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WeTransfer Definition & How Does It Exactly Function

by Julia

You might be wondering what WeTransfer is and how it works. It is widely discussed because it is quite fashionable. It’s no surprise that it’s used by a variety of professionals, particularly digital marketers and those who run online businesses.

What exactly is WeTransfer?

WeTransfer is a free online platform that allows users to share files with other users. File sharing is an important service in today’s business world. Email is only useful for sharing small files, whereas Google Cloud or iCloud are ideal for sharing high-quality videos, photos, and documents. However, the storage space allotted to users quickly fills up, necessitating frequent cleanup.

WeTransfer solved the problem of continuous file sharing without considering how to manage storage space. It enables users to email large files to others.

The platform is similar to Dropbox, but it has different features. The platform’s basic functions are free, but users who want more features can upgrade to WeTransfer Pro, the paid version.

How Does the WeTransfer Function?

WeTransfer functions similarly to an email account, but it can handle large files. Simply enter your email address and the recipient’s email address, add your message, attach the file, and send.

The basic service is provided for free and does not require registration. You can send files up to 2 GB in size. This should be enough to send a few high-resolution photos or videos. After sending, the recipient receives an email with a link to the files you shared and presto! You were able to send large files without overloading your email service provider.

You can use it once without having to add the recipient to your contact list. There is also the option to set an expiry date for your files, after which the system will automatically delete them. This feature assists in freeing up storage space.

Users can also use the free account to manage transfers and track downloads. WeTransfer Pro, a paid account, has more features that you can tailor to your specific needs.

How Do I Use WeTransfer?

Users can use WeTransfer’s free service to send most files without creating an account. However, if the files are huge, the platform will ask for a password to secure the transfer. To obtain a password, you must first create a WeTransfer Pro account.

The upgrade costs $12 per month, but if you pay for the entire year, it costs $120, a savings of 17%.

Here’s how to set up a paid account:

Step 1: Go to www.wetransfer.com in your browser.


Step 2: On the top right side of the page, click “Products.”


Step 3: Click on the “Sign up for Pro” CTA button.


Step 4: You can either use your Google or Slack login information to create an account, or you can enter your information manually.


If you want to enter your information manually, you must first enter your

  • Email address
  • password
  • first name
  • last name (optional)

Step 5: To create your WeTransfer Pro account, click “Create WeTransfer account.”

Step 6: Choose whether to pay annually or monthly.


Step 7: Fill out the following billing information:

  • Company (Optional)
  • Country
  • Address
  • City Zip Code (the system will detect your country automatically)
  • VAT (optional) (optional)

WeTransfer charges 21% VAT for companies located in the Netherlands, despite the fact that VAT is optional. If your company is located elsewhere in the EU, enter your company’s details and EU tax ID to be exempt from VAT payment.

Step 8: Select “Complete your order.”


Step 9: Enter your credit card information or use PayPal to make your payment.


Step 10: As shown above, click on “Complete your payment.”

The payment will be processed and you will be automatically logged into your account. You can now transfer very large files using the account’s advanced features. A channel can also be created.

WeTransfer does not offer a free trial period for its paid account. Before you can use it, you must first sign up and pay. However, if you are dissatisfied with the service or simply want to cancel your subscription, you can use the 30-day refund policy to get your money back.

If you sign up for the yearly payment plan, your subscription will be automatically renewed the following year. If you want to switch to the monthly plan, go to the Account settings tab and select Payment. Make sure to update your company information and/or preferred payment method before the next payment is due.

How Does WeTransfer Work?

Because many people use WeTransfer’s free service, they do not need an account to do so. It is very simple to transfer files on the platform. Here’s how to go about it:

Step 1: Navigate to the WeTransfer home page.

Step 2: Click “Upload files” to add a file, or “select a folder” to add files from a specific folder. You can also add more files by clicking the plus icon.


Step 3: Enter the recipient’s email address as well as your own email address. If you choose the “select a folder” option, the site will automatically enter the file’s title.


NB: In the preceding example, the file I attached is a nearly 700 MB MP4.

Step 4: Optionally, write a brief message to the recipient.

