD Ameritrade app.
  • Tap Storage to reveal more choices.
  • For the TD Ameritrade app, select the Clear cache button.
  • Once the app’s cache has been cleared, turn off your phone.
  • In the event that the cache choice has no impact, you can also try using the Clear data option.

#2. Consider an alternative

td ameritrade login issues

Ameritrade is a fairly trustworthy software for market trading data, but it isn’t the only one available. How to fix Td Ameritrade login issues?

In light of this, we advise you to try TradinView.

This program will give you comprehensive information on all types of equities, including foreign exchange rates, oil prices, and gold prices. It even contains sections just for cryptocurrency investors.

You may access the complete service through your web browser. So long as it is quick and dependable, you can go ahead and start using TradingView to improve your financial judgments.

#3. Install TD Ameritrade again

td ameritrade login issues

  • Android
  • Launch Settings
  • To access your app list, tap Apps.
  • Choose TD Ameritrade from the apps list.
  • To uninstall TD Ameritrade, click the Uninstall option.

Next, access the Google Play website for the TD Ameritrade app. The software can then be reinstalled by selecting Install. How to fix Td Ameritrade login issues?

Apple’s iOS

  • For Apple iOS users, the TD Ameritrade app must be tapped and held down until it jiggles.
  • In the top left corner of the app, tap the X.
  • After that, click Delete to confirm.
  • Visit the TD Ameritrade page in the Apple App Store.
  • For a fresh installation of the app, choose Get.
  • Transfer TD Ameritrade from internal storage to SD storage.
  • Click Settings, then choose Apps.
  • Tap Storage after choosing your TD Ameritrade application.
  • To access the options seen in the image below, tap the Change button.
  • Choose internal shared storage from the menu.

#5. The TD Ameritrade login page is broken

td ameritrade login issues

Website: https://invest.ameritrade.com/grid/p/login

How to fix Td Ameritrade login issues? You might not be entering the correct login information if your TD Ameritrade login isn’t working.

Go to TD Ameritrade’s Login Help website to find your user ID and reset your password.

The buttons to reset a password and retrieve a user ID are available there.

#6. Inactive TD Ameritrade security concerns

td ameritrade login

Get in touch with the app’s customer service if the response to your TD Ameritrade security question isn’t working. The support number for the app is 800-454-9272. How to fix Td Ameritrade login issues?

You can also get in touch with customer service using Ameritrade’s Twitter account.

Before they tell you the answer to your security question, Ameritrade customer service will probably ask you a few different ways to prove who you are. What to do if the TD Ameritrade app is not working?

Alternately, attempt to sign in via the TD Ameritrade mobile website. Users receive security codes via text messages from that Therefore, the website does not require security responses.

#7. A problem with TD Ameritrade’s streaming quotations

TD Ameritrade streaming quotes have previously stopped functioning. It isn’t much you can do to resolve the problem if you can’t watch Ameritrade’s streaming quotes. How to fix Td Ameritrade login issues?

Missing quotations from streams will most likely be a server issue. Even as recently as May 2020, TD Ameritrade experienced a notable outage.

At Downdetector.com, you can see if Ameritrade is unavailable. Open the Ameritrade page on Downdetector.com to find out whether there is a server problem.

So there you have it: a possible solution to the Ameritrade app’s malfunction. Even though these fixes haven’t been fully tested, they may be able to fix many problems with the TD Ameritrade app.

Instructions for Accessing Your TD Ameritrade Account From a Computer

You will select a user ID and a password when you open a TD Ameritrade account. Once your account has been created, logging in only requires a few easy steps:

  • Go to the TD Ameritrade website.
  • Enter your username at the top of the page.
  • Put your password in the box next to your username.
  • Select “Log in” from the menu.

How to Access Your TD Ameritrade Account on a Tablet or Mobile Phone

td ameritrade login

Website: https://invest.ameritrade.com/grid/p/login

Apps from TD Ameritrade are available on Google Play and the App Store. Using the same user ID and password as on the TD Ameritrade website, you can access your mobile account.

If your phone supports it, you can also use fingerprint authentication to access your account.

What to Do If You Forget Your User ID or Password

The steps below can help you retrieve your user ID if you’ve forgotten it:

  1. Visit the TD Ameritrade login assistance page.
  2. Select “Retrieve user ID” from the menu.
  3. Enter your account number, tax ID number, or Social Security number.
  4. Type your last name here.
  5. Please enter your birthdate.
  6. Check the CAPTCHA box.
  7. Select “Continue” from the menu.

The steps to retrieve your password are the same if you’ve forgotten it.

  1. Visit the TD Ameritrade login assistance page.
  2. Select “Reset password” from the menu.
  3. Please check your user ID.
  4. Check your postal or ZIP code.
  5. Select “Continue” from the menu.
  6. Please specify how you would like to receive the security code on the following page. You have the option of receiving it via text, phone, or email.
  7. To change your password, enter the security code you were given.

In either case, you can contact TD Ameritrade at 800-669-3900 if you need assistance along the route.

Information on Viewing Your TD Ameritrade Statement

Website: https://invest.ameritrade.com/grid/p/login

By doing the following, you can obtain your TD Ameritrade statements online:

  1. Utilize your user ID and password to access your TD Ameritrade account.
  2. Hovering over “My Account” in the top left corner of the page will open a pop-up menu.
  3. Click “Statements” under “History & Statements.”
  4. Choose the statement you want to view.


How to Contact TD Ameritrade If Your Account Is Having Problems?

What to do if the TD Ameritrade app is not working? Call customer support at 800-669-3900 if you are an existing customer and need assistance with your TD Ameritrade account. 24/7 customer care and support are offered for accounts.

Service is offered in Spanish by calling 888-376-4684, but only from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. ET Monday through Friday. From 8:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. ET, Monday through Friday, TTY services are available at 888-723-8503 for those who are hard of hearing.

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