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10 Best Vertical Monitor In 2022 Review & More – Techlion

by Julia
Vertical Monitor

Many of our homes have been turned into little workplaces. New work tables, seats, a keyboard, a new mouse, and a new headset are all items that you have most likely previously purchased. The next logical step in setting up your home office is to buy the best vertical monitor.

When you use a monitor in “portrait mode,” you may stretch your screen vertically without taking up too much horizontal space. One of the main reasons for acquiring a vertical computer monitor is its tiny footprint.

I had never tried using my display in a vertical posture before. However, when I switched desks, I needed to maximise my workplace space. I kept one monitor in horizontal mode and switched the other to portrait mode. What a paradigm shift! It’s fantastic for referencing a long document since I can shift it to the vertical screen and view it all at once.

10 Best Vertical Monitor In 2022

A multi-monitor configuration, such as the one I’m using, allows me to track numerous tabs at the same time. If you want to be more efficient at work, I recommend investing in a vertical display. To assist you, I’ve compiled a list of the top 10 vertical monitors for your home office.

#1. Samsung Business SR650 Series 24″ Vertical Monitor

Vertical Monitor

  • 24″ desktop monitor
  • Resolution : 1920X1080
  • Multiple connecting options are supported.

Another Samsung gadget ranks first on our list. This 23.8-inch business monitor has an IPS panel with a resolution of 19201080. With a refresh rate of 75Hz, this will provide sharp, gorgeous visuals with a wide viewing angle.

The bezel-less, elegant style shines out on any workstation. A fully adjustable stand with tilt, swivel, height, and pivot adjustment offers the highest level of ergonomic comfort. The monitor’s 100/100 VESA compatibility allows you to mount it on a wall or in a multi-monitor arrangement.

The monitor also has HDMI, DisplayPort, and VGA connectivity options, as well as a built-in USB hub with two USB 2.0 ports and two USB 3.0 ports. This makes connecting all of your peripherals relatively simple without having to go under your desk or behind your computer.

Eye Saver Mode and Flicker-Free technology are additional features that assist in decreasing eye strain for a more comfortable work experience, especially during extended work hours. This device comes with a three-year commercial warranty, with extended warranties available for purchase.

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#2. LG 27GN650-B Ultragear 27” Vertical Monitor

Vertical Monitor

  • 4k HD outcome.
  • A pivot can be vertical or horizontal.
  • Excellent for both gaming and work.

This LG 27-inch vertical display is an excellent all-purpose monitor for both work and gaming. It has an excellent screen resolution and excellent image quality. As a result, it’s ideal for designers or others who frequently work with graphics. Gamers like it because of the 27-inch HD display. It’s worth noting that the refresh rate is 144hz, which is ideal for business work as well as serious games.

It has a built-in stand and pivot control. As a result, you may tilt the display 90 degrees to make it a vertical computer monitor. Coders, in particular, will appreciate this functionality. It also has a one-year warranty. In the computer monitor market, LG is a well-known brand. With this 27-inch vertical monitor, you get high-quality parts and an easy-to-use device.

#3. Dell Professional P2219H 21.5″ Vertical Monitor

Vertical Monitor

  • 1.5-inch computer monitor
  • Aspect ratio of 16:9
  • Multiple connecting options are supported.

The professional 21.5-inch vertical monitor from Dell is the next item on our list. With its 16:9 aspect ratio, this device claims to boost your productivity by providing a broad viewing angle. When working on many screens at once, the narrow borders make things look smoother and less cluttered.

It also allows you to rotate, tilt, change the height, and swivel your display to your precise taste, allowing you to work comfortably. Multiple connection ports on the bottom and sides of the display make it simple to connect to a variety of devices.

The Auto Mode function allows you to change the colour settings of your programmes and save them as presets. With PowerNap, you don’t have to worry about wasting electricity while you’re not using your computer. The package also comes with free help from Amazon to set up and use the monitor.

#4.  ASUS ProArt Display PA248QV 24.1″ Vertical Monitor

Vertical Monitor

  • 24″ desktop monitor
  • IPS display with a resolution of 1920 x 1200
  • Filter for blue light.

The 24-inch vertical monitor is the next ASUS product on our list. With a 1920 x 1200 IPS display, the ProArt display provides an industry-standard 100% sRGB and 100% Rec. 709 colour gamut for a rich and vibrant reproduction that guarantees every aspect of your photographs is clear and lifelike.

The ASUS ProArt Palette allows you to customise your display by adjusting a variety of characteristics like colour hue, temperature, and gamma, all of which are easily accessible via easy on-screen menus. The ProArt Preset also has many options for quickly adjusting the colour gamut. You can simply alter and match your demands, whether you’re colour grading, video editing, or processing photographs.

