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15 Best Trucking Companies In North America (2022)

by Julia
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Trucking companies are an important part of the world in many ways, whether they deliver huge or little cargo. You may be purchasing a small item online or transporting tonnes of raw material to a processing factory, but you’ll need the assistance of a truck in either case.

The trucking companies  business is a big part of the economy that many other industries tend to ignore or even look down on as a job.

15 Best Trucking Companies In North America (2022)

The following are the top 15 trucking companies in North America:

#1. XPO Logistics

trucking companies

  • Revenue: $12.8

Our bronze medalist is XPO Logistics, which is also the third-largest trucking Companies in general and the third-largest less-than-truckload service. The headquarters of XPO Logistics is in Greenwich, Connecticut. According to their website, they are service-oriented, safe, and welcoming.

XPO Logistics was created in 1989 and employs around 100,000 people. The typical XPO Logistics employee earns $38,369 per year, which is less than some of its top competitors.

Another negative feature is the high turnover rate, with employees staying at this organisation for an average of only 1.7 years.

However, many XPO Logistics employees say it’s a terrific place to work, and the company’s total income has been steadily increasing over the years.

#2. J.B. Hunt Transportation

trucking companies

  • Revenue: $12.168 billion

J.B. Hunt is the ninth and third-largest truckload transportation firm on this list. This truckload transportation firm was started in 1961 and is located in Lowell, Arkansas.

Over 24,000 people work for the firm. It runs around 12,000 vehicles as well as 100,000 trailers and containers. J.B. Hunt workers earn an average of $54,763 a year and stay with the business for roughly 2.2 years. This company is also a great trucking company  in 2022.

#3. UPS


  • Revenue: $97.3 billion =

UPS Freight is a less-than-truckload transportation firm that is a division of UPS (United Parcel Service). UPS employs around 335,520 people in various jobs and is based in Atlanta, Georgia. UPS is the oldest corporation on our list, having been founded in 1907.

UPS Freight has more than 200 facilities in the United States, with over 22,000 trailers and 6,700 tractors. The typical UPS employee earns roughly $33,651 per year. we listed this in 3rd position in the list of best trucking companies.

#4. FedEx

trucking companies

  • Revenue: $83.959 billion

Fedex Freight is our first inclusion on our list and the grand prize winner of the largest trucking Companies. Fedex Freight is a less-than-truckload transportation firm that is part of the Fedex Corporation, an American corporation based in Memphis, Tennessee.

The term “Fedex” is a combination of the organization’s former name, “Federal Express,” which it used from its inception in 1973 until the year 2000. The firm not only provides trucking Companies but also air and ocean freight shipping.

Fedex Freight has around 25,000 vehicles in service, 43,000 team members, and a daily cargo volume of 105,000, according to the company’s website.

FedEx personnel are a varied group of people in terms of colour, gender, and political affiliation. On the other hand, 55% of FedEx employees say they are members of the Republican Party, which is a bit more than the percentage of Democrats.

#5. Swift Logistics

Swift Logistics

  • Revenue: $6.0 billion.

Swift Transportation, the fifth firm on this list, is our first complete truckload company. Swift Transportation is now the largest truckload transportation firm. Swift Transportation is based in Phoenix, Arizona, and was renamed Knight-Swift after a merger with Knight Transportation.

Jerry Moyes launched Swift Transportation in 1966. Swift Transportation employs 21,900 people in various professions and runs around 23,000 vehicles. Swift Transportation employees make an average of $53,892 per year.

#6. Landstar System

Landstar System

  • Revenue: $6.54 billion.

Landstar System rounds off our top 10 and is easily ranked fourth among truckload freight companies. Landstar System is a Florida-based firm headquartered in Jacksonville. The firm was started in 1968 and now employs over 10,000 independent contractors.

Landstar System employs approximately 1,273 people and is 80th in our ranking of the top transportation companies to work for. This company also likes to hire University of North Florida graduates. In fact, 14.7% of its employees have degrees from that school.

#7. YRC Worldwide

trucking companies

  • Revenue: $5.1 billion.

YRC Freight, another less-than-truckload company, rounds out our top four. YRC Freight is a division of YRC Worldwide, based in Overland Park, Kansas.