Step 5: To send a direct email message, click transfer, or click the three dots at the bottom of the interface to select “get transfer link.”


That means you have two alternatives. If you choose “transfer link,” the person you want to send the file to will get a link to it.

Step 6: Validate your email address.

The company will send you a verification code via email to ensure that you are not an impersonator.


The code will only be valid for 60 minutes. When the timer runs out, you must request a new code. However, if you upgrade to a paid account, you will no longer be required to enter a code before transferring files.

Step 7: Enter your verification code and click “verify.”



Regardless of the size of the transfer, the message is sent in a matter of seconds. You can make another transfer right away. The upload, however, will only be available for seven days.

After sending the file, WeTransfer will send you an email. When the recipient downloads the file, you will receive another email, and the recipient will see something similar to the screenshot below.




The visibility features will be unavailable if you use the link option. This means that anyone who has access to your link can view your files without your knowledge. Using a password to protect your files is the safest way to do so. You can get a password when you buy WeTransfer Pro.

What Are WeTransfer’s Advantages?

Users can securely save and share files online with WeTransfer. It also includes additional features for creative businesses. You do not need an account to transfer files; simply enter the recipient’s email address or generate a link for the transfer. But if you sign up for an account, you’ll get access to extra features like:

  • Download tracking
  • File storage
  • Contacts should be saved.
  • Setting a file expiration date
  • Make a password for your files.
  • Customize your download pages.

Files sent via link or email are saved in your WeTransfer account and can be accessed from any browser.

You can see when the recipient downloads the files or who is downloading files using your link. You can also delete the files to prevent additional downloads.

WeTransfer offers a storage app called “Collect” for Android and iOS users.

You can use the app to create various types of content or boards and share them with collaborators. You can co-create content with your colleagues or partners if you sign up for WeTransfer Pro.

In summary, WeTransfer’s features include: sending large files at once.

  • Emails, backgrounds, and URLs can all be customised.
  • Password-protect your transfers.
  • Plenty of storage space.
  • Make a comment.
  • Apps are available for Mac, iOS, and Android users.

How Do You Receive WeTransfer Files?

If you receive files sent through this tool, WeTransfer will send you an email with a link to the files. You only need to click on it. Alternatively, you can open the email and click on the “get your files” tab.

You will be directed to the download page for WeTransfer.

To accept the cookies, click “I accept.” You can also select your preference by clicking on “manage cookies.” If you do not want to accept cookies, select “No, thank you.”

Another interface will appear, requesting that you click “I agree” to agree to the terms and conditions of the company. You can find out what is acceptable or not by clicking on “Terms of Service.”

The download interface will appear after you agree to the terms and conditions.


When you click “Download,” the files will be downloaded to your computer.

WeTransfer will send an email to the person who sent you the files, confirming your receipt of the files. Also, once you have downloaded the files successfully, WeTransfer will send another email to the sender to let them know that you have done so.

How Do I Get Files From WeTransfer?

You can receive files from WeTransfer users via email or download link. In both cases, you will be redirected to a recipient page with a download button. To receive files, you do not need to have a WeTransfer account.

Simply click the button to begin downloading.


However, if the sender has a paid account, they can specify an expiration date for the files or make them available indefinitely. When you go to download the files, you will see the expiry date. It’s important to know that once a file is deleted from WeTransfer’s server, it can’t be brought back.

How to Manage and View Transfers on WeTransfer

WeTransfer records every transfer made on the platform, whether you shared files or others shared their files with you. As a result, you can see when the files expire, whether the recipients downloaded them, and whether the link was forwarded to people you don’t know.

Transfers will be saved in your account in the Received or Sent panels if they have not been deleted. On your dashboard, click “transfers” to access the panel.



You can view all transfers sent to your profile here. They will be listed chronologically and named after the sender. This makes determining who sent the files and when they will expire simple. You will also be able to see whether or not you have downloaded them.


You can manage your storage space, change the expiry date of files, and forward files from this panel. You can also see whether or not your files have been downloaded. The panel assists users in staying organised.

What Are the Benefits of the WeTransfer Platform?