The hotkey allows you to quickly access the blue light through the on-screen menu. The display also has extensive connectivity and can connect to a wide range of devices. With external storage, you can enjoy super-fast transfer speeds that can meet any content-making need.

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#5. Acer 24″ vertical monitor with pivot, swivel, and tilt

Vertical Monitor

  • 90-degree pivot
  • Controls for tilt and swivel
  • 144 hertz refresh rate

This Acer 24-inch monitor can rotate 90 degrees to become a horizontal or vertical display. It has a 144 Hz refresh rate, making it excellent for graphics and video enthusiasts. It’s fantastic for gamers. The frame may swivel and tilt as well. When inclined vertically, it boasts a good viewing angle of 160 degrees. That means you can see the display well even if it isn’t exactly in front of you.

If you intend to mount it, it is compatible with standard computer mounts. Otherwise, the stand is excellent, and you can tilt the display to make it upright. The 24″ HD frame is a good size. This monitor is ideal for developers who want to examine lengthy arrays of code vertically. And, while the price swings around $200, it’s relatively reasonable in terms of vertical monitors!

#6. Samsung SE450 21.5″ Vertical MonitorVertical Monitor

  • 21.5-inch computer monitor
  • Full HD 1920X1080 resolution
  • Multiple connecting options are supported.

Samsung’s 21.5-inch desktop has excellent ergonomics and several eco-friendly features. It is made of 30% recyclable plastic and consumes less than 0.005W in standby mode and a genuine 0W in off mode.

A strong LED backlight illuminates the LCD panel. It has a full HD 1920 x 1080 resolution, a 16:9 aspect ratio, and a refresh rate of 60 hertz. This contributes to the production of bright and crisp pictures. The small and streamlined form takes very little desk space. The device also comes with a stand that can be adjusted in height, tilt, swivel, pivot, and turn. It can also be mounted.

It boasts a low-glare TN screen, Eye Saver Mode, Flicker-free, and MagicAngle technology for improved viewing. The monitor also provides the user with a variety of connectivity choices, including VGA, DVI, and DisplayPort 1.2 connectors. The cherry on top is that it comes with a 3-Year Business Warranty, and you can buy more warranties if you want.

#7. Asus VA229HR 21.5″ Vertical Monitor

Vertical Monitor

  • 21.5-inch computer monitor
  • Full HD 1920X1080 resolution
  • 178° viewing angle

Asus’s 21.5-inch Full HD display comes in Seventh place on our list. Its 178° IPS wide-viewing-angle panel promises to show realistic colours that stay the same from any angle while keeping colour shift to a minimum.

This monitor is a wonderful choice if you spend a lot of time in front of the screen. The ASUS Flicker-Free technology on the monitor reduces flicker and delivers a comfortable viewing experience. This technology aids in the reduction of instances of eyestrain and other harmful problems. This is a good buy for your WFH requirements or gaming experiences.

The display has motion blur effects thanks to ASUS technology. In fast-paced game situations, there is a discernible contrast between natural movement and clean edges. The monitor comes with a 3-year guarantee and a variety of connecting choices.

#8. Samsung SH650 Series 27″ Vertical Monitor

Vertical Monitor

  • 27-inch commercial monitor
  • Full HD 1920X1080 resolution
  • Various connection possibilities

The next item on our list is another Samsung device, this time a 27-inch desktop business monitor. This device provides excellent image quality at an affordable price.

Crisp quality and a comfortable viewing experience are provided by the full HD 1920 x 1080 resolution and 16:9 aspect ratio. The PLS panel technology enhances vibrant colours and provides a broad viewing angle. The Eye Saver Mode and Flicker-Free technologies assist in reducing eye strain over extended periods of work.

The display has several connectivity choices, including VGA, HDMI, and DisplayPort inputs, as well as a handy USB hub with two ports for connecting devices or storage. The sleek and narrow design takes up little work space, and the built-in cable management keeps things tidy.

The device also comes with a fully adjustable stand with height, tilt, swivel, and pivot capabilities, as well as VESA mount compatibility and a 3-Year Business Warranty, with additional warranties available for purchase.

#9. Acer CB242Y bir 23.8″ Vertical Monitor

Vertical Monitor

  • 24″ desktop monitor
  • Full HD 1920 x 1080 Resolution Full HD
  • VGA and HDMI

The Acer 24-inch monitor is the Ninth item on this list. The gadget provides a full HD 1920 x 1080 widescreen to viewers via an integrated IPS display. This display was created with prosumers in mind and provides stunning visuals and colours.

With AMD Radeon FreeSync technology, the frame rate is decided by your graphics card rather than the monitor’s predetermined refresh rate, providing you with a significant competitive advantage. The display also doesn’t flicker and has a low level of dimming, which makes it easy for customers to watch games.