YRC Freight was formed in 1924, making it one of the oldest companies on our list. It was known as Yellow Transportation at the time. YRC Freight has since grown to become one of North America’s major less-than-truckload companies.

Employees at YRC Freight earn an average of $43,303 per year. Engineers earn the highest average compensation in the organisation, with an annual salary of $81,000.

#8. Old Dominion Freight Lines

trucking companies

  • Revenue: $5.256 billion.

Old Dominion Freight Line is ranked second on our list for less-than-truckload shipping. The Old Dominion Freight Line was created in 1934 and has a solid reputation (as well as a high average yearly income).

Earl Congdon established Old Dominion Freight Line, and the Congdon family still owns the firm today. The company’s headquarters are in Thomasville, North Carolina. According to odfl.com, the corporation also has 245 repair locations and around 41,000 cargo tractors and trailers.

Whatever the reason, most people who work for Old Dominion Freight Line are Republicans. In fact, 85% of them say they are Republicans.

If this seems like your dream job, Old Dominion Freight Line is number 56 on our list of the top transportation companies to work for.


trucking companies

  • Revenue: $4.0 billion.

ABF Freight System is an Arkansas-based less-than-truckload transportation firm. Arcbest, a logistics solutions company, owns ABF Freight System. It is a well-established business, having been founded in 1923.

ABF Freight Systems employs around 13,000 people. It’s interesting that ABF Freight Systems is one of the few trucking companies where more employees are Democrats than Republicans. About 54% of ABF Freight Systems’ employees say they are Democrats.

#10. Schneider National

trucking companies


  • Revenue: $5.0 billion.

Schneider National may be ranked eighth on our list, but it is the second-largest freight firm in the United States, trailing only Swift Transportation. Schneider National was established in 1935 and is headquartered in Green Bay, Wisconsin. The business describes its employees as “safe, courteous, and hardworking.” Schneider National employs over 19,300 people, with annual compensation of approximately $65,250.

Schneider National is an industry leader with over 85 years of experience. They run approximately 190 sites across the United States.

Schneider National has a reputation for being a great place to work, ranking 78th on our list of the best transportation companies to work for.

#11. Saia Motor Freight Line

trucking companies

  • Revenue: $2.289 billion.

Saia Motor Freight Line, a less-than-truckload transportation firm, is our final inclusion on this list. The firm was established in 1924 and currently employs 8,900 workers. Saia has excellent staff retention, with the average employee remaining for around 3.5 years.

#12. Werner Enterprises

trucking companies

  • Revenue in 2021: $2.4 billion.

Werner Enterprises is an Omaha, Nebraska-based less-than-truckload transportation firm. It employs around 12,784 people and has an average employee pay of $72,304, which is regarded to be at the industry’s top, competitive level. Werner Enterprises ranks 70th in our ranking of the top transportation companies to work for these and other reasons.

Werner Enterprises has a high turnover rate, despite the great compensation potential. This company’s employees remain for an average of 1.5 years before departing. The firm has around 8,000 tractors and 23,000 trailers, which largely move cargo and consumer goods.

#13. R+L Carriers

trucking companies

  • Revenue: $2.0 billion.

R & L Carriers is a less-than-truckload shipping firm that was started in 1965. It employs over 10,000 people and runs a fleet of over 21,000 tractors and trailers. Employees earn an average of $41,838 per year. The corporation is headquartered in Wilmington, Ohio.

#14. Prime

trucking companies

  • Revenue: $2.2 billion.

Prime Inc., based in Springfield, Missouri, is the sixth largest truckload transportation firm. The firm was created in 1970 and considers its culture “unique.”

Prime employs around 3,750 people and operates sites across the United States. Prime workers get an annual salary of $52,676.

#15. Estes Express Lines

trucking companies

  • Revenue: $3.1 million

Estes Express Lines is a Richmond, Virginia-based less-than-truckload transportation firm. W.W. Estes founded the firm in 1931, and it is currently held by the Estes family. Estes Express Lines employs around 16,000 people, operates over 200 labour stations, and owns over 30,000 trailers and 6,700 tractors for shipping purposes.

The average Estes Express Lines employee earns around $43,464 per year.

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