The following are the primary benefits of using the WeTransfer platform:

There is no need to create an account

Before you can start sharing files on other traditional online file-sharing platforms, you have to create an account or register, which means filling out a long and tedious form and confirming your email address.

WeTransfer, on the other hand, bypasses the process entirely, allowing users to use the service without any hassles and for free. This also applies to the person receiving the file; receiving or downloading files requires no action.

Personalize Your Wallpaper

Because so many people use the platform to share content, it provides an excellent opportunity for businesses to promote their goods and/or services. Brands such as Vimeo, Nike, and Netflix have experimented with branding their download pages. So, when someone clicks on your link to download files, your ad will show up in the background.

Immediate File Upload

When you upload files, no matter how large they are, they are uploaded instantly. You are not required to wait the number of minutes proportional to the file size. Traditional tools, for example, will require you to wait hours before you can attach a file as large as 10 GB. Attached files are instantly transferred so you can send them to collaborators, suppliers, publishers, or anyone else.

What is the WeTransfer Pro login process and how does it work?

WeTransfer Pro is a paid account for creative professionals and those who want to take advantage of the extra features that the paid version provides. It is made for creative businesses because it lets them work together with their teams and send content to clients for review or approval.

It accepts two payment methods: annual subscriptions and monthly subscriptions.

There are two ways to renew your account. To begin with, the service can be set to renew automatically, which is the default setting. Second, at the end of the subscription term, you can manually renew.

The monthly plan costs $12 for that outside of Europe and €12 (VAT included) for those within Europe. The only difference between this plan and the annual plan is that you pay monthly rather than annually.

The annual plan costs $120 for those living outside of Europe and €120 (VAT included) for those living within Europe. So, rather than paying $144 at the end of a year, wouldn’t you rather pay $120?

The annual plan is obviously less expensive than the monthly plan. However, if you simply want to try out the features of WeTransfer Pro, you can pay for one month and then cancel your subscription before the end of the month.

By default, your account is set to automatically renew the subscription plan. However, if you do not want your subscription to automatically roll over into the new billing cycle, you can disable it.

If you’re wondering what currency you’ll be charged in when you sign up for a WeTransfer Pro account, here’s what you need to know:

People living outside of Europe

Anyone who lives outside of Europe will be charged in USD.

  • A year’s cost is $120 USD.
  • A one-month subscription costs $12 USD, and you can cancel at any time.

Individuals in Europe

Everyone in Europe will be charged in euros.

  • A year costs €120.
  • If you prefer a monthly subscription, one month costs 12 EUR.

VAT (Value Added Tax)

In addition to the subscription fees, if your company is located in Europe, you are eligible for a tax break. Make sure to enter your company’s VAT number when signing up, and WeTransfer will adjust your subscription charges based on the tax you will pay in your country.


How long can files be stored in WeTransfer?

WeTransfer stores and makes available the files you transfer through our service for a standard period of 30 days, unless you choose to have them stored for a shorter or longer period while maintaining an active account. When you cancel your WeTransfer Plus account, your files are permanently deleted.

How many times can WeTransfer be used for free?

You can use our free service to send files to up to three people per transfer without registering. When you create a WeTransfer account, the maximum number of recipients per transfer is 10.

What happens after a WeTransfer has expired?

When using the free service (https://wetransfer.com), transfers are available for 7 days. They then expire and are deleted from our servers. We do not keep a hidden stash of transfers, so they can no longer be downloaded once they are deleted.

Can I get a WeTransfer file without creating an account?

To receive files, you do not need to have a WeTransfer account. Simply click the button to begin downloading. However, if the sender has a paid account, they can specify an expiration date for the files or make them available indefinitely.

Can you recover WeTransfer files that have expired?

We can’t resurrect a transfer that has expired or been deleted, but if you want to avoid this in the future, you can sign up for WeTransfer Pro and set a custom expiration date for each transfer you send.

Is it possible to cancel a wetransfer?

If the link transfer was not uploaded from a WeTransfer account, there is no way to remove it. When you finish an upload, you must wait until the transfer expires. That means the standard 7-day period applies.

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