The display offers a 1ms VRB response time and a 75Hz refresh rate. It has several HDMI and VGA connector options. Another unique aspect of this monitor is its zero-frame design, which allows for the optimum sight of the screen from edge to edge. The package also includes an ErgoStand with a tilt range of -5° to 20° and the ability to alter the design as needed.

#10. Acer Nitro VG240Y Pbiip 23.8″ Vertical Monitor

Vertical Monitor

  • 24-inch gaming display
  • Resolution 1920 x 1080 Full HD
  • The design of zero frames

The final monitor on this list is Acer’s Nitro 24-inch vertical display, which is ideal for gamers. Every frame counts in professional gaming. If you want to boost your productivity, you may also use it for your work-from-home setting.

The flicker-free, low-dimming, and ComfyView displays ensure a comfortable gaming experience. Traditional displays have thick frames that are taken out by the zero-frame design. This frees up valuable screen space.

For enhanced IPS technology, the display employs an innovative liquid crystal composition. This results in superior colour performance with no colour difference at any viewing angle. With a 144Hz refresh rate, Acer monitors require less time for frame rendering, have minimal input latency, and give an outstanding in-game experience.

A Buyer’s Guide for Vertical Monitors

This tutorial will teach you all you need to know about purchasing and setting up the greatest vertical monitor. We’ll go through the benefits and drawbacks of having a vertical display, as well as desk space and correct mounting. We hope you find it beneficial.

What are the benefits of using a vertical monitor?

The standard of display

A vertical display has three major advantages, in our opinion. The first significant benefit is general usability. Vertical text is simpler to read than horizontal text. For example, scrolling down line by line is significantly simpler than scrolling horizontally.

Because computer programmers read and write in text with several breakpoints, using a vertical display for coding is quite beneficial to them. People who work on spreadsheets with a large number of rows of data might benefit from viewing more rows in this manner as well.

Real estate for desks

You will take up less room around your desk if you use a vertical monitor layout. This is due to the fact that you are pointing the display upwards rather than across. This is unlikely to be a game changer for anyone, but it is a minor improvement if your desk is crowded. When I turned one of my monitors on its side, I could fit both of them in a smaller space.


With a large enough vertical monitor, you can stack two windows on top of each other on the screen. The reason this is so much simpler with a vertical display is due to the way we read and arrange material.

You may see how this works for yourself as an experiment. Try placing two windows side by side on a horizontal display. Assuming you do not have an ultrawide display, the user interface of each window will appear highly crowded. However, if you stack those two windows on a vertical display, they seem considerably better. This is because they have greater horizontal breathing room and are only squashed vertically. However, because it is so simple to scroll vertically, it creates a really basic user experience.

In brief, vertical displays provide greater screen real estate, making them ideal for viewing long blocks of text like code or email threads. When I need to refer to a document, I enjoy that I can place it on the vertical screen and see the entire long document.

How can I make my monitor vertical?

A computer monitor may be turned vertical by following a few easy procedures.

  • First, identify the monitor stand that came with it. If you are unable to locate it, try to find a universal stand that will fit your model.
  • Unscrew the screws that keep the stand together.
  • If your monitor has a neck, separate it from the body.
  • Reattach the display stand to the monitor, making sure it is secure.
  • Screw the stand back into position.

Your monitor should now be oriented vertically.

How do I install a vertical monitor?

Some vertical displays have a stand that allows you to simply flip your monitor 90 degrees to a vertical position. These are perfect since they require no setup at all. If your display does not offer that option, you can purchase a stand that allows you to swivel the monitor.

There are both wall-mounted and desk-mounted monitor stands. All mounts have four basic screws that fit into your monitor and allow you to move it up and down, left and right, and rotate it 90 degrees. Just be wary of ultra-thin monitors, which lack the four holes required for a fixed stand.

How much do vertical displays cost?

Vertical displays cost no more than horizontal monitors. In reality, as you may well know, most horizontal displays may be converted to vertical monitors. As a result, you should anticipate paying around the same amount as for a standard monitor.

A vertical display may range in price from $150 for a cheap vertical monitor to $500 for the best vertical gaming monitor.

Is it better or worse for my eyes and neck to use a vertical monitor?

This is a catch-22 situation. When using a vertical display, your up-and-down neck motions will increase. However, rotating your neck from side to side will reduce the tension in your neck. The verdict is yet to come.

The good news is that if you buy a vertical monitor, you can easily convert it to a horizontal display. So, if you discover that it puts too much strain on your neck, you can just switch back to a horizontal monitor!

Is it possible to use any monitor vertically?

Yes, provided your monitor can be attached to a mount or comes with a stand that allows it to swivel. Most monitors can be flipped vertically if they satisfy this requirement.

The only difficult aspect of rotating your display vertically is configuring it on your computer so that it recognises the screen is in portrait mode. This helpful YouTube video should lead you through the process.

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